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Saddest moments in your game

This is mine I had Brittani Spencer-Lewis formally but now Brittani Edge visit her parents for the last time with her kids and Harmony broke my heart while hugging her grandfather. Its the last time because I think they are very close to dying.


Then Brittani took a picture with her mom.



  • LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 17,436 Member
    I don't have the picture of it anymore, but this happened in my TS3 game. I was playing a family of three, mom, dad, and their teen age son. It was a very close nit family. One day the father was killed (he was on the inventing machine). A short time later the son was on the piano playing, and he was crying at the same time.
  • ToastyChanToastyChan Posts: 153 Member
    I once visited the museum with my sim and saw that Dennis Kim, Vivian Lewis and Olivia went there, too. Everything was fine UNTIL they both died! Seeing poor little Olivia cry was so sad even though it didn't 'affect' me or my sims directly...
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  • BatmanSimmerBatmanSimmer Posts: 248 Member
    In my first sims 4 family (which I still play), the sim I created died on the day her great-grandson died. She completed the athletic aspiration, which is why she lived so long.
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  • ScobreScobre Posts: 20,665 Member
    Seeing babies and kids get culled by a beam of light instead of a NPC. :(
    “Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.” –Helen Keller
  • Simfan923Simfan923 Posts: 5,551 Member
    For me, there are a lot of Sad, Funny, Happy and 🐸🐸🐸🐸 moments when it comes to this series. But I think for me personally, one of the saddest things about the franchise is seeing a legacy come to a close. It feels like watching a show from the beginning and then seeing the series finale and realizing it's the end and there's no where to go from there. Then it hits you, that nostalgia, that need to want to go back and watch it all again from the beginning and starting over, even though in the back of your mind there's that idea of knowing what's going to happen but it doesn't bother you cause you just want to see that family all over again.
  • Sha2520032003Sha2520032003 Posts: 2,257 Member
    My saddest moment in one of my games is my first unexpected emotional death. Bella had just had a new baby with her new hubby. & she was taking a pregnancy test. Her husband was in playful mood (as I had tons of playful decor in the bedroom). The baby started crying so I made the husband coo and make silly face at the baby. He died right there. Bella comes out of the bathroom ready to announce that she's pregnant, but instead of seeing her husband, she's face to face with the Grim Reaper. She witnessed his death, got hit with two sad 48 hour moodlets. She has twin girls and is a mother of 5. I tried to get her back with Mortimer but when he rejected her, that sent Bella over the edge into a mortified emotional state and then she was dead. This is all in a matter of like 4-5 Sim days. I couldn't believe it.
  • tamisarah tamisarah Posts: 36 Member
    The saddest moments in my game are when I have to go to bed because I gotta get up in the morning.
  • MVWdeZTMVWdeZT Posts: 3,267 Member
    edited January 2016
    In one of my games, I had a grandmother who hated children. She destroyed her granddaughter's dollhouse -- and then she died. The granddaughter was in the room, practicing her violin, and she was still there when the Grim Reaper came. Her parents came in the room and cried, too, but the granddaughter was very sad for several days. It was all pretty traumatic. Here's the granddaughter with her stuffed animal:


    And here she is, helping out with the dishes:

  • blondiebabe923blondiebabe923 Posts: 202 Member
    The saddest part in my game was when I had planned for my recently married sim to have a ghost baby. I didn't google it first so when my sim Sydney met Joaquin from GT they hit it off right away. They eventually fell in love and we're soulmates and lovers. Well I killed Joaquin off and had her watch him die so she would get sad. She was so heart broken from being a widow and losing her soulmate. All she did was cry in bed and cry every where she went. She finally was able to make the ambrosia to bring him back. But when I hover over his name it still says "deceased spouse, spouse, soulmate, best friend, lover" lol. They had 4 kids. A son named Stewie which is the ugliest sim I have ever had born in my games, identical twin daughters named Meg and Lois, and last a son named Carter. The twins are super gorgeous and I think I'm gonna use them as the next generation when Joaquin Le chien and Sydney become elders.
  • NZsimm3rNZsimm3r Posts: 9,265 Member
    Their relationship wasn't working out but my sim still loved him anyway. :'(
    I'm a girl who likes to play with boys, what can I say... o:)

