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Reading Roundup - A Sims Stories Sampling *DISCONTINUED*


  • Simslover163Simslover163 Posts: 2,833 Member
    @mastressalita It warms my heart to hear your review on my short stories! It's takes an effort to read all those stories and provide reviews on them! Every time I go in game, I take lots of screenshots and when I look back at them, they give me some inspiration on a short story. I write these short stories for fun and whenever I'm not working on my special edition stories. :)

    You've done an excellent job on those reviews! Keep up the good work! :)
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  • Spottydog714Spottydog714 Posts: 2,518 Member
    Thank you @mastressalita ! I'm glad you enjoyed my stories! Thank you for mentioning me! =)
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  • chealsycatchealsycat Posts: 2,974 Member
    Thank you, dear @mastressalita, for doing so much for the writers! <3
  • BBQPenguinWingsBBQPenguinWings Posts: 3,773 Member
    Thank you so much for reading and blurbing about my stories @mastressalita and there are so many stories here I haven't read or heard of! So thanks for bringing light to these stories!
  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member
    How have I looked past this thread until now? It's amazing! So sweet of you to do this :blush:
  • mastressalitamastressalita Posts: 2,874 Member
    edited January 2017
    Edition #11: From the Amazons!
    Date: 03/13/16

    Welcome to this week's edition of Weekly Reading Roundup, where I sample selections of stories from the Stories and Legacies Index! In celebration of Women's History Month, today I am looking at stories that feature tribes of beautiful, intelligent, independent, strong warrior women... Amazon Challenges!

    The Amazon Challenge originally started as a challenge for The Sims 3, though it seems to have recently gained extreme popularity from its Sims 4 version. The basic goal of the challenge is to begin with a young adult Amazon woman who is trying to establish her own tribe. Only women are allowed to be part of the tribe, with men reduced to slaves or breeders. Men used for breeding are to be discarded, and the males are to be kept as segregated from the women as possible. There are certain rules about recruitment of new Amazons and slaves for each generation, and a ranking of the women within the tribe into certain social roles. To see more details about the challenge, check out the official rules for either The Sims 3 or The Sims 4. Obviously a challenge like this is ripe with possibilities for story material, so it is easy to see why it is such a popular challenge for SimLit!

    So without further ado, lets take a look at these fierce warrior ladies and the complexities (and undoubtedly all the drama!) of their unique society!

    Story: Amazon Challenge Tribe Naheli
    Simmer: @Marialein
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 01/16/2017
    Total parts (active, ongoing): 60+

    Amazon Challenge Tribe Naheli begins with Tebethia, who has recently left her old tribe when her twin sister inherited the position of Creator instead of her. Rather than have to live a life as a priestess of the tribe, she decided to leave and become the Creator of her own tribe, with her two slaves, Nomir and Palla. She is quickly faced with the decision of which slave shall father her child, and as her tribe slowly grows, many other difficult decisions and dramatic twists are in store for the group. It does not take long for another tribe with a very difficult culture to enter the scene, and there are some very suspenseful chapters that really leave you wanting to see how things are going to turn out! This is very easy to fall into and find yourself binge-reading without realizing it!

    Story: Amazon Story
    Simmer: @lmkiture
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 11/25/2015
    Total parts (completed): 21

    Amazon Story is a side story to @lmkiture 's The Sims: Tudor Challenge, and though it does tie into it towards the end, you can read this as a stand-alone piece and it holds on its own. It is also a lot shorter than most Amazon Challenge stories as well as complete, so if you are curious about getting your feet wet with the genre, this may be a good one to start out with! It features Ridge Forrest, who wished to become leader of her tribe, but lost in a battle against her three other sisters, so she has left her native lands with her slave, Ash, to establish her own tribe. A lot of emphasis is put on the difficulties of starting a new tribe, but you can really see Ridge's strength and determination. Her abilities as a leader are truly tested when a larger tribe moves into the area... and it turns out it is her old tribe, led by her older sister! There is also a lot of good messages in here about traditions -- both upholding traditions, but also adapting and changing as necessary. This is a concise yet excellent read, and I would highly recommend checking it out!

    Story: The Blessing Moon Tribe: Amazon Challenge
    Simmer: @roseinblack69
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 07/20/2016
    Total parts (hiatus): 100+

    Blessing Moon Tribe begins with a backstory that really adds a lot to flesh out the world of the Amazons, giving the Amazons an origin with Amazona, the first Amazon. Now, centuries later, we follow the adventures of a rather cut-throat Amazon, Amadahey, Creator of the Blessing Moon tribe. Her distinct personality as being a deep believer in the culture of the Amazons, and a completely no-nonsense, powerful, and downright mean individual at times makes her an absolutely fascinating character and really drew me into this story! (Is it bad I like villainous leads?) There is so much drama here, with things kicking off quickly with a rather engaging side story featuring one of the Amazons, Sikya, and one of the slaves, Ogima, which is a real nailbiter, and there are lots of other dramatic turns as well: affairs, the fact Amadahy's own daughter Pavati is so strikingly different from her mother, and a whole slew of different tribes that all have their own unique cultures, which can be learned about in greater detail at @roseinblack69 's blog. The world and characters are really rivoting!

    Story: Forgotten Swans Tribe: An Amazon Challenge
    Simmer: @Hemera123
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 01/16/2016
    Total parts (completed): 51

    Forgotten Swans Tribe is a completed Amazon Challenge that begins with Letitia Swan, Creator of the Forgotten Swans tribe, a tribe that has lost its background and history because it was never recorded -- a mistake that Letitia is not going to allow to happen again. As she puts her Scholar to the task of studying books which might have clues about the tribes' history and recording their daily events, she's on her own quest to seek their forgotten past. As she goes about founding her new tribe, she puts a lot of effort into studying the tribes around her, making friends and learning their customs, and I find it interesting how each tribe has both a bird and an elemental affiliation, which is sacred to their death and conception ceremonies. There are also some really beautiful lots used in this which really flesh out the world! (I loved the priestess's temple!) And it may be a small thing, but I really appreciate how there is a table of contents that links to all the chapters in the opening post (something I find is pretty rare of forum-hosted stories), which just makes it so easy to binge-read without having to hunt through all the forum posts to find the next part. (Hey, I'm a librarian, you can't fault me for liking some slick organization!) I love the thick culture presented here, the dramatic turns, and the sense of mystery from that journey to discover their forgotten heritage.

