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Sabrina’s Legacy: Mission on Earth

Sabrina’s Legacy: Mission on Earth

This story is based on The Starborn Legacy. You can find the rules and other stories in The Starborn Legacy thread. My Legacy Form will tell you which rules I’m following with my founder.

Let’s begin and meet my founder. I hope you enjoy. :)


  • Hemera123Hemera123 Posts: 905 Member
    Chapter one: I’m here

    I was standing on empty lot in Newcrest. I had teleported there just a couple of seconds ago. (Yes I can teleport. Although this has to be my first and last time teleporting here. People on Earth can’t teleport so I would draw attention by doing it. That’s last thing I want. ) I looked around and only thing I saw in my lot was a mailbox. I guess that’s better than nothing. It means that I have an address.


    I assumed that I should change my clothes for much more Earth-likely outfit. I’m going to need a roof on my head too. I’m not planning sleeping on the pale ground after all. (That would be too much even though part of my mission is to get to know planet Earth.) After couple of minutes I had changed my outfit and built a little house for myself. (Yes I know I shouldn’t use magic in here but how should I have done this then? When my mother lived on Earth she had slaves (she was an amazon). The world is different now. Luckily!)


    Maybe I should tell something about my mission? My goal is to replenish my bloodline on Earth. I’m Starborn and my family’s mission is to fight against dark magic in every corner of Universe. We need to keep the balance between good and evil. Long time ago the last of my kind died on Earth. Now it’s time to get Starborns back in here before it’s too late. The reason why I was chosen to be the founder on Earth was my mother. My mother is human and my father is full powered Starborn. That means I have powers of Starborns but I look more human-like (Yes I know. Light blue skin color isn’t very common on Earth. But I have “normal” eyes so it makes blending in much easier for me.).

    So I have a mission. An important one here on Earth. Let’s see how it starts.
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    Chapter two: The first day on Earth

    After “building” my house and furnishing it I started to practice my painting skill. My aspiration is to become extraordinary painter. Painting is good way to make money from home. Tomorrow I will find out some other ways to make money. Today I have some other goals to fulfil. So after painting I headed to the library.


    My purpose in the library was to search some information about Earth. My mum had told me everything she knew but I have to admit that her information was already ancient. So I thought it was good idea try to get much newer info. Somehow I ended up chatting with librarian instead. His name is Caleb and we became friends very quickly. I encouraged my mind and asked him out while giving him a rose I had picked on my way to the library. He agreed and we settled the time and place.


    We met in a nice night club. We chatted and enjoyed live music in there. I don’t know was it his flaming red hair and warm smile or that beautiful music but all of a sudden I kissed him. Quite quickly we noticed that it was time to find much more private place for us. Luckily there was one bedroom downstairs. We sat on the bed and I rubbed his shoulders. It wasn’t surprising that we found ourselves under the sheets in no time. Afterwards we kissed goodbyes and promised to meet again soon. What a wonderful night it was!


    At home I ate some grilled cheese. While chewing a bite a thought crossed my mind. What if I was pregnant already?! I rushed to the toilet and took a test immediately. Just to found out that I wasn’t pregnant. I cried my disappointment in the shower. I know there is plenty of time and it would have been almost too good to be true to come pregnant in your first day.


    After crying my sadness away I decided to lift my head high and go to sleep. Tomorrow will be a new day and I can’t know what plans it has for me.
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    Chapter three: The happiest night?

    I have found out that there are some special rocks on Earth which can be worth of quite nice amount of money. So I have spent some time collecting them. I have started a career as a painter but I’m not earning much yet. I’m working hard to get promotions.


    I have been dating Caleb that librarian. I’m still not pregnant yet. One day I met a woman named Laura in the park. We spent hours playing chess and chatting. We might end up to chat about men and she mentioned that there is a nice tent in the park. She also told that it could be nice place to spend time with that special one. I decided to try her advice.


    So one night I invited Caleb to the park. I sang a serenade to him. He was impressed and moved by my gesture. We kissed passionately and I led him in front of the tent. I made him a suggestion he couldn’t resist. Inside the tent it was just fireworks! Those were the most passionate moments we have shared so far!


    I was very happy when I went to the park’s toilet to take a test. Finally I was pregnant! What a perfect end for the perfect night. At least I thought so until I told Caleb about my pregnancy. Can you believe what he did when I told him? He started to cry! I thought that every human knows what can happen if you do certain things with opposite sex! After crying he dropped another bomb: he hates children. Great! I’m starting a legacy with a guy who hates children. This can’t go worse than it already is..


