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How To Win Fame Aspiration?

CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,524 Member
Take into account I haven't played this game in about five years and just recently started a new game and up to the Fame Aspiration.

I understand how to gain RP. However, It's no longer clear to me (bad memory) how to increase the Aspiration demand of Renown. To finish this Aspiration I think I need 700 points of Renown. I'm up to 480 but have a long way to go and down to about 20 QP points. So, I may run out of quest points before I gain those last 200 points of renown or so.

Question, Do I have to fill the bars on the health, security etc. to complete this Aspiration? Or is it simply based on if I can gain Renown points through ending each quest in Platinum?

Or does it help to make sure all Aspects (health, security, knowledge etc.) is completely full by the time I run out of QP?
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