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Grace, A Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge//Update August 16th


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    Ruby10990 wrote: »
    Ooh I wonder what shall happen with J and Avery! And congratulations on the cow plant! you must be close to finishing the aspiration then huh?

    Yeah, she's almost there! Besides the cowplant, she needs to up her gardening by one and then she's done! Gen 2 will start shortly after that. But we're not there yet ;)
    Maladi777 wrote: »
    Blue is so cute! He's one of those kids you want to keep around forever and not let them grow up, isn't he? And at the same time you're curious about his teenage looks. :smile:

    Jameson definitely knows how to stir the waters, planting thoughts in Avery's mind until appliances break and meal gets too spicy. (I hope the spicy food glitch gets fixed soon, it's really annoying.).

    I'm in love with Blue, he's so cute and bubbly! And I bet he'll be so handsome later!

    Breaking appliances, it's just like he's ghost :D Thank god he's not, though!
    At first I was laughing about them constantly gasping for air while eating, until I realized it wasn't spicy food ;)
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    1.14 Sorry


    "Daddy!" Blue hugged his father, who had arrived at the same time as he came home from school. "You're so early today!" J embraced his son. "Yeah, I am." J was surprised by it himself. Since the conversation he had with Avery he visited more often, also when Blue wasn't home. Slowly Avery and he were building a friendship again, both avoiding the topic of dating. Or relationships at all. And J decided that had to be over. "Hey, Champ! How about you go make your homework? I have to talk to your mommy about something." Blue nodded. "Sure, give her a kiss from me!" Making J blush as he walked to the garden.


    Tending her garden Avery was unaware that she was approached from behind. Jameson looked at her, she didn't do much. Just stood there, spraying her plants with poison. Whistling. And still she looked so beautiful doing it. Graceful even. Avery put down the can and wiped the sweat from her forehead. She then turned around. "Jameson!" She said surprised. "I thought that you were inside with Blue?" "Well I was, but I hoped we could talk." Avery pointed to the trees next to her house. "Let me just finish those and then we can."


    After taking a shower, which he found super responsible since nobody told him to, Blue went into his room. Outside of his window he spotted his parents talking. Softly he pressed his ear against the glass. Nothing. Disappointed he crawled into his bed. Might as well sleep then.


    "What do you want to talk about?" Avery asked as she had finally finished. The sun had already started to set. "The elephant in the room." J answered. Grinning from ear to ear. "Last thing I know is you didn't want to talk about it and I accepted that." Avery said, staring at her feet. "But that was stupid." J answered. "I miss you Avery, and I miss what we were. And we might have our disagreements, but we're adults now. We should be able to fix them in a proper way now." Taken aback by Jameson's wisdom, Avery felt all the colour drain out of her face. She didn't know what to say. "How about we pick up where we left happiness behind. And talk like adults about our issues." Avery nodded, was this really happening. "I'm sorry for tying you down." She said. "And I'm sorry that I shouted, and that I asked you the one thing you couldn't do. And that I knocked myself up and that..." But J took a step closer, embracing her.


    "I'm sorry for not saying I'm sorry for over eight years." He said. And then he planted a kiss on her lips. And another one. "It was childish of me not to admit that my life is plum without you. You were my ray of sunshine and you always stayed that."


    Avery leaned over to his ear. "How about we take it slow? Baby steps." She said. "No pressure on your side, as long as I'm your only." Jameson interrupted her. "You are my only." "You can come and go as you please." She continued. "And when you're ready, I'm more than happy to welcome you in our home." They stayed like that for an hour, just holding each other and talking it through. About not telling Blue, yet. Since it might not work out. About staying faithful. About what slow exactly meant.


    I don't think that's what slow means, Avery.


    Blue sat at the chess table, his feet hanging a few inches above the ground. The past couple weeks had been lovely. His father visited more often and he and his mother would be super friendly towards each other. He didn't know what had happened, but he was glad it did. And besides that he had also beat Ludo in chess multiple times! Take that! Ludo liked to think that he was smarter than Blue, always bragging about his chess skills and occupying Blue's lab. But whenever he was bragging too much, Blue would just pull a worm out of the ground. Ludo was squeamish and would run away right at that instant. Footsteps took Blue away from his thoughts. He looked at the man approaching the front door.