    I have to believe that everything will go just fine. When you are on the bottom the only way is upward.
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    Chapter four: Newborn

    When my pregnancy went forward I decided to take some family leave. I wanted to spent time with my friend Laura and make progress with my aspiration in same time so I invited her to the museum. There I met a new friend too. Her name is Sonya. We spent nice time by chatting and admiring paintings together. It’s nice to have some friends in this planet. It makes settling so much easier.


    That same night Caleb asked me out. We met in a local restaurant. He wanted to watch TV. That was fine for me because I don’t have this magic box. I don’t understand how they can fit people in it! And they say that I can’t use magic in here!


    Like I said watching TV was nice at first but we watched it the whole date! I can’t believe he didn’t want to do anything else! And guess what he said when the date was over?! “Don’t call me ever again.” How rude is that!? I told everything to my new friend Sonya who happened to be there too. She was shocked. And then my water broke. And Sonya was even more shocked. Why I’m so unlucky? Father of my unborn child dumbs me rudely and right after that I have to go to give birth alone. How sad is that?


    At hospital I thought that my luck has finally changed. Receptionist did her job quickly and they took me in the surgery. There I met the most handsome doctor I have ever seen. But of course (because I may be cursed) my doctor changed right before my birth. She looked like she didn’t have a clue what she should do. Nice! Luckily everything went eventually well and my child was healthy.


    Afterwards I hold my little baby girl in my arms. It was the happiest moment in my life! She is so beautiful with her light blue skin! One sad thought tried to come to ruin my happy moment: How will I cope being a single mum in this strange world?


  • Hemera123Hemera123 Posts: 905 Member
    Chapter five: Starting fresh

    Living as a single mum isn’t easy. Luckily I don’t have a really big house to take care of too. Still eventually I felt like I needed a break. I introduced my precious baby girl named Stella to my friend Sonya. I asked could she babysit her so I could go to the gym. She agreed and I headed to the gym. There I practiced with a personal trainer so I could lose my pregnancy pounds (luckily there wasn’t many and I’m almost back the where I was). I noticed that coming to the gym was a great idea. I met a guy named J there. (I didn’t know that people can be named by the letter. This planet is hilarious, isn’t it?)


    When I told Sonya about J she insisted that I ask him out for a date. She would be babysitting my little Stella. I gave in and called to J. We met in the same night club where I was on my first date with Caleb. (I just love that place! There is always a live music and sometimes even an entertainer.) We chatted a little but somehow things heated up fast and one thing led to another.


    I wasn’t surprised when I found out that I was pregnant. This time my news were received so much better! J was so proud and happy. He even did some funny gestures with his hands. I assume they were good ones. At least he was smiling –not crying! And he even wanted to be my boyfriend! It feels like everything is going so smoothly. This time I won’t be alone when the time for my labor comes. Maybe J will be the father that Stella never had?

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    Chapter six: Growing family

    When Stella grew up to a child I noticed that she is almost as creative as I am. We spent most of our free time painting side by side. Stella is so excited about becoming a big sister. She wants to feel my belly every day and is constantly asking when my due date is (like she doesn’t know it already!). Her dedication to be the best big sister ever is so hurt touching but still sometimes annoying. One night she even followed me to the bathroom when I went to repair the toilet! She just kneeled next to me and started to do her homework. I didn’t have a heart to shoo her to the kitchen where she normally does her homework.


    Finally it was time for my labour. J came all the way to the hospital with me but when we arrived he just freaked out. I guess that’s quite typical for upcoming fathers but not that what he did next! He watched behind the widowed hospital door’s how I registered and then he just ran away! (That was my last vision of him ever. He didn’t even call me once!) Where I even found guys like this! This is it! I certainly am cursed! Maybe it has something to do with my mother’s past? When she lived here men and women weren’t allowed to really be together. They just needed each other to conceive. (If you want to know more about the world where my mother lived you can find a story about it here )


    This time Dr. “Dreamy” really helped me giving birth. It was so much easier than with Dr. “I have no clue what I should do”. I gave birth another light blue baby girl. I named her Stacy. When I arrived home with little Stacy there was an anxious big sister waiting for us. She went to greet her little sister right away after I managed to put down the bassinet.


