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Crystal Immobilien ~ New: Villa Leilani


  • cryskcrysk Posts: 645 Member
    edited March 2016
    Newcrest City Innenstadt

    Newcrests mayor was looking for a new City Center and we decided to create one.
    You'll find that the Newcrest City Innenstadt has a plaza filled with fountains, these wile be turned off every tuesday and saturday in order to make room for a market. Next to the plaza are to stops for the tram, so Sims may easily visit the Innenstadt.
    Sims may visit the fitness studio to train their muscles and do some yoga. In case someone sprains a muscle they are able to directly visit the doctors office right next door. Afterwards they can go and grab needed medcine in the pharmacy.
    The bakery offers outside seatings on the plaza, to enjoy the view while having a coffee. Sims who are really hungry should pay a visit to the restaurant. It spreads over two floors and the upper floor offers a gorgeous view of the Innenstadt.
    If a Sim is intrested more in cultural needs they should visit the art gallery or watch a movie in one of the cinemas showing rooms. In the evenings they could visit the lounge and listen to a comedy routine or some music.
    The pub offers a different atmosphere and Sims may drink a beer while playing some games.
    Shopping needs are filled with a fashion store and an electronics store, where you could let them repair your broken electronics. Or go grab something to read in the small kiosk.
    Hardworking parents should bring their children to the kindergarden during work times.
    We from Crystal Immobilien are proud to say that we decided to open up a branch office in Newcrest, so feel free to visit us if you need a new home.
    In case you wish to go on a journey you can book it in the small travel agency. Or take the possiblilty and rent one of the three appartments.

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  • cryskcrysk Posts: 645 Member
    Small Greek Home

    After building the new home for the Greek president we wished to build another home in Greece.
    Its a smaller home with a space to paint and grill outside.
    The livving room with the kirchen can be found on the lower floor, while the sleeping room is on the top floor. On both floors is a small bathroom.

  • cryskcrysk Posts: 645 Member
    edited March 2016
    Sunny Spring

    With spring around the corner we wanted to do something in a sunny color. And since it has been a while since we made something for you people who just moved out we created a starter home.
    It has a small natural pond for swimming, an outside sitting area and some vegetable and fruit plants to harvest and have delicious meals.
    In the house itself there is a kitchen combined with the living room. A small bathroom connects the living area to the sleeping room.


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 152,562 Member
    Newcrest City Innenstadt is a very nice city build! :) The design of the bulld is very nice! It is such a very detailed build with many very nice areas! Each of the areas in the build look great! The outdoors courtyard area with the water fountains looks so very pretty! The trees look nice lining the edges of the area. Nice outdoors dining area for sims to enjoy dining or drinking at the umbrella covered tables. The glass roofed bus stop looks great! It is a great that there is a gym area in the build for sims to enjoy using the fitness equipment to keep fit or enjoying doing yoga on the mats. Very nice art gallery! The paintings look very nice how they are placed on the walls there, for sims to enjoy looking at the artworkThe electronics store looks great how the electronic items are put on display for sale. It is nice touch that it is a repair store too.Very nice kids area! Sims will have fun playing the llama table top games and with the dollhouses there. The jigsaw patterned floor looks coloufully nice! The big toys there look very cute! Very nice bar and games area! It looks so very nice how nooks have been set up for sims to dine or drink at, or to play foosball! Sims will have fun plsying darts. The brown colour scheme of the area gives a great look to the room . Very nice cinema! It looks very nice how the red armchairs are set up there for sims to enjoy relaxing there watching movies on the large screen. The lobby area is very nice! The movie posters look great on the walls! Sims will enjoy eating popcorn from the maker. It looks great how the rope fencing is used as a pathway to the counter.The bar and comedy stage area looks very nice. Sims will enjoy sitting on the armchairs there watching a comedy routine whilst having a drink from the bar,Very nice restaurant area. Sims will enjoy sitting at the table eating food from the banquet table, from the glass display case or that they have ordered from the espresso bar. The menu boards on the restaurant wall looks great there. The manequins and fashion pictures in the clothing store look great! Very nice travel and real estate office rooms. The pictures of homes on the real estate wall is nice touch to suit the type of office . It is great that there is a doctor's office in the build. The skeleton near the examination bed is a great touch there. The medicine potions looks great how they are placed on the wall shelves in the pharmacy! Very nice furnishing of the medical / science room. The items on the shelves and counters add to the great look of the room.
    It is such a very detailed build! :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 152,562 Member
    Small Greek Home and Sunny Spring are very nice homes! :) Very nice exterior design and layout of Small Greek home ! The blue and white colour scheme of the home looks very nice! Nice outdoors water fountain feature. The stove, sink and bar stool counter in the kitchen is creatively designed! It looks great!
    The yellow colour scheme of Sunny Spring looks nice and sunny! It is a very nice starter home! The red colour of the windows looks nice with the yellow colour of the walls . The flowers look pretty on the exterior of the walls. Very nice outside dining area for sims to enjoy sitting at the yellow umbrella covered table eating a meal. The pond and plants area looks great! The paintings on the interior walls give such a nice look to the room areas! The sunflowers picture is nice on the kitchen wall for sims to see when cooking a meal.
    The homes are very nice! :)
  • cryskcrysk Posts: 645 Member
    @rosemow as always thank you for your nice comments, they are always fun to read.
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,016 Member
    Beautiful builds! The Sunny Spring makes me long for sunshine! So pretty! The Greek house is adorable and the community lot looks great. Very nicely decorated. Good job! :)
  • StSciurusStSciurus Posts: 1,579 Member
    I love all your new builds. The Innenstadt looks so realistic! I see that you have moved your offices to there. ;) The small Greek house and Sunny Spring make me long for warmer weather! Very nice work! :)
  • cryskcrysk Posts: 645 Member
    @yanti68 and @StSciurus thank you :blush: I would send sunshine to the two of you but it started snowing again today :sweat_smile:
  • pronteruspronterus Posts: 2,162 Member
    Wonderful new builds @crysk :) Love the Innenstadt build. If you can send snow and cold wind to my country, I'd appreciate it because we're experiencing springtime heat. :D
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 15,948 Member
    What awesome builds! I've bookmarked so I can take a closer look later. :)
    One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure
  • cryskcrysk Posts: 645 Member
    @pronterus let's trade, I send you some cold and you me some warmth :) I want that my herbs sprout.
    I love the Innenstadt as well, sadly I noticed that I forgot to add some wall paint in two of the smaller rooms *bangs head against a wall*

