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The Poindexter Legacy: Geeks Forever (or at least for 10 generations)

I realized this morning that I hadn't announced my newest legacy here, so here goes:

Geeks rule. You know it, I know it, and Edison Poindexter knows it.

Well, he doesn't exactly rule yet, but he will. First he has to overcome the challenge of trying to eke out a living in a new town where he's got no home, no friends, and no running water. Making your way in the world is hard, and it's even harder when you smell like nerd armpit.

Every day, though, Edison is getting closer to world domination, or at least a really well-paid managerial position. In Revision 1.8, Edison finds some relief from Craig's List, employee-accessible showers, and a few random bushes.


Because Geeks Really Do Have More Fun


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