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I never had this happen before.....

I have been playing a female sim, she has been dating a male that I created, for her to date, he lives close by so she doesn't have to go thru 2 loading screens to visit him. Anyway and to the point....I decided to switch and play him for a while, when I did he was at the highest level on all skills, and has level 3 astronaut career, with $20,000. Which is all fine, I just have never had that happen and I have been playing from the time the game came out.


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    LosaruTaiyoLosaruTaiyo Posts: 10,807 Member
    Got lucky it seems. Never had all skills maxed, but I've had a few that I rarely play surprise me with a maxed out skill and a job. Ironically, although he had no maxed skills, was a single Dad I made who got a job on his own as an astronaut.

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    duhboy2u2duhboy2u2 Posts: 3,290 Member
    That's really cool. I'll have to try out rotational play and see what happens. I tend to not play rotational at all. I just make a new save file because I'm always afraid going to another house I'll come back to find things in really bad shape :/
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    Haids5987Haids5987 Posts: 8,465 Member
    I remember this happening to me in TS3 with relative frequency, but never in TS4 so far. It's always interesting to see what your newly moved-in Sims have in their inventory as well. :]
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