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Sookie_54's Thank You Thread!

Finally making a Thank You Thread.

I will be going back a month or so to say thank you to those that have gifted me. :)

Thank You @Charlottesmom for Wonderfully Woven Hanging Chair and Warbling Wind Chimes.

Thank You @5W33TH34RT for Stones Throw Greenhouse.

Thank You @Kaela_87 for Barrette and No Bangs, Dramatic Curls and Loli-Crown.

Thank You @charlotteprice for Happily Hippie Patchwork Pouf.

Thank You @limegreenqueen101 for Bubble Sleeve Dress.

Thank You @Taw3001 for Fabulous Floral Dress, Straight Cut Bangs and Bandana, Asymmetrical Cowgirl Shirt, Dainty Dress and Jacket, Multi-Colored Skirt, Midnight Moon Wall Lamp, Spellbound Diary and Dainty Dress and Jacket. With your help I was able to get Bohemian Garden for 35sp

Thank You @Franny Cuddly Critter Couch, Wily Wilderness Tower and Go Bananas Swingset.

Thank You @bekkasan for The Two Elements Sink.


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