    Story: Lan Tribe
    Simmer: @MadameLee
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 01/10/2016
    Total parts (discontinued): 13 (2 gens)

    Lan Tribe is an Amazon Challenge that has an Asian spin! Tired with the strict patriarchal society back in China, Kwan Lan decides to move away and found her own tribe, where power would be placed in the hands of the women. I like that there is a lot of inner conflict within the tribe that has to be worked out, especially concerning traditions, considering the Creator's heritage, a culture greatly influenced by tradition and superstition. Meditation and reflection play heavily in tribe decisions... there are a lot of subtle things like that which really show those cultural tones, and as a total Geek for Asian culture, I really enjoy that about this story!

    Story: Tribe Fier Amazon Challenge
    Site: Mpilney's Sim Tales
    Simmer: @mpilney
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 03/03/2016
    Total parts (discontinued): 10 (1 gen)

    Tribe Fier begins with Anassa Fier -- better known as Anassa the Proud -- left as the lone survivor of the once great Tribe Fier after a catastrophic fire destroys her village, and now she must rebuild her tribe with only a lone slave, Kadeem, by her side. This is a really well-written Amazon Challenge that has characters with very distinct personalities, and their interactions with each other are really a pleasure to read! I can't wait until the next part, and seeing the introduction of new characters and how events will unfold as each new cast member enters the mix!

    Story: Tribe Gemstone: An Amazon Story
    Simmer: @Elesmera
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 02/25/2016
    Total parts (discontinued): 3 (1 gen)

    Tribe Gemstone is a new Amazon Challenge that features Heather, the Creator of Tribe Gemstone, and her (rather disrespectful and somewhat incompetent!) slave Dusty. She is soon joined by Alexia and another slave, Raymond, who happens to be Alexia's brother. Heather can't stop worrying about what she should do about her slave... especially since she can't help but like him, despite his dishonorable ways... I can't help but find Dusty rather adorkable, and wonder how things are going to progress!

    Story: Tribe Samai
    Site: iheartdinosx3 Sim Stories & Creations
    Simmer: @iheartdinosx3
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 01/25/2016
    Total parts (discontinued): 1 (1 gen)

    Tribe Samai is a new Amazon Challenge, and currently only the Prologue is available, but it already has me excited for more! It introduces Raina, who has just arrived on an island with two slaves, and is ready to establish herself as the ruling Creator. I can't wait until the story really takes off!

    Story: Tribe Wahine: An Amazon Challenge Story
    Simmer: @pammiechick
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 10/26/2016
    Total parts (active, ongoing): 150+ (5 gens)

    Tribe Wahine is a lengthy, ongoing Amazon Challenge that starts off with Abra Wahine, and from her humble beginnings has now reached its fourth generation! Just within the first generation you can expect a rich plot featuring the betrayal and revenge against an Amazon and slave that broke the laws of the tribe, dealings with the Grim Reaper, and a battle over the role of Creator between twin heirs! A richly detailed environment with some amazing lots, lots of interesting characters, lots of mind games and plot twists make Tribe Wahine a very fascinating and fun read!

    Story: The Unusual History of Tribe Arayeo
    Site: Julyvee's Sims Stories
    Simmer: @Julyvee94
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 10/28/2016
    Total parts (active, ongoing): 55 (3 gens)

    The Unusual History of Tribe Arayeo is the story of Zaleena Arayeo, Creator of a new Amazon tribe with only a single slave, Baato, at her side, whom she's quickly discovers is not exactly prime slave material. She is soon joined another Amazon, Raala, and her slave, Daiko, setting the stage for even more drama for this blossoming tribe! I absolutely love the way the dialogue bubbles are incorporated into the story (the crazy old woman's tale of foreboding is a prime example!) and I have completely and utterly fallen in love with the character of Baato, who is just so endearingly clueless about some things!

    Story: We Are Sisters Forever
    Site: Spottydog714
    Simmer: @Spottydog714
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 12/31/2015
    Total parts (completed): Oneshot

    If you missed out on my Weekly Reading Roundup Edition #10 on short stories last week, check this one out! We Are Sisters Forever is a short story that creates a clever backstory to the reasons behind the societal structure of the Amazon tribes as presented in the Amazon Challenge. When two sisters, who were extremely close, are met with tragedy brought about by the hands of men, the first Amazon tribe was formed, and from it, the first roles were set... and in time, these women would be worshipped as Goddesses. This story really adds a new depth to the Amazon Challenge by providing it with a possible history, and it is really interesting to think of the world of these challenges in the context of this possible mythos. I'd highly recommend giving this short story a look if you are a fan of Amazon Challenges!

    That's it for this installment of Weekly Reading Roundup! I have to admit, after sampling all these great Amazon Challenges this week, I'm really itching to give one a whirl in Sims 3 now! As always, I would like to thank these authors for taking the time to submit these stories to the Stories and Legacies Index!

    Next week it's Incredible Kid Day, so what better time to check out Wonder Kid Challenges? Be sure to drop by for next week's edition to check them out!
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  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,257 Member
    edited March 2016
    Thank you for featuring my Amazon story! And there are quite a few I didn't know about that I'll be reading!

    And you counted my episodes! Wow! In my other stories I put chapters but never started for this one and the thought was daunting. Thank you for doing that! Awesome as always!
  • Hemera123Hemera123 Posts: 905 Member
    edited March 2016
    Thank you so much for featuring my story! I'm especially happy about your comment concerning some of my lots. The lots I used in the story were the first ones I have built. (The story basically "made" me to try building.) It's also nice to know that someone really used that table of contents. ;)

    I'm definitely going to read those stories I haven't heard of before. You are doing awesome job with this thread.
  • putacece4lyfeputacece4lyfe Posts: 1,734 Member
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    Edition #10: Short Story Smorgasbord! Pt. 2
    Date: 03/06/16

    Simming Through the Story Hour by @putacece4lyfe - Here you can find three short story submissions from @putacece4lyfe: Affliction, a dark but strikingly beautiful piece about self-destructive behaviors, First Grade, a heartwarming story about Olivia Love, the cutest little first-grader around, and A Christmas Change, a story focused around Mrs. Claus wanting to be helpful at Christmas time, with some absolutely gorgeous imagery!

    I know I'm extremely late @mastressalita but thank you so much for mentioning my short stories. This is amazing how you dedicate your time to read and review all of us. You are truly awesome. Thank you!

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    Edition #12: Wonder Children!
    Date: 03/20/16

    Welcome to this week's edition of Weekly Reading Roundup, where I sample selections of stories from the Stories and Legacies Index! In honor of Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, today I am looking at Wonder Child Challenges!

