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Island End- post apocalyptic/dystopian

GaiaHypothesisGaiaHypothesis Posts: 1,886 Member
I just wanted to share a NEW story (as if I don't have enough of them). Its called Island End and it takes place on Industrial Island. I'll be sharing the Tumblr links as well as a screenshot per scene. Please be advised there MAY be NSFW but that will be noted in the scene description.


Background: Society has been cultivated, split, segregated, and grown to uphold sectors for industrialized society. Science has moved forward in its ever reaching arch of advancement. The lower eschelons are beholden to a select few. Industrial island is a small section of this world, an example of the struggles that exist in this new scientific revoltion.

***************This is no longer being updated on HERE. The story continues on my Tumblr, and has a conclusion to part 1. (Goes until approx Chpater 165). Sorry I stopped updating here, but I felt the story was getting a bit too mature/graphic for this site ;) so its just on tumblr, and you can still access it through the links below.
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Ridiculous Time of Layla and Harris - Wishacy (PG)
Look What We Started- Simblr (MATURE CONTENT)
ISLAND END- Simblr (MATURE CONTENT, link is for scene list on


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