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Bloodline Challenge

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*I totally just realized I posted this in the sims 3 tab this is actually meant for the sims 4.*

Backstory: The all mighty queen/king has been in power for as long as anyone can remember. As soon as the next heir becomes of age they suddenly disappear before they can overpower her/him and take the throne. There are two bloodlines: the blood relative and the adoptive relatives.

Objective: Make your ruler live for 10 generations

The requirements for each generation must be completed before the heir becomes of age. The child becomes of age after their child is born/adopted.
When Child becomes of age they must be killed off or just move them out if killing is disgraceful to you.
Only cheats that can be used are those to kill off a sim or just use cow plant or move them out instead.
Youth Potions can only be taken day before birthday

- For clarification, there are two bloodlines: for the blood relative bloodline the heir must be born if the previous heir is male then you are allowed to move in a female sim till after she gives birth she must disappear. For adoptive relatives they are not allowed to have their children be born they must only adopt children.
- For vampire update, if you want after your ruler has the two bloodlines started ruler may be turned to a vampire to prevent from ageing. Or you can start them off as a vampire but only human children are allowed to be heirs.
- For pet update, you may have a pet. The pet wont affect the game play you just get extra points for maxing the pet training skill.
- For Island Living Pack, you may have your ruler be a mermaid.
- For Realm of Magic Pack, your ruler may be a spell caster.

SetUp: Create a new household.
Create your queen or king they can look how every you want. They can have whatever traits and aspiration you want. Must be a young adult.
If you don't want to create a new sim you can download one using the #bloodlinechallenge. If you create a new sim please upload it using #bloodlinechallenge
Move to Newcrest or anywhere you like and choose the biggest lot and this will be your castle.
*If Newcrest is chosen then there are addition goals to be completed.

Generation 1:
-Grown a cow-plant
-Have two bloodlines one by birth the other by adoption
-Max 2 skills
-Reach level 2 in career

Generation 2:
-Kill off heirs/Move them out
-Max total of 4 skill
*Build Park
- Reach level 4 in career

Generation 3:
-Kill off the heirs/Move them out
-Max total of 6 skills
*Build Library
- Reach level 6 in career

Generation 4:
-Kill off heirs/Move them out
-Max total of 8 skills
*Build Bar
- Reach level 8 in career

Generation 5:
-Kill off heirs/Move them out
-Max total of 10 skills
*Build Gym
- Max a career

Generation 6:
-Kill of heirs/Move them out
-Max total of 12 skills
*Build Museum
-Start new career and reach level 2

Generation 7:
-Kill of the heirs/Move them out
-Max total of 14 skills
*Build Night Club
-Reach level 4 in career

Generation 8:
-Kill of heirs/Move them out
-Max total of 16 skills
*Build Lounge
-Reach level 6 in career

Generation 9:
-Kill of heirs/Move them out
-Max total of 18 skills
*Build Houses in remaining lots
-Reach level 8 in career

Generation 10:
To win challenge
Max all skills in base game
Reached level 10 in two careers
*All lots must have a building on them

Notes: You can either make or download buildings
Aspirations and Collections are optional you can do them for more points
* means needs to be completed if Newcrest is chosen as the town.

5 pts for every skill completed
10 pts for every aspiration completed
20 pts for every career completed
50 pts for every collection completed
100 pts for every additional skill maxed outside the base game

-10 if power gets turned off
- 20 if water gets turned off
-30 if children get taken away
-40 if ruler ages up
Automatic lost if ruler dies

Easy: Set lifespan to long
Medium: Set lifespan to normal
Hard: Set lifespan to short

Here the video for any confusion: https://youtube.com/watch?v=xxA9jv4OR8M&t=18s
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