    The Wonder Child Challenge is a Sims 4 Challenge designed by Pinstar with the goal to raise the perfect child by making the child as skilled and fulfilled as possible before reaching young adulthood. You can check out the full rules here.

    Story: Harrington's Wonder Child
    Site: Cathy Tea's SimLit Anthology
    Simmer: @CathyTea
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 11/02/2014
    Total parts (completed): 8

    Harrington's Wonder Child is a short, completed Wonder Child Challenge story that is told mostly from the perspective of Harrington D'Arcy, who with no job, no relationships, and no skills, entered into a government initiative to pair Sims with a suitable partner for the purposes of reproducing and raising gifted and talented children. Through this Wonder Child intiative he meets Sally Bennet and falls in love, and together they have a daughter, Emma, who's happiness they always put first. A few entries give a look into Sally and Emma's perspectives, as well. This is a really charming story about the love of family.

    Story: Let's Play the Sims 4 Wonder Child Challenge
    Site: SimmerPT's YouTube Channel
    Simmer: @SimmerPT
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 11/04/2016
    Total parts (active, ongoing): 37

    Let's Play the Sims 4 Wonder Child Challenge is a video Let's Play that takes viewers directly through the Wonder Child Challenge. It begins with Carter Hartman and Judy Corbyn, who actually don't make government-issued baby-making their first priority -- they spent most of their adult years earning income and those coveted lifetime satisfaction points! And once they do get around to creating that Wonder Child... let's just say they get a bit more than they bargained for, and @SimmerPT 's reaction is priceless! Thus begins raising Wonder Child Cody to be the best Sim possible, with plans for him to star in a future Apocalypse Challenge Let's Play!

    Story: Wonder
    Site: Cathy Tea's SimLit Anthology
    Simmer: @CathyTea
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 10/08/2016
    Total parts (active, ongoing): 56

    Wonder is a new Wonder Child Challenge by @CathyTea , with the twist of continuing after the challenge is over, following the Wonder Sim throughout their full life. It begins with Mae Cups, who has just moved to Windenburg with her sister Beryl, and after a (second) heated one-night stand with Paolo, she ends up pregnant. Worried about her lack of health insurance and need for prenatal care, she decides to enter the Wonder Child program to get that care, filing for equity to raise the child with her sister rather than a male partner. The story is told from the alternating perspectives of the mother Mae, aunt Beryl, and their Wonder Child Charlie Rocca Cups. It is really sweet, detailing a lot of real life issues like pregnancy, the bond between sisters, and non-traditional education and relationships. I highly suggest giving it a look!

    Story: The Wonder Child
    Site: SummerFalls' Stories
    Simmer: @SummerFalls
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 05/30/2015
    Total parts (completed): 42

    The Wonder Child is a plot-driven Wonder Child Challenge story that begins with Athena Godfrey and Orion Frenlore, who have been relocated to Crick Cabana in Willow Creek to produce a child for the Wonder Child Project through the government, with the understanding that the child, once becoming an adult, will be seized by the government for their purposes. After a rocky start with trouble conceiving, they manage to have their Wonder Child, Leliana Frenlore, the main narrator of the story, an adorable little girl with a wildly active imagination: she isn't the Wonder Child, she is the Wonder Princess, and everything she does is for the betterment of her future kingdom! Following her adventures is an absolute delight! But there is a mysterious voice in the back of her mind, warning her she must not fall into the hands of the government, so amidst all the cute family domestics and humor is this lovely sense of mystery and intrigue about what is going on in the background as well! This is a very engaging read... and if you need more, you can follow Leliana's adult adventures in @Jes2G 's story The Wonder Kingdom!

    Story: Wonder Childe
    Site: Raerei's Fortress
    Simmer: @ra3rei
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 06/01/2015
    Total parts (completed): 7

    Wonder Childe is a short and sweet Wonder Child Challenge where half the chapters are told entirely in pictures, and the other half are told from the point of view of Adam, the Wonder Child. I love the opening chapter, which just has this sort of zany, hilarious way that all the events fall into place, and to go into any more detail than that would just ruin the impact of it! The format of the story is quite inviting, and it is interesting to see the Childe family both through the chosen imagery and through Adam's eyes (particularly his relationship with his sister Eve). I also love Adam's take on being a Wonder Child, such as Zzzjuice side-effects and addiction to the thrill of completing aspirations! Adam also makes a return in Apocalypse: Rebirth, an Apocalypse Challenge story!

    Story: Wonder Child Wood
    Site: MeggSims
    Simmer: @Meggles
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 03/02/16
    Total parts (completed): 9

    Wonder Child Wood is a Wonder Child Challenge told from many narrators, starting with Ms. Kira Bird, a government representative from the Wonder Child Project Department of Assignment that has been assigned to keeping track of the case of Amelia and Isaac Wood, who soon take over narrating their experiences themselves. They give birth to Greta Wood, and once she becomes a teen, her voice is also added to the story! There is some very funny imagery and dialogue here, but also some very touching ones too; this really is a great story about growing up, and both the joys and hardships that go along with it. (And can I just say I have a soft spot for Kira, who not only totally rocked that 'fro and cateye glasses, but became such a close friend of the family from this whole experience? She's just too cute!)

    Story: Wonderchild Project
    Site: To Be a Sim-Illionaire
    Simmer: @cully_c
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 11/15/2015
    Total parts (completed): 4

    Wonderchild Project is a really creative Wonder Child story! It is written as a report titled "The Dark Truth" by journalist Angel Rockfort, who in an interesting approach is never actually shown in the story, as she interviews Bradley Levin, the product of a secret Wonder Child project that existed after a more public "reality TV" version of the project was pulled after the media deemed it too exploitative. The story is presented in this unique way through evidence found through letters, newspaper clippings, and extremely eery green-toned, fuzzy, survellience camera footage of Bradley as a child going through the project. This just takes a completely different angle and it is so chilling and engaging! I'd highly recommend checking it out for a totally different spin on the challenge!

