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I've been playing this game now for about 6/8 months just about getting by with a few boo boos here and there haha, all this computer - iPad - techno gear is STILL SO VERY NEW TO ME AND STILL LEARNING WHATS WHAT❓my problem is as follows
I'm now on life legacies ?? And have given a task to do a job with a FIRE POLE ❓❓❓❓❓❓have asked my friends which are only a few AND NO ONE SEEM TO KNOW WHAT IT IS AND WHERE TO GET ONE ‼️ Has anyone got a clue PLEASE I would be most GREATFUL of anyone's HELP PLEASE OTHERWISE IM WELL AND TRULY STUCK FAST what do you do in this situation if you don't have anyone who knows OR has ONE I'm ALSO LOOKING FOR NEW FRIENDS who would like to play Sims Freeplay PLEASE
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    If you are at a sufficient high level and in a house with two floors then you can build a fire pole as a connection between the two floors. You will find fire poles under the stairs category.
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    How do I send A sim to a certain location. Like to the health club or night club in Free Play
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    Go to map view. Enter the venue/location. Open the sim panel and click on the whistle next to the sim.
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    @simgirl1010 this helped a lot
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