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Crystal Immobilien ~ New: Eco Lifestyle Builds

cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
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Dear Visitor,

I welcome you here in my office at Crystal Immobilien. My name is Crys Kawan and I’m the owner.

We are a new realty company and we already have several properties for sale and rent. Our properties vary in style and we even have some for those of you who need to save up. But we offer public realty as well, in case you wish to add some to your town.
I will now show you our catalogue with the different offers.

With best regards
C. Kawan

I'm going to try and update the thread with some older builds from.

Modern: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

Rustic: [x] [x] [x] [x]

Tudor: [x] [x]

Asian: [x] [x] [x]

Cottage: [x] [x] [x] [x]

Other: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x][x]
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  • cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
    Wild Life

    Our first offer is a wooden hut. It is one of our cheaper properties, perfect for a single who wishes to life in the nature.
    On the lot there is a small pond filled with fish. The house itself has one main room, which contains the kitchen and a desk with a computer. It has a small bathroom and a small bedroom.

  • cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
    Wild Life 2

    Our second property is another wooden hut out in the nature. Just like the first it has a pond. But this one has an outhouse, which contains the toilet, while the main house just has a small room for a shower. There is no study area in this one, but the bed is big enough for two Sims, who are just starting out.

  • cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
    Wild Living

    This is another house in the wild, but this one costs a bit more and therefore isn’t meant for someone who just moved out of their parents’ home.
    The house is fit for an artist who wishes to live remotely. The upper floor contains an art studio. From there you are able to look down in the main room. Here you can watch some TV or enjoy a meal in front of a fireplace.

  • cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
    Fachwerk Home

    We now come to a few Tudor styled homes. The first is a renovated Farm building with a barn. The barn was transformed into a party area.
    Between the two buildings you will find a garden area with an old fountain, that now holds some flowers. Next to the previous barn there is a small pool area.
    The farm house has a large kitchen with a dining area, a cosy living room and besides the main bedroom one for guests.
    In the study you are able to paint in candle light.

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,065 Member
    It is very nice that you have set up a showcase thread for your builds :) The presentation of the thread and builds is done so well! The introductory post is very nice! It is a very nice picture of your sim sitting at her computer study desk table in her office. Each of the homes are very nice! It is great reading the accompanying details of each build. The homes will suit different Sims and their household funds. Very nice exterior designs of each of the homes! It looks very nice how Fachwerk Home is a renovated farmhouse and barn.Very nice outdoors areas for each of the homes!
    I will post a link to your thread in the showcase links thread :)
  • pronteruspronterus Posts: 2,166 Member
    Your houses are great! Love the style of your showcase thread :)
  • cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
    Tank you @rosemow and @pronterus
  • cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
    Green Desert Oase

    Our next category are modern mansion. The first in this group was built in a desert oasis. Even though it was built such a dry region, the mansion has a fountain and even an outdoor pool as well as a whirlpool.
    The ground floor has just to wide rooms: the living room with several nooks and the kitchen with the dining. On the first floor there is a small disco and a hobby room. Here you can train your fitness, study or paint. Another special of this home is its spacey bathroom and the big windows which let the sun in.

  • cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
    Modern Villa

    This modern mansion is ideal for a family with two children. It might not have a study but it has a childrens playground, a greenhouse and a pool. There are two bathrooms, that way the kids don’t have to quarrel about the bath. The kitchen has a small bar and the dining room is set a bit lower than the kitchen.

  • cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
    Modern Villa 2

    The last modern mansion was built on a smaller lot. It has an open entrance area, that opens into the dining room and the kitchen on the ground floor. The main living room, the bedroom and the bathroom are upstairs.
    Besides an outdoor pool there is also a room dedicated for wellness.

