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The Bachelorette (With Spottydog714, Sofia and Amara) - Complete

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The Bachelorette
(With Spottydog714, Sofia and Amara)

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Bachelorette! My name is Spottydog, your director and co-host. You’ll meet my partner in crime later. First, let me introduce to you how this show will work. Over the next 8-11 weeks, you, the viewers, will apply and submit male Sims of any species. (See below.) Then, you, the viewers, will compete in quizzes and challenges I set here in this thread and you will pm me your answers, and the winner of the challenge will earn a solo date, and the loser will be eliminated! (Dun dun dun…) These challenges will carry on till we have a winner – then I will formulate a plotline and air the show, for you lovely people to enjoy watching! But first, we need contestants…
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