    @simgirl1010 thank you :blush: I hope you'll enjoy them.
  • KojiKKojiK Posts: 705 Member
    Everything is so beautiful and love the way you describe them

    EA Game Changer

    If inspiration bites, grab on to it!

  • cryskcrysk Posts: 645 Member
    @KojiK thank you :blush:
  • cryskcrysk Posts: 645 Member

    After Gargamel destroyed their old village, the Smurfs found refugee in a new more hidden village.
    Papa Smurf moved his laboratory in the upper part of an old tree stump. While the lower part is used as general area for all the little Smurfs. Because their mushroom houses are so small, they find some smaller bathrooms in here (some even in the old roots of the stump). In the front are, right behind the entrance they have a dinning room, where they enjoy Chef Smurfs meals.
    Since Che Smurf needs more room for his kitchen, his home was build in two mushrooms, which grew together at some point. Brainy Smurf chose a mushroom that is growing on the tree stumps roots. Smurfette got the tallest mushroom, so that she has room for her own private bathroom and a little area to sit and have tea. Farmer Smurf lives close to the pond and has a small farming area right behind his house. He grows rare and exotic plants for Papa Smurf inside his mushroom, since they need special care. Painter Smurf chose the mushroom between Smurfettes and Farmer Smurfs homes. Here he can paint his fellow Smurfs and nature.
    In the center of the village the Smurfs have a fireplace to gather around during the evenings to sing and listen to stories from Papa Smurf.

  • cryskcrysk Posts: 645 Member
    Sylvan Cottage

    The cottage belongs to a Grandma, who likes to swim and garden. Her grandchildren often come to visit and play around

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 152,562 Member
    The Smurf Village and Sylvan Cottage are both very nice builds! :) The Smurf Village is so very creatively designed! The layout of the build looks so very great! The mushroom exterior design of the homes looks so very nice! It was great reading about each of the different smurfs and their homes. The interior furnishing of each of the homes and colours used look very nice! Very nice dining room! It is nice that there is a long dining table there for all the sims to enjoy sitting together eating meals, It is nice that there is a firepit area in the central outdoors area for the smurfs to enjoy sitting around the fire togther, singing , telling stories and chatting. The pond area and flowers through the oudoors looks very nice!
    The exterior design and the roofing on the cottage looks so very nice! :) It looks such a very homely and warming home. The greenery is a nice touch on the exterior walls, and the flowers in the outdoors areas look very pretty! Very nice gardening area. The grandma would enjoy growing and harvesting plants there. Very nice pool and outdoors bbq area! Sims would enjoy cooking meals on the bbq and eating them at the umbrella covered table in the outdoors air. The floral wallpaper in the kitchen looks very pretty. The pantry nook with the items on the shelving looks great! It is nice that there is a bedroom for grandchildren to sleep in. The colourful jigsaw patterned floooring looks very nice there. Very nice sofa seats sitting and play area! The kids would enjoy playing on the floor rug whilst grandma is sitting and chatting on the sofa. The wall of candles is a nice touch.
    The builds are very nice! :)
  • StSciurusStSciurus Posts: 1,579 Member
    Sylvan Cottage is beautifully created! I especially like how you’ve used the ivy. :smiley:
  • cryskcrysk Posts: 645 Member
    Ivy Cottage