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  • Rin KagamineRin Kagamine Posts: 10 New Member
    Can't post pictures yet. But my two sims got engaged, and they really loved eachother. They moved into a new house. All of a sudden, there was a fire, and one escaped, hoping to find his fiancé, only to realize that he was still trapped in the building. He rushed in, putting out the fires, only to find his fiancé's dead body laying on the ground. He immediately started crying and was constantly upset for almost a week.
  • mrbmrb Posts: 176 Member
    my cat died but this was in the sims 2 yesterday.
  • YellowJaneYellowJane Posts: 6,589 Member
    I had a husband burn to death (inventing - you know the risks ;) ) on the LITERAL SAME DAY his baby was born. Ah, my.
  • mizuru007mizuru007 Posts: 1,085 Member
    Played a family on long for the first time. Husband founder of the family died due to old age. His wife was sad for two days afterwards...then she died. Literally the SECOND she died, both she and her husband were culled, leaving behind empty urns that the children couldn't even grieve at.

    No, I'm not over it yet and I don't know if I ever will be because that hurt when it happened.
  • LunaNovaLunaNova Posts: 1,239 Member
    im still depressed over the founder of my favourite family dying before he met his first grandchild. 8 generations later and i'm still annoyed this happened XD
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  • ladybreidladybreid Posts: 3,455 Member
    I think I just haven't played TS4 enough for sad happs but my saddest ever sims moment was back in ts2 i was in my legacy game and my favorite sim child was cloud watching or watching something (i cant remember what the action was called) and a satellite t fell on him. I was crushed (pun unintended) it was my 1 and only child death in the sims. At that time I still hadn't joined the online community (i was a late joiner for that part) and I never even expected that there would be child deaths. It was shocking and sad. I didn't play again for months.
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  • Annie2008Annie2008 Posts: 108 Member
    My first sad moment was when my first baby sim jumped out of the bassinet as a nine year old.
  • SimsFurSimsFur Posts: 1,998 Member
    when my sims parents died and he didnt even get a notification or a sad moodlet.. I think thats sad!
    He was a momma's boy..
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 20,665 Member
    edited February 2016
    SimsFur wrote: »
    when my sims parents died and he didnt even get a notification or a sad moodlet.. I think thats sad!
    He was a momma's boy..
    Ouch sounds like a broadcaster failed to work. Gurus said it happens sometimes.
    Annie2008 wrote: »
    My first sad moment was when my first baby sim jumped out of the bassinet as a nine year old.
    I jumped when that happened the first time. It really freaked me out. The I jumped again when I saw the kid turn into an adult sized teen. I was like, "Is my game broken? What is going on?"
    “Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.” –Helen Keller
  • UmbralFlowerUmbralFlower Posts: 4,494 Member
    My sad moment is from ts3.
    I was playing a premade sim (Conrad in Starlight Shores) and he got abducted and had a baby. I kept her, and then decided to have him adopt a puppy, so Lily (the alien baby) would have someone to grow up with.
    Well right before she left for college, the dog died of old age. I had to just...back away from the computer and cry. It was so heartbreaking for me and for her.
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  • wynwyn Posts: 901 Member
    One of my sims was raised by a single mother, so they were pretty close. This was the first time she showed up as a ghost and I just love how the picture came out. Sad, but kinda sweet too. :3
    Origin ID: WyntirLily
  • elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 14,505 Member
    I haven't had any sad moments in TS4 yet, not played enough.

    In TS3 I was gutted when I was playing the Ingalls family (from Little House On The Prairie) and Laura Ingalls got squished by a meteor. I didn't think kids could get killed like that but she did. My hubby found it hysterically funny.

    Also, when I was playing my 'castaway' sim in IP, he was stranded on an island and his only friend was Ringo (a dingo) for ages and ages - it was heartbreaking when Ringo finally died (old age).
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 20,665 Member
    edited February 2016
    Oh I think the saddest moment was actually when the cupcake machine would crash my game last year which was related to the wall height. Basically short wall heights allowed it, but any house with medium to tall wall heights would cause the game to crash. It was a bad bug and my Sims couldn't make cupcakes for months. Thankfully SimGuruBChick helped get the Sims team to fix it despite it being a rare bug.
    “Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.” –Helen Keller
  • TetsuoShimaTetsuoShima Posts: 848 Member
    I played as Yandere-Chan from Yandere Simulator and ended up marrying Wolfgang, only to have him die at his friend's birthday party right in front of his two sons, one of which was still a kid.
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