    From the Archives:

    Story: Nava: Wonder Child Challenge
    Simmer: @commeuneplume
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 07/12/2015
    Total parts (discontinued): 4

    Nava: Wonder Child Challenge is a brief introduction to the Wonder Child Challenge that is currently on hiatus. What really makes it worth a look is just how fun the constrasting personalities of the two adults placed together for the project are! Joel Willis is an unsuccessful accountant, has never had a girlfriend, and loves collecting comic books and butterflies, and is all too excited to leave Sunset Valley and start a new life as part of the Wonder Child Project, while Aniyah Nava is a half-alien living in Strangetown after her mother crash landed there and met her father, and wants nothing more than to get back to her home planet, not be stuck under her mother's controlling thumb, which means having her own earth love story just like her, via the Wonder Child Project. Seeing these two together is great -- Joel is just so excited while Aniyah wants nothing to do with it -- and it's so fun to see their interactions and developments! It's a bit of a shame there isn't more to this, as this was an absolutely great start, and shows how the parents can shine just as much as the future Wonder Child.

    Story: Landgraab's Wonder Child Challenge
    Site: Fletcher Legacy Challenge
    Simmer: @AkramA
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 04/08/2015
    Total parts (discontinued): 9

    Landgraab's Wonder Child Challenge is a Wonder Child Challenge with a very interesting presentation: the story is told in the screencaps in comic format, while the text is commentary from the author on playing the challenge, which provides insight and tips which could be very helpful to anyone interested in trying this for themselves. The plot is quite hilarious: the Landgraab Corporation wants teh most perfect Sims as their strongest assets, and have funded the Wonder Child Project to pay off couples to produce perfect children for their evil plot. There is a lot of humor and fourth wall jokes, and I love the Wonder Child herself, Farah, who has such sass -- one moment she's blackmailing Nancy Landgraab, the next she's inviting the homeless in the park to play with her! Though the story is now on hiatus, it does complete up through the child portion of the challenge, ending off at the point where the Wonder Child is ready to become a Wonder Teenager, so it sort of fulfills a completed arc.

    That's it for this installment of Weekly Reading Roundup! As always, I would like to thank these authors for taking the time to submit their work to the Stories and Legacies Index! What is really notable about the stories this week is that the majority of them are completed, and several of them aren't very long, so folks that like quick reads or completed works, I'd highly suggest checking out the titles featured this week! What's up next? Next week for International Color Day, I'll be taking a look at those colorful legacies, the Rainbowacy, and any other color-themed tales!
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    @mastressalita Thanks so much for the mention! And you've got some really great stories here, including a few that are new to me! That's always a treat, to discover new stories!

    I'm pretty sure that @AkramA finished the actual game-play of his challenge, just not the writing of it. I recall that he got an incredibly high score! He has great tips, too!
    Cathy Tea's SimLit Anthology

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  • MegglesMeggles Posts: 4,109 Member
    @mastressalita You are so sweet to review all of these stories! I thank you so much! :heart:
    Gifs are broken but click here for my blog with all my stories :)
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  • chealsycatchealsycat Posts: 2,974 Member
    These stories sound really interesting!
    Thank you for telling about them @mastressalita
  • mastressalitamastressalita Posts: 2,874 Member
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    Edition #13: Over the Rainbow!
    Date: 03/27/16

    Welcome to this week's edition of Weekly Reading Roundup, where I sample selections of stories from the Stories and Legacies Index! In honor of International Colour Day, today I am looking at color-inspired legacies, Rainbowacies!

    The Rainbowacy is a legacy that got its start in the Sims 2, known simply as the Rainbow Challenge, where every generation corresponds to a specific color. It became popular in Sims 3, often combined with traditional Legacy Challenge rules and termed a Rainbowacy. Though many stories only carry the color scheme through with the hair, eyes, or clothing, some also color the Sims' skin the theme color, and "Berry Sims," extremely colorful Sims in both skin and hair with food or color themed names are often popular choices for these challenges. With the use of custom content skintones, the Rainbowacy is starting to also pop up in Sims 4 stories as well! So let's pull out that color name generator and strap in for a very multi-toned ride!

    Story: Dusty Plains: A Crossover Rainbowacy
    Site: Cami's Sims
    Simmer: @camimh
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 05/03/2016
    Total parts (hiatus): 34 (3 gens)

    Dusty Plains is a Rainbowacy that is also a modified Differences in the Family Tree Challenge, where every generation has very specific these objectives to fulfill. It is about two sisters, Cinder and Ella Dust, who lived in a barren world devoid of color, stumbling through an opening into the colorful Sugar Valley, where they have to start a new life for themselves and learn to adapt amongst the vivid Berry Sims of their new home despite their ashy appearance, such as the purple-toned McWine brothers, crossover characters from the Nectar Hills Rainbowacy by RobSims. As Cinder settles down with Valentino McWine, they start a family of quite colorful (literally and figuratively!) children together! The imagery is great and the writing is excellent, I really love how cute the kids are and how much personality they each have! I did find a minor annoyance with the images, which are not resized properly on the older chapters and therefore get covered up by parts of the blog side bars during the early parts of the chapter -- to combat this, I had to right-click and do "view image" to get to see the pictures unobstructed -- and a few of the images were simply missing (though not enough to really impede upon the story). This problem seems to be fixed in the most current three chapters, however. The color choices in this Rainbowacy are pretty unique, tones slightly off the typical scale, and the Differences in the Family Tree Challenge makes each generation unique in more than just color scheme! Definitely check this out!

    Story: Stallion Falls
    Site: Scared Identity Productions
    Simmer: @Lindie_DB (Tumblr: Scarred_ID)
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 01/31/2016
    Total parts (discontinued): 19

    Stallion Falls is a rainbow-themed Build a City Challenge. The game is started with three color-coded families -- red, yellow, and blue -- and as they have children with each other, their genetic offspring produce new colors (for example, red breeding with yellow would produce orange offspring). The challenge is completed when no more color combinations can be made or all the housing space for the Build a City element runs out. The basic plot of the story might just be one of my favorites thus far: two unicorns mate in a river, and three families camping in Stallion Falls come into contact with the water "contaminated" with the unicorn... ah... let's just say unicorns don't poop rainbows, it's a different bodily fluid that causes those rainbow emissions (they were really having fun during mating season, all right?) The three families are the Winterpines, who's hair, clothing, and furnishings are turned blue as a result, the Fallfurys, who likewise become red, and the Hazelroots, who a turned yellow. If that summary doesn't give you an idea of the kind of humor you'll find here... give it a read, I laughed out loud so many times, especially the exchanges between Kidhi and Pollux Hazelroot! Those two characters I swear were trying to kill me from loss of oxygen! A hilarious read and a very creative use of the color theming!