    "Grandpa!" Blue stretched his arms out wide. And his grandfather lifted him for a little time. "Blue!" He laughed a deep warm laugh. How's my favourite grandson?" And his only one, Nova wasn't planning on getting any children ever, Hugo had accepted that. "I'm good grandpa." Happily Blue told his grandfather about everything that had happened since his last visit, which wasn't more than a few weeks ago.
    After a few minutes of listening Hugo stroke his grandsons head. "That's amazing, bud! But I wanted to talk to that mother of yours." Blue nodded. "Sure! She's in the backyard!


    "Long time no see." Hugo greeted his daughter. "Hey there, old man." She responded. "Your mother wondered when you'd visit home." Avery shook her head. "That was never my home, besides I don't want to bring Blue there. It's dangerous." Hugo kneeled next to Avery. "I know, honey. But we're not getting any younger. Visiting you like this is getting harder." Avery felt a tear well up in her eye. "I'm sorry, that I didn't build you any houses." She said. Hugo stroke her cheek. "That's not your job Avy." He hadn't called her that in over 20 years. "But it's just that we don't want you to be sad when we won't be able to visit that much." Avery smiled. "Of course I'll be sad, but I'll manage. As long as you promise that you will too!" Hugo kissed her head. "I promise." Avery stood up and hugger her father. "Now no more sad thoughts! How's life?" Avery turned a deep shade of crimson. "J and I.." Avery took a glance at her son and then leaned in closer to her father. "We're trying again." She whispered. "But don't tell Blue yet!" Hugo's eyes turned huge. He pulled her into another hug. "I hope it works out, I really do. It's good to see you happy again."


    As Avery was gardening again that evening, she felt a wave of memories melt over her. She softly brought her hand to her belly. It couldn't be, right? She should call Jameson.
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    I am so happy for them that they try again. Soon Blue will get a sibling maybe a little Clementine ;)
    Just one question what is that link when they were saying sorry?
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    edited January 2016
    Marialein wrote: »
    I am so happy for them that they try again. Soon Blue will get a sibling maybe a little Clementine ;)
    Just one question what is that link when they were saying sorry?

    Oopsie! That link is a mistake on my part for multitasking! I'll edit it right away. And I thought I got out all errors! Thanks for telling me!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,257 Member glad they're back together! I hope J doesn't freak out over the new nooboo! And the part where Blue is spying on them through the window was so cute and true to life!
  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member glad they're back together! I hope J doesn't freak out over the new nooboo! And the part where Blue is spying on them through the window was so cute and true to life!

    I took that shot, and knew I had to use it right away ;)
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    Could this nooboo be the thing that finally brings Avery and J together, as one, or will it drive them apart once again? Find out next update on, Grace, A build Newcrest Legacy.
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    Ruby10990 wrote: »
    Could this nooboo be the thing that finally brings Avery and J together, as one, or will it drive them apart once again? Find out next update on, Grace, A build Newcrest Legacy.

    The suspense! :D
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    1.15 Happenings


    A few days had past and she knew she had to tell J soon, usually he would stop by at least every other day. But he was in the middle of starting a new career and wasn't able to visit as often. So Avery took the matter in her own hands and called him. "J, can you make it today?" A muttering on the other side of the phone told her that he would be busy until late in the evening. "I don't care." She said. "I'll stay up, I just need you to come."


    That same day Blue brought Ludo home from school. "Let's play chess!" He challenged him, making Blue roll with his eyes. "Sure, but only if we'll make homework after I beat you." Ludo laughed. "But then you'll never get to make your homework!" But Blue did beat him and the boys went inside to make homework. "I don't feel like doing homework!" Ludo complained. "Can I play in your lab?" Blue groaned, whenever Ludo played with his science lab he wouldn't let Blue take a turn. But Blue didn't want to upset his friend. "Sure." He said, with a fake smile.


    "This is boring!" Blue complained. Ludo disagreed. "What do you mean? This is awesome!" Bored Blue crossed his arms and pouted into nothingness. "I don't even get to play." He mumbled, but Ludo didn't hear him and happily continued.


    Ludo stayed for dinner and Avery did her best to make a nice meal. Maybe J would like the leftovers. The boys nibbled on their foods and Blue decided to go to bed early. Avery still hadn't told him about her pregnancy, but J should know first. She would tell him afterwards. Ludo said his goodbyes and walked towards the hallway, putting on his shoes.