    I couldn’t resist my desire to invite Dr. Dreamy for a house call. Just to check out how I and the baby were doing. A Girl can always has daydreams and my luck has to change in some point, right? And then I saw a ring in his ring finger. Even I know what that means! And cursed I am. Now and always.

  • Persefona711Persefona711 Posts: 356 Member
    Good luck with your mission Sabrina! :)
    She is beauty ^^
  • Hemera123Hemera123 Posts: 905 Member
    Good luck with your mission Sabrina! :)
    She is beauty ^^

    Thank you. I like her appearance too. ^^ Thanks for reading and it's nice to see you here @Persefona711 . :)
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    Great story so far!
    Not sure what to put here... so hi
  • Hemera123Hemera123 Posts: 905 Member
    Chapter seven: Dr. Dreamy

    Dr. Dreamy and I have spent a lot of time together. We have been playing chess in the park, admiring some new paintings in the museum and enjoying each other company in my place. He has told me about his marriage and it doesn’t sound very happy one. They are rich and his wife is beautiful but something is missing. I hope that that something is love. (I know I sound awful and bad person but I can’t help myself. Especially after our first kiss which was so sweet and gentle! I just love him. And this time I know all his traits. (I have learned at least something from my previous mistakes.) )


    One night at our favorite restaurant I decided to tell about my feelings. I sang a serenade after we had finished our meals. Then I led him to the terrace and read some of my best love poems. I told him how much I loved him and how I wanted to spend rest of my life with him. I begged him to leave his wife and marry me instead. I gave him my whole heart and just hoped he would accept it. And guess what? He did! I was the happiest girl in this whole planet! Maybe even in the whole universe!


    Dr. Dreamy (I have to stop calling him that in some point…) kissed me and whispered in my ear that why don’t we make this official right away. We found a little chapel which wasn’t so accurate with a little details such as how long time ago the other one had left his wife. After the ceremony we spent our wedding night in a little cabin next to the chapel.


  • Persefona711Persefona711 Posts: 356 Member
    Congratulation for Sabrina and Dr. Dreamy ^^
    I wish them a lot of happiness. :)
  • Hemera123Hemera123 Posts: 905 Member
    Chapter eight: Living with Dr. Dreamy

    Right after our wedding Dr. Dreamy moved in with us. I got to know that he loves making drinks. He bought a bar counter and sometimes he goes a little bit overboard with mixing drinks. But it’s important that he is having fun. He brings in a quite big amount of money so he can do what he wants with his free time.


    Mixing drinks isn’t his only hobby. He likes running and he does it almost every morning. I can’t do anything but admire him! I can’t get up that early! He spends a lot of time with my girls. Their favorite passing time entertainment is playing in pirate boat near our home. Dr. Dreamy is always the sea monster. Some mornings he eats bacon and eggs with girls and listens their stories. (I’m usually at sleep in that time on the morning. :D)


    Stella and Stacy are getting along very well. They are best friends now even though Stacy makes some pranks to Stella sometimes. Stella has a good sense of humor so she doesn’t easily get angry. That’s a good thing because Stacy can be very rude sometimes. Dr. Dreamy has done hard job with her while trying to teach her some manners.


    Stacy wasn’t the only one who needed to learn to master her feelings. One day after school Stella told me that her hair had caught on fire at school. One boy had called her nasty names, she got angry and suddenly she noticed that her hair was burning. Luckily they were in science class so there were emergency shower nearby. Her teacher had been quite shocked and told her to be more careful with test tubes. I knew what this meant. Her powers had started to grow and I had to help her master them without telling her the truth just yet. I told her that next time she has to take deep breaths and think about something else than those nasty comments. It was obvious that getting angry will cause her a blaming hair. I hope this won’t happen again!


    We certainly have some troubles with my girls but in financial matters we are doing very well. Dr. Dreamy is stage 8 in his career and I have gained couple promotions too. Soon we can renovate our house and now we have a good reason for that: we will have a baby! Soon there will be five of us!


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    yay love this! <3
    Not sure what to put here... so hi
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    Chapter nine: Changes

    When it was time for my delivery Dr. Dreamy panicked a little bit. But he stayed! Finally a man who will be by my side no matter what! He was so happy when he saw his son! We named him Sailor. I guess that our baby boy won’t have any powers. He has his dad’s skin color and he is my third child. It’s usual that powers weakens child after child.


    Stacy wasn’t too happy when she saw her little brother. She needed to calm herself down in front of the mirror. Stella on the other hand was almost as excited as the first time she became a big sister.