    Story: Whispers in the Wind
    Simmer: @MischiefTheKitten
    Sims games featured: Sims 3
    Date of last update: 01/06/2017
    Total parts (active, ongoing): 8 gens

    Whispers in the Wind is an ongoing Rainbowacy that is currently in its seventh generation! It begins with the Whisper Lace, who comes from a very broken home, where her parents are always fighting, so on her eighteenth birthday she decides to leave it all behind her and runs away to a very Berry Sim-filled Sunset Valley. There she starts working as an architect, and runs across an old friend, the very pink Kobi Mayberry. She has an obvious interest in him, but he already has a girlfriend... This is a very well-written story, with a plot that really keeps you interested! If you want your fill of Rainbowacy goodness, check out this story!

    From the Archives:

    There are a lot of Rainbowacies out there, and many listed with the Stories and Legacies Archive, so I have focused on those that are completed or went onto hiatus within the last year (and therefore may still be continuing in the future). If you would like to peruse discontinued Rainbowacies, please check out the Stories and Legacies Archive for more titles!

    Story: Chim-Chim-Cheree: A Rainbow Legacy
    Simmer: Mariah
    Sims games featured: Sims 3
    Date of last update: 09/26/2010
    Total parts (completed): 75 (10 gens)

    Chim-Chim-Cheree is a completed Rainbowacy that begins with Leroy Chimeree (who actually has a backstory that is available as a prologue of sorts to the main Rainbowacy; he's a second generation child born in game!). This is not a Berry Sim Rainbowacy; though Leroy is not color-themed himself (though he has neutral gray clothing and furnishings!), his progeny will begin the Rainbowacy by having a black theme in their clothing, hair highlights, and furnishings, and each subsequent generation will feature a different color in a like manner. The front door of the house even changes color based on the current color theme of the founder, which I found a cute touch! This story is written in narrative commentary style, with dialogue often exchanged between the characters and the authors to comedic effect, and there are plenty of fourth wall jokes and hilarious moments! I really love how memorable the Sims are in this, they just have so much personality! A very enjoyable read!

    Story: Dream a Little Dream: A Berry Sweet Story
    Simmer: @berrypie27
    Sims games featured: Sims 3
    Date of last update: 03/18/2010
    Total parts (completed): 9

    Dream a Little Dream is a short (yet complete!) love story between Berry Sims. It stars Fairy Floss, who as a child had a dream about a mysterious purple Berry Sim. But one can't live in childish dreams, and now as an adult, she works a corporate job and has a boyfriend, Turq. But then her boyfriend introduces her to his friend, Merlot... a grown version of the boy from her childhood dreams... A very cute little romantic tale!

    Story: Rainbow Knights: A Super-Speedy Rainbow Legacy
    Simmer: Rad
    Sims games featured: Sims 3
    Date of last update: 12/25/2011
    Total parts (completed): 10 (10 gens)

    Rainbow Knights: A Super-Speedy Rainbow Legacy is a completed Rainbowacy that is also an Uglacy! In this story, the game was set on Fast Mode, giving the Sims only a mere 25 days lifespan, with the aim to "have fun and to end up with the ugliest kid I can get after ten generations of rainbow-themed madness." Each chapter is dedicated to a single generation, mirroring the super speediness of the playthrough, so this is a complete and quick read as well! It begins with founder Dark Knight in the town of Twinbrook, taking on a black theme with his hair and clothes (no Berry Sims in this story!), as he wastes no time in trying to find the first ugly townie to cross his path to move into his color-themed home to start with the nooboo-making. This story is written in commentary style, and has many laugh out loud moments! There is also a sequel, Knights in Bright Pattern: An Ultra-Speedy Pattern Prettacy, but it is currently on hiatus.

    Story: Split Reality
    Site: Wild Feels and Typos
    Simmer: @berrypie27
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 01/20/2017
    Total parts (active, ongoing): 500+ (Simblr-format)

    I really wanted to feature Splash of Color: A Berry Sweet Rainbowacy this week, as this was one of the quintessential completed Rainbowacy stories out there, but unfortunately, over half the generations on Wordpress are missing the images (a rather important element to the SimLit style of writing, especially when color plays such an important theme!), and the alternative Tumblr link provided on the site for the story, which apparently had fixed the image problem, has been completely removed. Always sad to see such a famous -- and completed! -- story like that not be archived properly and get lost to time. (My librarian heart, it mourns...)

    What is still left on the Tumblr link is a new Berry Sim story for Sims 4 which is currently in publication, Split Reality. It is the story of Merlot, a purple Berry Sim who is suffering from amnesia, finding himself in a town he doesn't remember, and no longer a married man, but still experiencing flashes of memories from a life he -- apparently -- hasn't lived. Like most Tumblr stories, each part is delivered in short, bite-sized pieces, and it is easy to just quickly start grinding through the backlog to start unraveling the mysteries along with Merlot.

    Story: Through Colourblind Eyes: A Rainbowacy
    Simmer: @itsjulie
    Sims games featured: Sims 3
    Date of last update: 12/10/2016
    Total parts (active, ongoing): 115+ (2 gens)

    Through Colourblind Eyes is currently on hiatus, but there are currently over 100 chapters to enjoy! This Rainbowacy is also a Musicacy, with each generation and chapter being based around a song that fits the overall theme or life of the Sims and song lyrics scattered throughout the chapters. The story begins with a very gripping introduction: a starkly white Sim wakes up in a white, all too antiseptic room, and is locked inside, with no memories. There is a book beside her titled "Story of Your Life by Lilly White Orchid." This directly leads into Lilly's childhood, where it is discovered that she is the daughter to two purple Berry Sims, living in Rainbow Valley, where the unwritten law of the land is that Berry Sims stick to their own color to breed pure bloodlines... but she was born colorless, bringing shame upon her family's name, causing a fractured home life. The story is intriguing and really draws the reader in right from the beginning, as you really sympathize with Lilly and want to learn more about her, and see more of this world revealed! Definitely give this a look!

