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Build-in-Share Challenges - OPOD SHOWCASE THREAD

opod67opod67 Posts: 126 Member
Challenge #39

Modern Surprise

This house was designed for Donnell Indigo, a blue alien space pirate. He wanted a bachelor pad type house, that was somewhat disguised with a luxurious master suite and a hidden room for all his treasures. He also wants to be able to getaway quickly if needed. This house is located in the modern district in oasis springs, so the house has a modern design to better blend in. The treasure room is hidden in the basement with a two way access if he gets trapped. The house also has two accesses to outside for quick getaway and the loft has a door get outside if needed as well. Donnell will be able to use the hidden exit that is located in the house, down the basement, back up and outside. Enjoy!



Large open space layout

Fully equipped kitchen with everything a bachelor needs!

Large living space for those special guests

Luxurious Master Bedroom

Private exit to the roof deck for an easy getaway

Beautiful Master Bathroom

Outdoor living spaces, help you put the moves on all your guests

High-end outdoor dinning area

Hidden room in basement to keep all your secret treasures



  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 147,239 Member
    Modern Surprise is a very nice home! :) Very nice exterior design of the home! The slanted roofing looks very great! The windows look in the build. Sims will enjoy looking out through the windows at the outdoors views whilst inside the home.Nice texture of the exterior walls. The lavender looks nice along the edges of the front areas of the home. Very nice outdoors dining and hot tub patio areas! The water feature window looks nice on the side of the hot tub. Very nice outdoors kitchen and bar corner nook for sims to enjoy cooking meals on the BBQ and eating them at the table ih the outdoors air. They will enjoy having a drink from the bar with their meals. Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home! The open plan layout of the kitchen and living room looks nice. The brown brick wall texture gives a great look to the areas. Very nice design of the kitchen! The island bar stool counter looks great! The bottles, hanging pans, wall cutlery, and utensils are nice kitchen touches there. The white cabinets look nice on the brick wall. Very nice grey and blue armchairs and sofa seats fireplace sitting area! The pears wall pictures look nice placed either sides of the tv. Sims will enjoy resting there watching tv with sunshine coming in through the windows. The sunflowers picture on the master bedroom bedhead wall is nice for sims to see when waking in the mornings. The sofa looks nice placed at the foot of the bed, and the patterned floor rug adds a nice look in the room.
    The home is very nice! :)
  • Marycool33Marycool33 Posts: 135 Member
    Oh my God! This looks so cool! I love the modern look of it! I can't even find words to describe it. Also, that kitchen is PERFECT. Great work!
    TS2 + TS3 + TS4
  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,083 Member
    Modern Surprise is a wonderful build, great structure and roofing and I love the kitchen area :)
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