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THE MOLE: Season 5 --> Survivor Edition!

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The Mole is back once again, but this time.... They will be sabotaging on a remote, tropical island. ;)

torch.gifimage.jpg torch.gif

In this Mole/Survivor hybrid, the cast of 14 will be randomly divided into two tribes: Bloodclaw & Viperfang.

In true Survivor fashion, there will be a challenge pitting both sides against each other, and the triumphant tribe is safe for the week, while the losing tribe must face Tribal Council.

But in true Mole fashion, the elimination will be determined by a 5-question quiz. Whoever scores the lowest amongst the losing tribe, will be executed and will leave the game for good.

After completing the quiz, each contestant is given three slips of paper to write someone's name down, which acts as a vote against them. You have the choice to write 3 different player's names down, or the same contestant's name down for all 3 votes. All of these votes will ONLY be used in the case of a tie. If there is a tie, whoever has the most votes cast against them, will be executed.

Eventually, the two tribes will merge into one, and that's when exemptions will come into play. Players will be eliminated one by one, until only 3 remain. A final quiz will determine the winner from the non-winner, and the Finale will reveal the much anticipated question of.... Who... Is.... The Mole??

For more information on how this show works, please visit the first post on the old thread, found here.


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