    Finally we got our renovation done and this is how our house looks right now:


    Every child has their own room. We hope that teddy bear in Stacy’s room will help her to master her feelings. Maybe she can vent her feelings to it instead of other people.

    Along with renovation and taking care of the new baby, I have spent some time with my girls. I have taught Stella to play violin. I think she has talent for that! With Stacy I have focused on reading educating stories to her. I hope they will teach her how to behave with others. She is very social little girl but it’s hard to make friends if you can suddenly chance to be very mean. She doesn’t even have that trait so I’m little confused why she is acting like that!


    Dr. Dreamy aged up to an adult and he wanted to talk with me after his party. We went to our bedroom and sat on the bed. He told me about his work: How he helped sick kids and performed difficult surgeries. His job was important and he knew it, but he had started to feel like he want to do something else. He told me that his dream is to become a Master Mixologist and that he wants to start a culinary career. He was worried that would I approve his desire. He knew that our income would decrease a lot but he felt like changing his career was something he has to do. I kissed him and told him that I will love him whatever his career is. I didn’t fall in love with him only because he was a doctor. He was so relieved and made some calls immediately after we ended our discussion.


    The most important thing for me is that my family is happy. Not that how much money we have. This career change means that I have to finally start calling my husband with his name -Hans. He isn’t doctor anymore so Dr. Dreamy sounds quite odd nickname. Mr. Mixologist doesn’t sound too good either. So Hans it is.

    Time passed and way too quickly it was time for Stella’s teen birthday. She grew up to a gorgeous teen and she wanted to immortalize that moment by taking a selfie. I know what the fact that she is a teenager means for me. I have to tell her about my legacy and her responsibilities as an heir soon..

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    Finally I had time to read your story. I love to see a part of your Amazons and Sabrinas girls are wonderful :)
  • Hemera123Hemera123 Posts: 905 Member
    Marialein wrote: »
    Finally I had time to read your story. I love to see a part of your Amazons and Sabrinas girls are wonderful :)

    Nice to see you here @Marialein. :) Thank you so much for reading. <3
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    Nice story!
  • sims4evasims4eva Posts: 76 Member
    Hemera123 wrote: »
    sims4eva wrote: »
    Nice story!

    I'm happy you liked it. :) Thanks for reading @sims4eva.

    There's no need to thank me! Reading is kind of the point of my existence.
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    Chapter ten: You are an Heir

    Sailor has aged up to a cheerful little fellow. It’s so nice to watch clouds with him and listen his ideas which animal every cloud represents.


    Stella has spent her time collecting frogs and other things she could find in our neighborhood. She wants to be Curator in one day. She has also improved her violin playing skill.


    One night I decided that it was time to tell her about my legacy and her role in it. We sat on her bed and I started to tell her about Starborns. She listened interested but when I reached the point which I needed to talk about babies she looked embarrassed. I’m sure she will get used to being an heir soon. It doesn’t mean that she has to start making babies right away.


    I gave her my old parchments about Starborns. From those she could find answers for everything she might be interested. Those parchments includes whole written history of Starborns. When I left from her room she started to read about all our battles against of evil.


    After an hour she came out from her room and I asked if she wanted to watch stars with me. We laid down on our front yard and I told her about my home planet Saxim. That is where I grew up. I don’t know much about my father’s, Samsung Starborn, home planet. That’s because the location of the Starborn planet is the most protected secret. Starborns doesn’t want to take a risk that evil powers will find their planet. That’s why only those who had born there can know where to find it. It’s very common that Starborns move on another planet when they reaches young adulthood. That way the population stays small and the secret location stays secret.

    We talked a long time. It seemed like Stella wasn’t tired at all. Finally I told her that it was time to go to bed. I hugged her and whispered in her ear that I will start helping her to master her powers. I also warned her to be careful. No-one can know about these things. Not even her sister – until we can be sure she has these powers too.


    On the next day it was time for Stacy’s birthday. She celebrated it with her siblings because Hans and I were at work. Stacy aged up with bright sparkles around her. When Stella told me about it I knew that she has Starborn powers. That means I have to talk with her too.

  • Hemera123Hemera123 Posts: 905 Member
    Marialein wrote: »
    How sneaky of you to not show Stacy :D

    Hehee. I didn't even realize that. :D I just needed that glow around her to show that she has starborn powers too. ;)
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