    Story: Twisted Color: A Random Rainbowcy
    Simmer: @fruhurricane
    Sims games featured: Sims 3
    Date of last update: 08/14/2015
    Total parts (discontinued): 85 (6 gens)

    Twisted Color is currently on hiatus, but with 85 completed parts and over halfway through a ten generation legacy, there is plenty of story here to keep you occupied for some time! This Rainbowacy is also a Randomacy, so this is basically a legacy challenge where every generation is not only themed after a specific color, but the marital structure, amount of children, careers and goals are all randomly selected for each generation, as well (for more information on Randomacies, check out the following rules). The story starts out with Marshmallow Puff, who dreams of being a firefighter, but she is faced with two main difficulties: she is a woman who wants to achieve much in a male-dominant career, and she is a white, colorless Berry Sim in a world where everything, and everyone, is bright and colorful. However, she is a strong girl and doesn't let it get to her, determined to prove everyone that thinks she can't make it wrong. As a stark contrast to Through Colourblind Eyes, she also has the support of her family behind her. This is a very story-heavy read and is very well written, with a lot of thought and personality put into the characters, and each generation has a very unique story based around the randomacy element! I highly recommend taking a look at what has been completed on this story so far!

    That's it for this installment of Weekly Reading Roundup! As always, I would like to thank these authors for taking the time to submit their work to the Stories and Legacies Index! Next Week is not only Legacy Launch-Off, but April Fools Day, so I'll be looking at legacies of a very random nature... Randomacies!
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  • ra3reira3rei Posts: 2,418 Member
    I'll have to take a look a these, I've never read a rainbowacy!
    Check out Raerei's Fortress for Builds, Short Stories, and maybe some longer stuff.
  • SilverDaybreakSilverDaybreak Posts: 2,080 Member
    Thank you so much for mentioning my short stories in your Round up a few weeks ago. Somehow I missed them but thanks to @Simslover163 he let me know.

    Hope you're having a great day and night.

  • mastressalitamastressalita Posts: 2,874 Member
    edited January 2017
    Edition #14: A Very Random April Legacy Launch-Off!
    Date: 04/03/16

    Welcome to this week's edition of Weekly Reading Roundup, where I sample selections of stories from the Stories and Legacies Index! Since it is the first week of the month, it is time to start off the new month with... Legacy Launch-off! But since it was also April Fool's Day this week, these aren't your average legacies, but ones with a very random twist! That's right, this week it's time to look at Randomacies!

    The Randomacy is a ten generation legacy challenge where the marital structure, amount of children, careers, generational goals, personality characteristics, and other factors are all randomly selected for each generation, using a generator, for each generation. An example of the rules and a link to one such generator for Sims 3 can be found here, and a random legacy roller for Sims 4 can be found here. This is a great challenge for those that can't decide what they want to do and have a hard time planning things out ahead of time, plus the random element can make for some very creative and interesting combinations! Some folks will also randomly generator their founder Sim, even keeping any creative *cough* clothing choices the game may have chosen by default. These are all legacies where everything is left to chance!

    Story: 2 Times the FUN!
    Site: Have I Got a Story For You!
    Simmer: @ADWilson
    Sims games featured: Sims 3
    Date of last update: 12/29/2016
    Total parts (active, ongoing): 6 gens

    2 Times the FUN! is titled thusly as it originally was a randomacy being played by @ADWilson and @tanubanue where each started with the same founders, but due to the random nature of the challenge, their lives developed quite differently between the two stories. You can check out further information on the story forum thread. Though Tanu's portion has been discontinued, 2 Times the FUN! is still going strong! The legacy begins with single mother Nichol Reiley marrying witch Zachary Snyder, and starting a family together. The story is very well written, including dialogue between the characters (I especially love the clever discussions based around the in-game conversation bubbles!) with the author's commentary and story progression updates being provided on occassion as backeted notations. You really get a feel of the strong emphasis on family-style play here, as keeping in touch with extended family and an absolutely adorable family photo wall feature prominently in the story. The story is up to its fifth generation, and every generation begins with an explanation of the randomacy rolls to achieve for that generation, and closes out by measuring up how well the generation met those randomacy goals.

    Story: Cookes Legacy: A Random Legacy Challenge
    Simmer: @anaitapeva
    Sims games featured: Sims 3
    Date of last update: 09/20/2014
    Total parts (completed): 24 (10 gens)

    Cookes Legacy is a completed randomacy that follows the Cooke family. It begins with Antonio and Sarina Cooke, and jumps right into the swing of things with the birth of their children. Generations one through six are written in a single chapter, summary style, and starting at generation seven, the generations are broken into four to five parts that go into a little more detail and include some dialogue with the characters. It is really interesting to see how wildly different the lifestyles of each generation end up due to the random rolls, and indeed, the author even states having trouble before making it past three generations into a legacy due to the repetition, but managed to finish the entire legacy thanks to the way the randomacy spiced things up! So strip down to your undies (it's simply the Cooke way) and take a look at the random shenanigans of the Cookes!

    Story: Cookes Legacy in Willow Creek: A Random Legacy Challenge
    Simmer: @anaitapeva
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 04/03/2015
    Total parts (completed): 36 (10 gens)

    The Cookes are back for Sims 4, in Cookes Legacy in Willow Creek! The story begins this time with Abe Cooke, who has just relocated to Willow Creek in order to become a secret agent. He marries his neighbor Diva and invite Diva's sister who is going through a hard time to live with them, and thus begins the Cooke family journey in this new town. The writing style is similar to the later parts of the Sims 3 Cookes Legacy, with each generation split into a few parts, and the writing a mix of gameplay commentary from the author and dialogue from the Sims. Like the first randomacy with the Cookes, this randomacy is also completed through all ten generations! It's quite an accomplishment to complete one legacy, but two is something else! Well done!

    Story: Chronicles of Change
    Site: Storytime with Silver (Gen 1) / Silver's Campfire Stories: Sims Legacy Stories Continued (Gen 2)
    Simmer: @SilverDaybreak
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 03/18/2016
    Total parts (discontinued): 9 (2 gens)

    Chronicles of Change is a random legacy where in addition to things such as the family type, number of children, careers, and generational goals all being randomized every generation, also the sims themselves are generated with random looks using the dice in CAS, all traits and aspirations are chosen at random, and every Sim day a household member will be selected at random to be controlled while the rest are left to autonomy during that time. Even the house decor of their lovely M-shaped home in Alphabet Crest was chosen at random... now that's a lot of randomness! The first generation begins with four housemates, large-eared newlyweds Paris Hinds and Justice Bates-Hinds, Justice's sister Everly May, who totally knows how to rock an alien plugsuit as swimwear, and Malaysia Foss, who despite her mild-mannered looks is actually a touch insane. I really enjoy the interesting backstories that explain the unique physical characteristics of the Sims! Each chapter has a written introduction, each narrated by a different character (a nice touch considering the rotational play of the characters within the household!) followed by captioned photos detailing the highlights of the week, complete with many Simself cameos. Please note that though the first generation's story is found at Storytime with Silver, the second generation is located on a different site, Silver's Campfire Stories.

