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Lonely Hearts: Sims 4 Gameplay Challenge by EQ and BG

EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 5,312 Member
Lonely Hearts: Sims 4 Gameplay Challenge by EQ and BG
Created and tested by @EuphorialQueen and @Buttonsginger
Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge this is an original challenge. If anyone has created the same or similar challenge please send me a link and it will be added to give proper credit.

This can be a short or long term challenge depending on player preference.
The idea is to take Single Sims and find the perfect partner.
There is a catch however.
They cannot have more than one matching trait.
Sim A = Gloomy Snob Art Lover
Sim B = Can have only one of the same traits. No matching traits is even better.
Sims created for this challenge and shared in the gallery with suggested hashtags
#LoveLorn #LostLove #LonelyHearts
You may also use Sims created by someone else but must give credit to the creator.

Start a household using no money cheats.
Start with a Single Sim of your choice. Looks and traits are up to you.
Any lot in any neighborhood is fine. You may move your household to a better lot if money allows.
Your Sim(s) may have a Job/Career.
To maximize time together building a relationship you can earn money crafting, collecting, gardening, fishing or Retail if you prefer. (Living space on a retail lot is allowed).

Goal 1: Establish a positive relationship with any Sim of any gender.
Goal 2: Must go on at least 2 dates gold medal rating with your intended.
Goal 3: Become Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Once this goal is completed you are allowed to move in a mate after an accepted proposal
Goal 4: Marry your intended.
Goal 5: (Optional) Have at least one child together. Same gender couples can either adopt or create a child in CAS.
That is it ... Challenge complete.
You can either move to another couple or repeat the cycle with the children if you want to continue the same household thru multiple generations.

Additional comments:
As long as points are earned they can be spent on Potions and additional Traits.
Mood enhancing items can be used if you wish. Examples include paintings, lamps or other items.

Bonus Goals
Maximize a skill.
Complete an Aspiration.

Romantic goals are based on the Soulmate Aspiration Objectives:
Milestone I: Amore Amateur
Have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Go on 2 Dates
Milestone II: Marriage Material
Become an Adult
Be Married to BFF *This is the last Romantic related step required to complete the challenge.
Optional Goals Milestone III: Love Handler
Earn Silver on 2 Dates with Spouse
Achieve Soulmate Relationship with Spouse
Milestone IV: Soulmate
Perform 50 Romantic Gestures with Spouse as Soulmates
Earn Gold on 3 Dates with Spouse
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