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Post Waiting to Be Approved Error

I used to have a successful link index in the Stories and Legacies section. Tonight, I went to edit it with new submissions, and got the dreaded "your post is waiting to be approved" error, which thus deleted the entire post. Now, I am smart, and actually have all the data written on a NoteTab externally, so I thought I'd move my content down into one of my reserved slots, and re-insert my deleted data (I've had to do this before!). Nope. It systematically started eating away every post I tried to edit with the "This post is waiting to be approved" error. So I tried to set up my Index on a BRAND-NEW thread, copying over the data from my Notepad... again, every time I try to save my edited posts... they are deleted, one after another, with the "This post is waiting to be approved" error. These are posts I need to edit frequently, to add new data (it's a link archive to Sim stories submitted by forum members, something I think is vital and useful to this community) and now all my hard work is gone because of this error. Gurus... is there any way of fixing this?
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