    Story: The Lange Random Legacy Challenge
    Simmer: @Yellifish
    Sims games featured: Sims 3
    Date of last update: 03/10/2016
    Total parts (discontinued): 31 (3 gens)

    The Lange Random Legacy Challenge is a randomacy that begins with Michael and Sarah Lange, two wild newlyweds who have just moved to Starlight Shores and settle into their new town the right way... with kegger parties! Eventually they do settle down a bit, as it doesn't take long for their family to be joined with a son. The writing style is rather unique, as it is written in first person and composed entirely of quotes that the characters are exchanging with each other, the speakers differentiated through different text colors, and their quips can be quite humorous at times! Though the randomacy goals are not always met, they come very close and you can tell great fun is had, which is always most important! All of the generations have been rolled and you can peek ahead at what the future generations will have in store in terms of goals, but currently the family is on its third generation!

    Story: Random Restoration
    Simmer: @SilverDaybreak
    Sims games featured: Sims 3
    Date of last update: 04/17/2016
    Total parts (discontinued): 3

    Random Restoration is a randomacy starring Rosalinda Dennis, who discovers that the free trip to Lunar Lakes she won was not quite what she had bargained for! Relocated from her hometown of Dinkytown, Minnesota onto the lunar base with hardly a penny to her name, she is also handed instructions in which her career, family, and goals to achieve as a citizen of this new colony have been decided for her at random, and she is expected to have children and leave behind a legacy in the new settlement. In addition, she must keep a journal of her daily activities and send a weekly report in along with pictures to track her progress. This randomacy has just started, with only the introduction and the first part released, but I really love the concept behind it; it is a really clever idea for working in the random lifestyle choices! I am looking forward to seeing how this continues!

    Story: Rose Legacy
    Site: Random Simming
    Simmer: @mypalsim1
    Sims games featured: Sims 3
    Date of last update: 06/17/2016
    Total parts (hiatus): 2 gens

    Rose Legacy is a randomacy -- at least, it became a randomacy about halfway into the first generation and has been from there on out! -- that begins with Rose Hudson, a witch with fiery red hair that, at the young age of nineteen, is a bit of a free spirit and is ready to enter the dating scene of Monte Vista with gusto. Though she goes on a few dates with several guys, it is the local bartender Pedro Robles that really draws her eye, and has fate would have it, after he is dealt with some bad luck that leaves him lacking a place to go and all but unemployed without a penny to his name, she offers her home to him and a relationship between them begins to develop. The story is very well written, scripted in first person with occassional shifts in point of view, and reads very much like a novel. It's quite enticing, and I really love how the characters are portrayed; they feel very believeable for their respective ages, and I like how both their strengths and weaknesses manage to show (I know someone personally who reminds me a lot of Pedro!) The story is currently in its second generation, and has also spawned a side story starring the house gnomes, Gnomish Behavior!

    Story: Uncomplicated
    Site: Random Simming
    Simmer: @mypalsim1
    Sims games featured: Sims 3
    Date of last update: 08/04/2016
    Total parts (hiatus): 3 gens

    Uncomplicated is a randomacy that is meant to be, well, uncomplicated, as it using very few expansions for Sims 3 to keep the game light and is also written in a commentary style from the author's point of view. It begins with Timothy Brewer (but you may call him Tim... he does have enchanting blue eyes!) who has joined the medical career in Barnacle Bay and is looking for love. He becomes attracted to his coworker, Mia Rao, who happens to be married, but her marriage has been on the rocks and ultimately, she leaves her husband for Tim, bringing her two kids with her. This is a very fun read that is easy to get into and quickly binge!

    From the Archives:

    Story: The Random Challenge
    Site: Stories by Jes2G
    Simmer: @Jes2G
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 10/18/2015
    Total parts (discontinued): 11

    This video let's play isn't a randomacy, but I felt it fit this week's theme close enough! It is based on the Random Challenge by Midnitetech, in which you create two roommate Sims, which must be created completely at random using the dice button -- name, physical features, traits, all random! They get $4,000 simoleons to spend on a house, and after that, their money must be reset to zero. One of the two sims may be controlled every 24 hours, while the other must be left to their own devices during that time. The point of the challenge is to get out of ones comfort zone by playing Sims they may not otherwise and see what sort of strange shenanigans might ensue during the alternating control of the household members, and it ends once reaching $20,000 in household funds. In @Jes2G 's Random Challenge, her random Sims are Mathew Oh (with one t!) and Noemi Steward (who are really rocking those Christmas jumpers, I must say!), and their lives are played out according to their whims. Enjoy Noemi's struggles to earn a pool for a house that doesn't have any electronics for entertainment, Mathew's fantastic singing voice, and Jes's frustrations over the fact that these two roomies spend more time staring at each other awkwardly than trying to talk to each other, among other antics!

    That's it for this installment of Weekly Reading Roundup! As always, I would like to thank these authors for taking the time to submit their work to the Stories and Legacies Index! Next week for World Health Day, I'll be taking a look at stories with a medical theme!
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  • SilverDaybreakSilverDaybreak Posts: 2,080 Member
    @mastressalita : Thanks for including two of my stories this week. Now I'll really have to get back to Rosalinda in Sims 3. LOL
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 6,755 Member

    for including my story in this week's episode of Weekly Reading Roundup :smiley:

    It's obvious that a lot of time was spent visiting our stories, getting a feel for how they're written and presented. Your descriptions for each was an enjoyable read in itself and I look forward to seeing how the randomness weaved its marvelous magic around quite a few of these.

    Thanks for highlighting and bringing them to our attention.
    I'm feeling the same happy little feeling that I get when visiting the library and walking down its rows... letting my fingers grab books solely based upon their interesting spines. I've found some lovely reads that way!
  • amberthezombieamberthezombie Posts: 214 Member

    Thanks for including my story @mastressalita
    I like the way you summarized it :smiley:
  • mastressalitamastressalita Posts: 2,874 Member
    edited January 2017
    Edition #15: Call the Doctor!
    Date: 04/10/16

    Welcome to this week's edition of Weekly Reading Roundup, where I sample selections of stories from the Stories and Legacies Index! This week, in honor of World Health Day, all the stories featured have a medical theme!

