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Resetting objects without using mods

Did you know that there is a quick and easy way of resetting malfunctioning objects without having to use mods?

I've had problems with fridges and beds that suddenly stopped working normally, and also baby dragons that just sat frozen and paralyzed on the ground, and thus impossible for the sims to interact with.

What I tried then is this:

1. Turn on Testingcheats.

2. Switch to Buy mode.

3. Press down both Shift and Ctrl at the same time, left click on the faulty object and choose Reset on the menu.

4. Return to Live mode, and keep your fingers crossed that everything is back to normal. :)

Note: I cannot guarantee that this little trick will work for you, but it sure is worth a try.


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    igazorigazor Posts: 19,330 Member
    A testingcheats reset is essentially the same as an NRaas DebugEnabler object reset. They each release the object from whatever usage it may currently have, even is such usage isn't really happening due to a glitch or something else going wrong elsewhere.

    A MasterController object reset does that too but goes deeper. It also rebuilds the object from all of the data the game has on it at the time.

    Different types of resets, they each have their own uses.
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