    Ivy Cottage is a small home for a single who just left their parents home and love the nature.
    They are able to catch some fishes and harvest plants in this cottage.

  • cryskcrysk Posts: 645 Member
    Easter Cottage

    This is the perfect cottage for a single Sim who not only loves the Easter Holiday but also fishing and gardening. The cottage comes with a well equipped kitchen and pantry. And during cold evenings the Sim can warm up at one of the fireplaces.

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 152,562 Member
    Both Ivy and Easter Cottages are such very nice homes! :) The exterior design of the homes are so very nice! Very nice roofing on them! The layout of the exterior areas looks very nice! The ivy is a very nice touch on the exterior walls . The pond and pathways in both builds looks great! The flowers in the outdoors areas look so very pretty! The wishing well is a nice touch in the Easter cottage build, and nice harvestable garden nook for sims to enjoy growing plants.
    Very nice furnishing of the interior of the homes! The lemon colour scheme of Ivy cottage looks very nice. The wooden floor pattening looks very nice! The pictures on the wall are special touches in the home. Very nice windows living room alcove. Sims will enjoy the sunshine coming in whilst relaxing on the sofa watchin tv, or are enjoy using the computer at the study desk table. The floral wall paper in Easter cottage looks very homely and pretty. Very nice design of the kitchen and eat in dining area. The sofa and armchair living room is a very nice light filled room for sims to enjoy resting on the seating and chatting.
    Both homes are homely and very pretty! :)
  • cryskcrysk Posts: 645 Member
    Lake Castie Lodge


    Enjoy your vacation in Granite Falls in this Lodge. It comes with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms a garage for your car and a large pool. There is a fishing pond at the front, where you are able to roast marshmellows on a campfire. The patio has a pool with an attached hot tub, as well as a BBQ grill and a nook for reading and relaxing. Behind the patio is a wild garden which provides a great view of the lake. Here you'll also find a small playground for the children.
    All items are useable, except for the ones in the attic, since the Sims can't access it. The bush in the garden shouldn't useable by Sims since the way is blocked. but apparently cats are able to route there.



    All items are useable, except for the ones in the attic, since the Sims can't access it. The bush in the garden shouldn't useable by Sims since the way is blocked. but apparently cats are able to route there.
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 152,562 Member
    The exterior design of Lake Castie Lodge is very nice! :) Very nice roofing! The texture of the exterior walls gives a nice feel to the home, and the greenery is a nice on the wall. The outdoors areas are very nice! The flowers, plants, and trees look very nice and pretty through the outdoors! The backyard and back patio areas look great! Nice nook area for sims to relax in the hot tub, or enjoy swimming in the pool. Sims will enjoy cooking on the bbq and eating the food in the sunshine at the table. The roof covered outdoors kitchen area is great! Kids will have fun playing on the monkey bars. Sims will enjoy painting on the easel under the shade of the tree. Very nice seat bench nook amidst the pretty flowers! Very nice furnishing of the interior! It is great that there is a laundry room in the home! The cluttered attic with many items. and cobwebs and wall cracks looks great! Very nice living room fireplace sitting area! Sims will enjoy resting there watching tv in front of the fire, having a drink from the globe bar. The wall of candles is pretty dividing off the living room area. Very nice design of the kitchen and dine in room. The type of cabinets, dining table and chairs and counters used looks nice and homely. The design and furnishing of the bedrooms looks very nice. Very nice bed nook area in the kids room! It looks great how the screen shade separates it off. Nice study desk corner for sims to enjoy using the computer or reading there.
    It is a very nice home! :)
  • cryskcrysk Posts: 645 Member
    :D Thanks for commenting here as well @rosemow. your comments are always welcome
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