    Story: Double Trouble
    Site: Sims 3 Stories
    Simmer: @Adventure4U1
    Sims games featured: Sims 3
    Date of last update: 02/20/2015
    Total parts (completed): 13

    Double Trouble is a drama about fifth grader Katherine Felder, who has just moved to Riverview from Bridgeport with her mother, but finds herself extremely tired and nauseous on her first day of school. Her mother is sure it is just the anxiety from the move and doesn't believe her when Kathy thinks that something is wrong... until her health takes a turn for the worst, and she ends up having to be hospitalized for appendicitis and a brain tumor. The story is written in first person, but the point of view changes between Kathy, her mother Shannon, Kathy's physician, Dr. Wilson, and Mac, a boy that visits Kathy at the hospital. The story is complete, and the characters go through many transformations over the course of Katherine's journey to recovery.

    Story: A Fine Time to Lose
    Site: Dalton Anderson Official Website
    Simmer: @cully_c
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 11/27/2015
    Total parts (completed): Oneshot

    If you missed out on my Weekly Reading Roundup Edition #10 on short stories, be sure to check this one out, which fits the medical theme nicely! It is about Jackson, an over-confident doctor, experiencing his first loss, and it really is quite moving!

    Story: Get to Work: Vignettes: The Doctor and the Artist
    Site: A Penguin's Adventure in Simming
    Simmer: @BBQPenguinWings
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 03/02/2016
    Total parts (hiatus): 5

    Get to Work: Vignettes is a set of five stories that "follow five unique families and their experiences with Get to Work, life, and each other." Of these five tales, the one I'll be looking at specifically for this Weekly Reading Roundup is The Doctor and the Artist, which features newlyweds Heaven and Alayna Montgomery-Hollingsworth, who have just moved to Oasis Springs after taking a world tour honeymoon so that Alayna take can up a position of residency at the local hospital, while Heaven embarks to start her own art studio and clothing shop featuring her own fashion designs. The story is very visual, with some very beautiful interior design images, and focuses on the realistic struggles of a newlywed couple, such as living in a cozy loft or a big suburban house or adoption.

    Story: Golden Gate Medical Center
    Site: Storytime with Silver (Gen 4) / Silver's Campfire Stories: Sims Legacy Stories Continued (Gen 5)
    Simmer: @SilverDaybreak
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 03/13/2016
    Total parts (discontinued): 7 (2 gens)

    Golden Gate Medical Center is a legacy story about a family where medical practice runs in the family, and the story jumps in at the fourth generation with Arun and Kasandra Willis, providing a lot of background about Dr. Arun Willis' family and upbringing and how he came to meet his wife. Now happily married, he has moved into a lower-case a-shaped house in Alphabet Crest to take over his step-father's medical practice at the Golden Gate Medical Center, while working on acheiving his dream of being an ace fisherman in his spare time. The story is narrated by either Arun or Kasandra until the second generation, when their daughter, Sandra, takes over the tale, and following in her father's footsteps, strives to be a doctor herself. Each chapter features an introduction by the characters, followed by photos of their day-to-day life with captions describing their activities, featuring many Simself cameos (including @Jes2G as a receptionist at the hospital, and my own first appearance in Alphabet Crest, among many others)!

    Story: Medicine Man Matt's Medical Adventures
    Site: Sim Nation, Sims World, All Things Sims
    Simmer: @Simslover163
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 05/18/2016
    Total parts (hiatus): 24

    Medicine Man Matt's Medical Adventures is the story of Matthew Roberts, who after working for five years at the Delray Medical Center in Florida, has moved to Willow Creek to take a position there at the local hospital. The story offers a detailed look at the Get to Work doctor career, as Matt is tasked with diagnosing the locals, performing emergency surgeries, dealing with virus outbreaks, and delivering (alien!) babies. Expect to find many famous Simselfs and SimLit characters among his clientelle! And when he isn't busy keeping everyone healthy, he still has grilled cheese aspirations and hanging out with his tattooed bros to keep him occupied!

    Story: To Live Life Like You're Dying
    Simmer: @ilovebunnys65
    Sims games featured: Sims 4
    Date of last update: 02/28/2016
    Total parts (discontinued): 24

    To Live Life Like You're Dying is the story of Joyce Brown, a nurse who cares deeply about her patients and wants to live life to the fullest and inspire people to be the best they can be. Her sense of empathy comes naturally, since she is fighting cancer herself. She has a loving boyfriend, Greg, and has decided that despite the fact that she's been told she can't have children, she wants to start a family, so they decide to adopt. Shortly after the arrival of their adopted child, she and Greg get a surprise... she is actually expecting! This story has a lot of drama, and even some elements of mystery at times! The focus is less on Joy's illness, and instead more on the life Joy is living, which perfectly matches her character.

    I would like to take this moment to thank all the authors that take the time to write and share their creations despite health setbacks; I know there are several Simmers in that position on these forums (I am but one of many). It can be hard when illness, chronic pain, persistent doctor appointments or surgeries, or other health issues can (and do) get in the way of the creative process... do not stress! Always put yourself, your body, and your health first! Your work will reflect it when you are feeling better, but if you struggle to keep up with a schedule or self-imposed deadlines when you are not physically or mentally feeling up to the task, it will show. Your friends and family of fellow Simmers will always understand, and are here to support you! From me to any fellow Simmer struggling with health setbacks, I sincerely hope you the best, and give you all my love and support!

    That's it for this installment of Weekly Reading Roundup! As always, I would like to thank these authors for taking the time to submit their work to the Stories and Legacies Index! I have decided to take the remaining two weeks of April off for Weekly Reading Roundup, so that I can have some time to work on my Blogaversary! My scheduled two-week special on Rebuilding Oasis Springs, Willow Creek, and Newcrest stories are going to be rescheduled (I think to July, in honor of World Population Day, which I think would be quite fitting)! See you all in May!
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  • Simslover163Simslover163 Posts: 2,833 Member

    @mastressalita, Matt and I would like to thank you for checking out Medicine Man Matt's Medical Adventures. Loved the way you summarized it!

    You're doing an awesome job with Weekly Reading Roundup! Keep up the good work! :)
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  • BBQPenguinWingsBBQPenguinWings Posts: 3,773 Member
    Thank you so much for the mention and especially for the litrle words of advice. I am doing better healthwise than I was this time last year with the help of my fantastic doctor but there are sometimes when I want to write more but am not up to it and I feel guilty. Thank you for reminding me that it is okay!
  • mastressalitamastressalita Posts: 2,874 Member
    I have to remind myself of the same thing all the time, @BBQPenguinWings !
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