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Share Your Favorite Video Game Music!



  • ArkaneArkane Posts: 20,134 Member
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    GTA V- No Happy Endings.

    The synth tones reminds me of those 80's buddy cop shows and it fits in the GTA universe. Rockstar sure knows how to pick music.

    Max Payne 3- Tears (by HEALTH)

    I don't know if any of you have played the Max Payne trilogy, but never has a more appropriate song sent him off. It is emotional, epic and satisfying.

    Red Dead Redemption- Far Away

    Riding into Mexico as this plays (and depending on the time of day it is in game) is an iconic moment for me (and many others) what a great moment in this amazing game.

    Mirror's Edge- The Shard

    Doing parkour around this level doesn't take away from the peaceful yet urgent feeling this song gives you. A standout song in an outstanding game.

    Mass Effect- Ilos music

    I have no idea why this isn't on the OST, but man playing through this level with this in the background is amazing. It feels urgent, a bit hectic and heroic. (it loops in game)

    The Walking Dead (S1)- Alive Inside

    MAN this song :'( ...this song right here. It was played at two very important moments and both are depressing as heck. It's emotional and gives gravity to the situation the group is in. Another standout song that I thoroughly enjoy despite its sadness.

    Fallout New Vegas - Rubble of the Forgotten (aka Doc Mitchell theme)

    The first song you hear upon waking up. It's very peaceful and sets the tone at the beginning of the game. Not for the whole game, but for those moments in that house.
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  • joanbarfieldjoanbarfield Posts: 46 Member
    @TinySpaceFox UNDERTALEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3 Oh my lord Megalovania for dayssss yes!!!! Megalomania (Vriska's song) from Homestuck was ALWAYS my favorite (and my favorite character) so it was nice to see Toby take that and make it my favorite character in the games fight song! <3 (I'm also partial to The Song That Might Play If You Fight Sans but thats not officially in the game without cheating I believe)

    and @GabbyGirlJ TRANSISTOR FAN!!!! <3 _n c_rcl_s is my favorite from that game! (I loved the boss and the conversation afterwards just made me tear up. It was SO obvious Sybil cared alot about Red. ;_ ; Or at least admired her; possibly even calling her her idol id go so far to say!
  • joanbarfieldjoanbarfield Posts: 46 Member
    Whoa what happened to my comment? O_ O

    Megalovania is my favorite video game boss theme second only to _n c_rcl_s in Transistor. @GabbyGirlJ hi fellow transistor fan! : D
  • DominicLaurenceDominicLaurence Posts: 3,397 Member
    I can already add that

    Stand By Me - Florence + The Machine

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  • TinySpaceFoxTinySpaceFox Posts: 1,090 Member
    @joanbarfield I absolutely adore the soundtrack from Undertale. It has some of the best music I've heard in a video game. The boss fight songs are just so packed with emotion.
  • joanbarfieldjoanbarfield Posts: 46 Member
    Oh my yes!!! Undynes themes just make me want to get up and DANCE! lol And to me the easter egg songs are the absolute best. Like the song Anticipation is a slowed down version of Your Best Friend! Or the fact that Napstablook and Dummy Songs themes are just remixed. Honestly the whole soundtrack is genius and I absolutely love it
  • Tshine2614Tshine2614 Posts: 155 Member
    This game series that I'm about to mention has some amazing music, but thankfully, I was able to just narrow it down to these five:

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  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,709 Member

    I really really enjoy a lot of Atlus's video games' songs.
  • NGCManNGCMan Posts: 442 Member
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    Gr8 music m8, no deb8!
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  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,709 Member
    edited June 2016
    Ooh we're counting songs not composed specifically for games? *rubs hands together* lol

    So I am a sucker for the 40s and 50s, so games like Mafia 2 that take place in that time period cater toward me with their music selections often. lol All of these are songs on the radio in Mafia 2 :tongue:

    (I absolutely adore Rosemary Clooney lol)

    Another person I absolutely love? Bing Crosby!

    Driving is very pleasant for me in Mafia 2 :tongue:
  • Deshong04Deshong04 Posts: 4,239 Member
    Nobuo Uematsu is such a musical genius, I love his work.

    My favorite is Waltz for the Moon.

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  • lamotriginelamotrigine Posts: 35 New Member
    Call of Duty World at War soundtrack
  • Deshong04Deshong04 Posts: 4,239 Member

    When watching MK the movie as a kid, I developed a crush on Raiden, lol.

    I also have a crush on this Raiden too.
    “I do not like to consider this a possibility, for if humans on as large a scale are capable of eliminating empathy and sympathy so completely as to actually enjoy the spectacle of watching another suffer horribly, then that, I fear, is the truest definition of evil.” –Drizzt Do’Urden
  • Maylee2Maylee2 Posts: 179 Member
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    Well I have two favorites game music...Barbie Girl and Never Gonna Give You Up. XD
  • wintersmusewintersmuse Posts: 88 Member
    Sims music is pretty awesome! Aside from that, the soundtrack from Wolf Among Us is outstanding!
  • mintycupcakemintycupcake Posts: 13,212 Member
    Harvest Moon 64 Soundtrack - END

    Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Soundtrack - Breeze Song

    Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility - The Harvest Goddess

    Harvest Moon Animal Parade - Fugue Forest

    Rune Factory Frontier - The Sweetest Time [Full]

    Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny - Let This Reach You (Aden's Theme)

    The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker - Ocean

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  • faeizaamirifaeizaamiri Posts: 1 New Member
    My favorite game I'd say Bingo Blitz. Its a fun game. You can make lots of real friends which is the best thing. I play the game most of the time.
  • AdamBurtSimsAdamBurtSims Posts: 18 New Member
    Old Mortal Kombat theme. Enojoyed music from Spyro games and The Sims 4
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