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,065 Member
    Each of the homes in your modern mansion series of homes are very nice! :) The exterior design of them are very nice ! Very nice outdoors areas in each of the builds! The water fountains feature in the first build looks so nice! The outdoors living, dining and hot tub patio in the build is very nice! Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home. They are very nice modern homes :)
  • cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
    Thank you @rosemow , I have to say I accidently placed the Modern Villa 2 on the wrong lot size, that's why there is so much green around it happy-smiley-608-2.gif
  • cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
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    Magical Feen Park

    The following places are contest entries
    The Park was created for the magical community out there, so it is filled with magical plants and lights which will glitter at night.
    Every evening there will be a performance on the stage, it may differ from comedy over musicals to drama. We provide plenty seatings for every play and the best of all “IT’S ALL FREE!”. So come and enjoy a performance. During the day you may enjoy a movie in the underground cinema.
    Children may enjoy the monkey bars hidden between the plants or the pirate ship in the small pond. The pond is deep enough to swim and dive and it also contains fish for those of you who enjoy to fish.
    And if you get hungry, you may use the grill or visit the underground Café Bar. Here you are able to watch fish, while having a snack or a drink. Of course here you will get your popcorn to eat during a movie.

  • cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
    edited February 2016
    Crystal Water Park

    The following lot is our first community lot and our so far biggest. We present you the Crystal Water Park. Here Sims may swim and play in three different pools. The two outdoor ones have a Pirates of the Caribbean theme, which is for kids and the Ancient Ruins, where adults can pretend to be Indiana Jones. Indoor you can find a sports pool for swimming and diving contests.
    Numerous other activities await you, besides the pool. On the observation deck you are able to watch any contest or enjoy some games. Outside there is a sun deck, for those of you who want to get a nice tan. Right below the sun deck, is a small dance area. Here we have a DJ making music every evening.
    Underground we have a wellness oasis, with two saunas, whirlpools and massage tables. Come here to relax after a hard day at work or after a swim contest.
    Of course we did not forget that you’ll get hungry after so many fun activities. We have a Cafè Bar that’s spread over two floors

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  • cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
    Remote Fachwerk
    And here is our award winning home in the tudor style.
    It is placed in a remote region so you can party all night on the outside party areal. You are able to have musicians perform in the gazebo or dine outside in the round dining area. We created our first pond for swimming and fishing on this property, so make sure to take a dip on hot days.
    The attic holds a crafts area. Here you can carve pumpkins, craft sculpture or even furniture and be inspired for paintings on the small balcony.
    On the first floor you’ll find the living room, a study and two bedrooms. While the kitchen and a fireplace room are found on the ground floor.

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,065 Member
    It is very nice seeing the extra pictures of your challenge builds that you have posted in this thread :) The fairy park , water themed venue and the party home are so very nice! The flowers and plants in the park look very pretty! Very nice stage area! The underground bar area is very nice! Sims will enjoy sitting at the tables eating and drinking food and drinks from the espresso bar and drinks fountain. The wellness area in the water theme build is very nice! Sims will enjoy having a relaxing massage on the table or resting in the sauna. Nice hot tub nook. Sims will enjoy resting in the tub. The bamboo plants look nice separating off the nook areas. The sun deck is very nice! Sims will enjoy resting in the massage chairs or enjoy doing yoga on the mats in the sunshine there. The exterior design of Remote Fachwerk is so very nice! Very nice Tudor style of the home. The wall patterning, roofing and dormers looks so nice!
    I have already posted about the builds in the challenge threads but just wanted to say here again that they are so very nice! :) Very nice designing , building , landscaping and furnishing of them!
  • cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
    haha, thanks again for the nice comments about those entries @ rosemow
  • cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
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    Katastrophen Sicher

    This home was built to withstand earthquakes, floods and typhoons. It might be small but you have plenty of room in the yard and on the roof terrace. From the study you will have a great view and with all the plants it surely is comfortable.
    The main room contains a kitchen, a place to sleep and a place to watch some TV. The dining area is placed in a way that you may even watch TV while having a meal.

