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Grace, A Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge//Update August 16th


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    Oh yeah! Congratulations on 1k views! <3
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    I just read the whole story! Love it so far, bookmarked :)
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    Ruby10990 wrote: »
    Oh yeah! Congratulations on 1k views! <3

    I saw it and I went all "Whaaaaat? Meeeee?" :D
    SamiNY623 wrote: »
    I just read the whole story! Love it so far, bookmarked :)

    Thank you so much, happy to hear that you enjoy it :blush:
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    1.21 Surprise!


    "Your father and I have a surprise for you!" Avery was super excited to share the news with her boys. "We have decided that a weekend of relaxation is just what our family needs." Avery had left some heavy months behind her, after a long conversation J and she realised that something had to change. Neither of them wanted Avery to fall into a depression. So they decided to take her back to something that she loved so dearly. "Pack your bags, next weekend we are going to Granite Falls!"


    J was lucky, he had just started a culinary career and was learning how to cook bits by pieces. Yet, they didn't mind giving him a few days off in the weekend. 'That way he wouldn't burn anything.' they had joked.


    Or maybe not joked. Jameson burned food, a lot. Yet he practiced everyday and the fridge was stuffed with 'okay' tasting food. Everything burned was thrown away, to Jameson's disappointment. "But I made that." He often muttered as his cookies disappeared in the trash.


    Avery's days existed out of gardening. Avery had stopped her painting career, since her gardening earned them enough money to live off. She sold her flowers and fruits on the market and people just kept asking for more. So she didn't have time for any other work, gardening was now mandatory. One day she hoped to place these plants in her park. Several men send by Angela Montgomery had come to talk about the set up. All kind of ideas were spoken of. But Avery wasn't allowed to build a house on another lot yet. So the park had to wait.


    Working in a restaurant, Jameson often arrived home late. Friday he went to work in the midday and he returned Saturday, at 1 am. Avery woke up Blue and Jameson carefully carried a sleeping Phantom to the car. Phantom, Blue and Avery slept the entire way, Jameson had promised to wake Avery half way there. But she slept so peacefully he just drove the entire way. It was still dark when the family arrived. After some nagging from Avery about J not waking her up, they set up the tents together. Same routine, J carried Phantom to one tent and Avery pointed the other one out to Blue after he had woken up. After that Avery and Jameson crawled into the biggest tent together.


    Early in the morning Avery crawled out of her tent. Everyone else was still sleeping so she decided to make breakfast. She really enjoyed the outdoors, sniffing the pure oxygen that they didn't have back home in Newcrest. It reeked of diesel there, even when there was such a small amount of residents. The first one to wake up from the smell of food was Blue. He crawled out of his tent and sneaked up on his mom. "That smells delicious." He whispered in her ear, making her jump a little. "Blue! You scared me!" She softly pushed him away. "You can have some extra if you go wake up your father and brother for me!"


    Soon they all sat together to eat. Blue told how he wanted to go fishing and make a campfire now that they were here and Phantom wanted to roast marshmallows on that fire. Regularly Jameson glanced at Avery, but she didn't quite understand why. She was afraid that coming back to this place might remind him of the awful thing that happened between them years ago. Granite Falls carried both her most precious and most disastrous memories. "Can we go fishing today?" Phantom asked excitedly. Apparently Blue's idea had really appealed to him. Avery was about to nod when Jameson started talking. "Well actually.." He started, glancing a little at Blue who smiles mischievously. "Your mother and I are going on a little hike, but you can roast your marshmallows with Blue." Avery felt like she lost her tongue. So she decided not to say anything for now. Leaving Blue and Phantom alone worried her.


    After Jameson had washed the dishes he walked up to Avery. "Let me put on my hiking gear." He said, smiling at her. "But the children! We can't leave them alone li.." Avery's sentence was cut short by Jameson pressing his lips against hers. "I'll be right back." He whispered before disappearing in the tent.


    To Avery it felt like Jameson had no idea where he was going. He was walking so purposefully, yet so unorganized and strange. Making weird turns every few steps. "Isn't this hike so relaxing?" He asked now and then. Avery didn't answer, because she didn't want to hurt his feelings. She didn't find it relaxing at all. J walked way faster than she did and she often had to run for a little bit to catch up with him. She felt like Hansel and Gretel, afraid to be left alone in the forest. He wasn't planning to get rid of her, was he? Suddenly Jameson started running. "There it is!" He said. "Jameson! Don't you dare leaving me alone!" Avery ran after him, not letting him get out of her sight. At a weird cave which entrance was covered with vines Jameson turned around. "Avery, my sunshine. I've got something to show you." Avery looked at the cave in despair. She trusted Jameson more than anyone, but he had been acting so strange. "That day." He started. "The last time we were here, I found this place." She knew exactly what he was talking about. After he had turned her down and she had walked away in anger. "I found this, and all these years I've been so excited to share it with you. And now I finally can." He grabbed her hand and kissed it softly. "Allow me to lead the way." And Avery did allow him, because she loved and trusted him.


