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Daily Deal (DD) 2018 Rotation List and Sales Help

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The Daily Deal List and Sales Help

The Sims 3 Store Daily Deal offers a selected store item at a discounted price for one, two or three hours. Many of the items are discounted at 75% off or more.

The current Daily Deal list, which was introduced on September 23, 2014 at 12:07 a.m. UTC, includes 977 deals. After the 977th deal ends, the deals begin at Deal 1 again. A full rotation of the list takes 82 days. (See this post for background information about the Daily Deal list.)

The first page of this thread has been set up to include the list of the deals, and to include information that was available on the first page of the previous DD threads. To the first time user, this thread contains a lot of information. To help you find the information you are seeking, the first post is a contents list with hyperlinks to posts and threads within the Sims 3 forum to help Simmers own the store or at least as much content as they would like and, to get the most value for their simpoints.

Note - This thread replaces the original "September 2014 Daily Deals Rotation List" thread created by Ximph that you may see referenced in comments below. The original thread is now closed and relevant information from that thread can be found within this thread.


Merelhyn created a must-read thread to provide simmers with guidelines on purchasing all the sets, compilations and venues available in the Sims 3 Store for the least amount of simpoints.

Please see the following posts for information on
Before We Begin - Some Thank Yous
To the previous DD thread keepers: @Valgon57, @Seadramon, @Pattyco, @Mmdrgntobldrgn, @2Mahawk, @becomingjenn, @ajaxpost, and @Ximph. Thank you for hosting and maintaining the DD lists. I would also like to thank you for providing me with some of the text that I will be presenting in this thread.

Thank you to all the members of the DD community who have helped to track the deals for the list; who have proof read the list and spreadsheets; who have joined the spreadsheet team; who have answered questions regarding the DD, the store and the games; who have create tools and threads to help others; who have paid it forward by gifting others; and, who have gone off topic to make the DD thread a fun place to hang out while waiting for the deals.

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To help you organize your stalking of the Daily Deal, please join us on the Daily Deal Rotation and Sales Help thread and please view the DD Spreadsheet


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