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  • cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
    Blue Crystal Heights

    Our latest project was an appartment house. We have 6 different flats in here for sale/rent. Each flat is furnished differently, for the various types of families out there. We have flats for singles, for families, for artists, for arborists and for for newlyweds.
    No matter what type of Sim moves in, they all can enjoy our big gym, the common room with games, a bar and a dance space or go for a swim outside while waiting for a loved one to finish grilling something good.
    Each tennant has their own compartment for storing in the cellar.
    And just for your information, I myself live on the top floor in the flat on the right, with the tomatoes and strawberries on the balcony

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,065 Member
    Blue Crystal Heights is a very nice apartments build! :) Very nice design of the build! The water fountains look very pretty outside the front of the building. The windows look very nice how they are placed in the build! The windowed middle entrance area looks nice and the blue colour of the exterior gives a great look to the build. Very nice back area of the build! The balconies are very nice! Sims will enjoy looking out at the outdoors views whilst on the balconies. Very nice community pool and outdoors dining patio. Sims will enjoy eating meals together at the umbrella covered tables or have fun swimming in the pool. Very nice furnishing of the interior of each of the apartments! It looks very nice how they are furnished to suit diferent types of sims and households. The community areas are very nice! Sims will have fun dancing to the music from the DJ booth in the dance room! Nice gym area for sims to enjoy using the fitness equipment to keep fit. The bar area is very nice. Sims will enjoy sitting on the stools having a drink from the bar and chatting together. The movie poster, chillies wall picture and the cakes display item are nice touches there. The games room is very nice! Sims will have fun playing chess, foosball, darts and the arcade machine games there. It is great that each apartment has a storage room in the basement.
    The build is very nice! :)
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,017 Member
    Nice builds! I especially like the rustic style houses. So pretty! :)
  • cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
    Thanks alot @yanti68 those were really fun to build :D
  • cryskcrysk Posts: 657 Member
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    Yumetsuki Onsen

    Welcome to the Yumetsuki Onsen where dreams come true under the moon.
    The japanese styled onsen was built on a hotspring in the mountains and now offers your Sims farious fun activities. Typical for the onsen are the two hotsprings, which are genderseperated. Women and men may enjoy them in a relaxing atmosphere. Hop in the springs after a yoga session or enjoy the sauna on the top floor of the building. Here your Sims may also get a massage, take a drink at the bar or dance to a DJs live music.
    If you wish to stay over night we offer several guestrooms with seperated bathrooms. We have two rooms for a family with two children, two rooms for couples and two single rooms. The rooms for couples are perfect for your Sims honeymoon after they married on our garden. The wedding guest may feast in our old bell tower, which was transformed in a small restaurant.
    Of course we didn't forget about the children and offer a small playground for them to play with their friends.
    Sims may also enjoy our big pond or the small zen garden.
    We hope you and your Sims will enjoy your vaccation at Yumetsuki.

    A perfect addition to this build is the Chinesefood override by budgie2budgie.

    The lot is set as spa but may be used as park, cafe or even nightclub

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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,065 Member
    Yumetsuki Onsen looks so very nice! :) The design and layout of the build looks so very nice! Very nice exterior of the buildings! The roofing, dormers and pagoda style tower building looks so very great! The windows look very nice how they are placed in the build. The outdoors areas are so very nice! The front area of the build with the octogonal water fountains features, pink plants and bamboo items looks so very nice! Kids will have fun playing on the pirate ship and monkey bars. The cherry blossom lantern lights trees look very pretty in the build! The trees, plants and fkowers through the outdoors looks calming and restful The natural pool hot springs is very nice! The rocks and bamboo look nice on the edges of the water, and it is nice that water fountains are going into the pool. Very nice outdoors dining area. Sims will enjoy eating their meals in such a very pretty and restful plants, trees and flowers setting! It is nice that there is an area in the venue for sims to enjoy having an outdoors wedding. It would be a very peaceful setting to get married. Your sims in the photos are very nice! Very nice yoga and meditation nook area for sims to enjoy meditating quietly on the stools or enjoy doing yoga on the mats. The flamingos look nice in the build. The indoors dining area is very nice. The floor patterning looks very nice. Sims will have fun playing chess at the venue.
    The build is so very nice! :) It looks so very calming and restful !
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,017 Member
    Beautiful build. I especially love the garden and interiors. :)
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