    After walking through cobwebs and following a little stream of water Jameson let her out of the cave first when he signalized light. And the view was stunning. The waterfalls that gave Granite Falls her name were only viewable after a long climb. But Jameson had found a way through those huge rocks and now Avery was standing so close to those exact waterfalls. "Jameson..." She muttered. "This is so beautiful."


    "Not as beautiful as you." He responded. He grabbed Avery's hands and pulled her closer to the waterfall, kissing her when arriving.


    "I love you so much!" He said, kissing her cheek.


    "And you're so sweet and amazing." A red rose was hovering in Avery's face. She had no idea where Jameson just got that from, but it was beautiful.


    "I was stupid to let you go, all those years ago. I regret all the memories we didn't get to make because of that." He stroked her cheek. "Avery, you are the most precious thing in my life. The only thing that scares me being with you, is being able to lose you. And I guess that explains what fear of commitment actually is. Fear of having something so amazing, so precious and knowing that there is a possibility to lose it. But I didn't realize that that exact fear was what made me lose you. So, Avery Grace, mother of my children, love of my life, ray of sunshine...."


    "Will you marry me?"
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    Say yes. SAY YES. I order you to do it. It was such a beautiful chapter. I love the view of the waterfall <3
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    So, J had a plan!! was really a nice idea. I'm curious to see how Avery will react to his proposal :)
  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member
    Marialein wrote: »
    Say yes. SAY YES. I order you to do it. It was such a beautiful chapter. I love the view of the waterfall <3

    Tab is the best key for taking pictures o:)
    You will know Avery's answer soon :blush:
    anaitapeva wrote: »
    So, J had a plan!! was really a nice idea. I'm curious to see how Avery will react to his proposal :)

    He did! And such a special one!
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    Let's see if the second trip to granite falls will wield better results!
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    Ruby10990 wrote: »
    Let's see if the second trip to granite falls will wield better results!

    How happy would that be :)
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    1.22 "Will you marry me?"


    "Oh Jameson..."


    "Of course I want to marry you! I wanted to marry you for years!"


    This is such a beautiful ring! Oh Jameson... I don't know what to say!"


    "Are you sure?" Avery asked. "No." Jameson answered. "I'm not sure at all, but I don't care. As long as I'm with you."


    Jameson swept Avery of her feet and held her in his arms. "As long as I'm with you I can do anything." He said. "How lucky I am to have someone that makes me so scared of losing her."


    "Don't be scared, I'm not planning to let you go for a long time."


    "Because I love you."


    Avery still being Avery she explored her surroundings and found new plant sorts. The place was really magical and she couldn't believe Jameson had brought her here. They stayed until they got hungry, which took really long. Time seemed to go slower here.


    When Avery and Jameson arrived at the camping site the sun had already set. A fire was burning and Blue was warming his hands, Phantom just came back from the bathroom.


    Blue immediately embraced his mother. "And?" He asked. "You little sneaky pancake! You knew!" She said, making him laugh. "Yes, of course I'll marry your father. I don't know what he told you. But I've been meaning to marry him years ago!"


    As Blue went to his dad, Phantom embraced his mom. "Are you and dad going to get married? Blue said daddy would ask you!" Avery smiled at his innocence. "Yes he did, and I said yes. Look! He gave me a really beautiful ring." Phantom's eyes shined as much as the diamond around her finger. "I wish someone would give me something so beautiful!" She once again pulled her son in for a hug. "I'm sure someday someone will."


    Next in line was Nova. Avery's sister and rock. "I'm engaged Nov."
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    Marialein wrote: »
    I am so happy for the Grace family. There will be a big wedding I guess.

    They can't leave Newcrest, because of the rules. So they'll have to adjust a little :D
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    Yay!!!! Been waiting for this!
  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member
    Yay!!!! Been waiting for this!

    It was bound to happen someday!
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    1.24 Rose


    "Hi, Blue! It's me, Rose!" Blue was a little taken aback by Rose's call. After his birthday he hadn't really spoken to her that much, and after a while he felt too guilty to call. And her birthday had been in the weekend he spend in Granite Falls, so he missed her party too. "Hey, Rose.." He said, a little awkward. But Rose didn't mind. "It's SO nice speaking to you again! How was Granite Falls? Did you take lots of pictures? I want to go there too one day." He sighed, she still was Rose. Not mad. "I bet you will, Rose. And yes I took pictures." She gasped. "Can I come see them?" Making Blue laugh. He hadn't seen her in a long time and the last time she had been so childish and young. But he had missed her birthday and despite that she still called. "Sure, see you when you get here?"


    Soon Blue heard a knock on the door. At first he barely recognized her, but when he did he realized she was NOT a kid anymore.


