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Sims 2 Discoveries !



  • lisamwittlisamwitt Posts: 3,508 Member
    I discovered an awesome cheat for decorating houses in Sims 2. I've seen it listed in the help menu all this time, and just never put much thought into it. Now, I'll never play without using it again. Lol.
    setQuarterTilePlacement on, then push cntrl+f.
    It allows you to place pretty much anything on quarter increments of floor tiles instead of always in the center of them. So I've been able to center fireplaces on a 3 wall section between windows, put posts right on corners of the porch, place furniture and bushes right up next to each other... all with one cheat instead of the several I was using before.
  • garapoesgarapoes Posts: 195 Member
    If a bath tub (maybe a shower too) is broken and placed on the second floor with no walls under it, it will leak on the ground/floor.
    And it makes a lot of dripping sounds. Never saw it before.
    English is not my first language so sorry if I make any mistakes!
    Female, 23 y/o from the Netherlands.
  • BrindletonBrindleton Posts: 415 Member
    edited September 2018
    Edit: What I originally wrote was a bug, doesn't happen in my game now.
    Post edited by Brindleton on
  • ataurusataurus Posts: 17 Member
    I had Mary Sue Pleasant catch Daniel cheating and made Mary Sue move out. The next day she showed up to the house and stole the newspaper! :smiley:
  • lisamwittlisamwitt Posts: 3,508 Member
    When witches call their familiars, they are white for good witches and black for bad witches of course. What I didn't know until tonight was, if you switch alignment, your witch keeps her cat and it's fur simply changes color. I haven't had witches switch very often.
    While Maleficent doesn't fit a white cat as well as a black one, it does make things easier on my Sim to keep her friend.
  • SaraberrycherrySaraberrycherry Posts: 1 New Member
    Very thankful for this thread! I have been reading it on and off for about a week! 😁

    Made me go back, slow down the game and really appreciate the game!

    Also for my tip, if you put a mini fridge under a counter, the counter will go over the mini fridge and the fridge will still be useable! (If that makes sense? 🤔)
    - I figured this out while making over one of the dorms!
  • HejixHejix Posts: 696 Member
    When there is a sim taking a shower and another flushes the toilet, the water turns cold and the sim opens the curtain/door to protest. XD
    Played Sims 1 when I was a teen... Still playing Sims...

    Learn more about my Polar Bear (Sims 4): furrysims4.home.blog

    Grisby legacy in Riverview (Sims 3): riverviewsims3.home.blog
  • Seera1024Seera1024 Posts: 3,228 Member
    Hejix wrote: »
    When there is a sim taking a shower and another flushes the toilet, the water turns cold and the sim opens the curtain/door to protest. XD

    Fun fact: This only happens with the cheaper showers. The more expensive ones do not have this issue.
  • SimsInHogwartsSimsInHogwarts Posts: 34 Member
    When playing families if one of the parents has an affair and the children witness it they will cry and the parents can console them. Their relationship with the parent having the affair also takes a hit!

    That instantly reminded me of the Pleasant family. The twins caught their father cheating and, well...they kinda hated him for a long time.
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,322 Member
    So, everyone.... Can Bigfoot be a PlantSim? My bigfoot wants to be a PlantSim but I don't know if can happen. He can be a Zombie but I don't think he can be a werewolf. He can be a Witch but I don't know if he can be a Vampire.

    So, can he be a Plantsim, Werewolf, or a Vampire? :mrgreen:
  • M13VulpeculaM13Vulpecula Posts: 16,120 Member
    Bigfoot can become a zombie or a witch, but not a werewolf, vampire, or PlantSim. Sims cannot become a Bigfoot.

    So to answer your question: not those three life states, but witch and zombie can work.
  • Hecate90Hecate90 Posts: 31 Member
    Not sure if these have already been mentioned (not gonna lie I haven't read through all 25 pages of this thread lol).

    If you purchase the Sims 2 Bustin' Out game from a community lot for your Sims they can then play it on their computer or TV if they have the game simulator console in their home. It plays the real Sims Bustin' Out music and shows a clip of the actual game! It makes me feel so nostalgic.

    When you gain more than 5 creativity skill points your Sims are able to make real life paintings of each other and you can hang them up on the wall.

    Also not sure if this was just coincidence but I made a Sim with maximum nice points on their personality be really mean to another Sim at a bowling alley on Nightlife, and they just looked at me and shrugged as if to say "REALLY!" like I've noticed my Sims do that a lot when I make them do an interaction they don't want to carry out ha.
  • DrearydearyDrearydeary Posts: 80 Member
    Witches can visit secret magic castles, there's two castles, one is dark and the other is light.
    Witches can also make decor items in the cauldron one of which is a throne that if they sit in will raise up all of their needs, if a good witch sits in an evil witches thrones, their needs will deteriorate and vice versa
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