    She immediately pressed her chest against Blue's. "I'm so happy to see you!" She said while hugging him. "Yeah, me too!" Blue stuttered, he couldn't believe his eyes. "Wow..." He stammered. "You look beautiful." Rose giggled and pushed him against his shoulder. "Shut up!" She snorted a little while laughing and her nose crinkled. "Seriously, you sound really cheesy!" Blue laughed with her. "Now show me those pictures!"


    Blue and Rose watched pictures for a while, and Blue told her everything that had happened. Catching fish, roasting marshmallows and the engagement of his parents. On which she applauded. "That's amazing! I know how much that meant to you!"


    After that Rose visited more and more. Occasionally they would watch a movie or practice playing the guitar. Rose admired Avery's garden and showed Blue videogames that she enjoyed.


    She would often tell him how much he meant to her and that he was her best friend. Avery and Jameson were really fond of her too and often talked with her when walking her to the door.


    One day Blue opened the door, expecting Rose. But an unfamiliar face caught his attention. "I double planned today, I'm so sorry!" Rose said, who was there too.


    "This is Olivia." She introduced the girl, who stared at the little playground in the back and then smiley widely. "Don't bother, Rose. We met! Right?" Blue didn't recognized the girl at all. He had a blank expression, but she didn't mind. Rose had already hugged him and Olivia followed her example. "You don't remember? You introduced yourself and then my sister came over because we had to eat dinner! We ate pizza that day." She licked her lips at the memory. Blue did recognize her. Or actually he recognized the unusual combination of tan skin and green eyes. The girl of which he never found out whether her name was Iris or Olivia. Only now he did. Olivia. He smiled "I think I remember."


    The three of them watched a movie, normally Rose and Blue took turns picking one. But Olivia claimed that meant she never had a turn before and it was her decision. She choose 'Simder' and dropped down on the middle of the couch. Forcing Blue and Rose to both take a side.


    But somehow Blue got the feeling that she didn't really want to see the movie. She talked through every scene that wasn't a kissing scene. And when it was a kissing scene she would glance at him and lift her eyebrows. Rose tried to ignore Olivia's behaviour, but at certain sentences she would shoot an irritated glance. Like when Olivia said;"That's so romantic! This one time I was at a cruise ship and I was lying in a waterbed. Only it tilted because I was on my own, next time you should join me!" First winking, but then laughing out loud. Or when she said;"Kissing a ghost must be so exciting, how about I summon your soul after I take your breath away." Once again finding herself very funny. Rose, however, did not find it funny at all.


    Somewhere halfway through the movie Rose went to the bathroom. Blue found that a very good idea and excused himself to Olivia. But when arriving in the hallway Rose pulled him aside. "I'm so sorry for Olivia!" she whispered. "I had no idea she'd behave like that!" Blue shook his head. "It's okay, I actually quite enjoy her jokes from time to time." Rose mimicked Blue in the shaking of his head. "Yeah, she can be a real goofball. Just watch out, sometimes she can be a huge glutton too. Eating all your food!" Rose seamed upset about something. Normally she never badmouthed anyone. She took a step closer. "Maybe next time.." She whispered. "I'll come alone again. Just you and me and no one else." Blue's ears turned a light shade of pink. "Eeeeh..." She giggled. "Now let's go see the end of the movie." Blue forgot he had to pee.


    "Blue, you totally just missed the BEST part." Olivia said. Once again making obscene jokes. Not aware of what had just happened.


    "Mom..." Later that day Blue sat down with his mother. "I believe this girl likes me." His mother smiled. "Do you mean Rose?" Avery liked Rose. She was a really sweet girl who stayed true to herself. "Well, yeah. But her friend made all these comments." Avery tilted her head, she had been gardening during their visit and missed it. "Was she teasing the two of you?" Blue shook his head. "No, just me... Making obscene comments about her and me." Avery felt that she had a certain issue to talk about. "Blue, I don't want to embarrass you..." But Blue interrupted. "Mom? How... How does Woohoo happen? Did you do it with just anyone... or?" Avery smiled. "Let's talk about that."
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    Marialein wrote: »
    Blue is like his father. All the girls love him ;)

    Inherited only the best :D
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    edited January 2016
    Aww! I just love this story! I'm glad that Avery and Jameson finally got married. And Blue and Rose would be so cute as Gen 2!
  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member
    Aww! I just love this story! I'm glad that Avery and Jameson finally got married. And Blue and Rose would be so cute as Gen 2!

    Thank you so much!
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    I sense an embarrassing conversation..
    And I ship #Rue (?) idek
  • anaitapevaanaitapeva Posts: 917 Member
    Blue has 3 choices: Rose, Olivia, or just wait and not choose anyone yet. Good luck Blue!
  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member
    I sense an embarrassing conversation..
    And I ship #Rue (?) idek

    #Rue :D
    Rue might still have some twists and turns..
    anaitapeva wrote: »
    Blue has 3 choices: Rose, Olivia, or just wait and not choose anyone yet. Good luck Blue!

    He still has time! He's only a teenager!
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