    Meanwhile the little plant in the backyard had grown into a big flesh eating cowplant. Avery was startled when she first saw it, with its pie-shaped tongue hanging out of his mouth trying to lure prey. She had bought huge lumps of meat and stored them in her freezer, now and then throwing the plant one. It was a lot of work, but she managed to move it next to her garden, with a fence around it and a lock. It was pretty exposed but Avery was somewhat proud of her creation. As she once again went to feed it, Avery heard someone calling out her name from the front of the house. She threw the cowplant his lump of meat and made her way to the door.


    "Avery, what in the creators name is that!" But Avery didn't take the time to answer. "Doesn't matter." She said instead. "I'm pregnant, it's yours." J instantly forgot about the big cow like plant who had just swallowed a huge lump of flesh in its whole. "You're what?" No speech, no proposal, no rejection. "We're going to be parents, again. Let's do it right this time." So far for taking it slow. Avery reached out. "J, say something."


    "Can I stay?" He said, hugging Avery. "For real this time?" Avery nodded in his shoulder. "Yes, I would love that. More than anything." For a while they just held on to each other, not saying anything. J was the first one to break the silence. "Can I sleep over? I want to move in as soon as possible. My house is already on sale you know. I didn't plan to stay there any longer anyway." Avery giggled. "Yes, you can stay over. But we should tell Blue to prevent any confusion." J nodded, Avery was so mature.


    "Maybe we'll get a girl this time." J said as he felt her belly. "I don't know if I can even do girls!" Avery laughed. "This time I'll be there for you, Avery. Through it all." Jameson looked her in the eyes. "The ultrasounds, the morning sickness, the labour. You won't have to do it alone." His eyes sparkled. "I'm glad you will be." Avery said. They then went to sleep, together.


    Avery was awoken by a high pitched yelling voice, she rushed herself to Blue's room and found Ludo there, the lab was set on fire and he was panicking. "Jameson!" She yelled as she pulled the boy away from the fire. Blue had awoken too and was standing in the corner of his room crying.


    "Blue, outside, now!" Avery said, pushing Ludo after him as Jameson tried to put out the fire. "I'll deal with you later, Ludo." She said. "You go outside too, Avery." Jameson said. "Be safe, and take care of Blue." Once Avery arrived outside she took the little boys on her lap, waiting for J to come out of the house. She cradled Blue who was sobbing, Ludo was silent over all. Avery didn't know what he was still doing here, but when Jameson came back he'd be in big trouble.

    After a while Jameson came out of the house. "It's safe, only the lab was damaged. I'll call the insurance tomorrow and we'll get you a new one Blue." He wiped the sweat from his forehead. Avery, I'll take Blue to his bed. Avery looked up to the sky and then bend down to kiss her son on his head. "You don't have much time left to sleep, but tonight was exhausting so make sure to rest." She then turned to Ludo. "Honey." She started, the boy had done something he wasn't supposed to. But he was not her son. "What were you still doing here?" Ludo now also started crying. "Well, Blue has this really awesome lab. But I wasn't finished yet when I was supposed to go home." He snorted between his cries every now and then. "So instead of leaving I hid in the bathroom until I thought Blue slept." Big tears erupted from his eyes and wetted his shirt. "And then it caught fire!" He now uncontrollably started crying. She patted the boy on the head while calling his mother.


    Ludo's parents had voiced their sincere apologies and worries about their son when he hadn't returned home at the told time. Next time they would pick him up and they would pay for a new lab for Blue. Who had been devastated by the loss. Avery didn't really think there would be a next time, but she didn't want to shoot them down so smiled and nodded.


    Getting further and further in her pregnancy, J had finally moved in and they had discussed with Blue about the arrival of his sibling.
    "Will it be a boy?"
    "We don't know that."
    "A girl then?"
    "Can I play with her?"
    "Not right away."
    Avery enjoyed her well deserved dinner in front of the television. Now that she still could.
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    Ohhhhh <3 I am very very happy for Avery and J and of course for Blue now he has a real family :)
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    Marialein wrote: »
    Ohhhhh <3 I am very very happy for Avery and J and of course for Blue now he has a real family :)

    I think they're so cute all together! As soon as the nooboo's there I'll make sure to safe them. :blush:
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    That's a good idea to put the fence around the cowplant! hopefully it will prevent any accidents. I feel like Ludo is taking advantage of Blue in their friendship, I wonder how it will turn out when they are teenagers.
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    Ruby10990 wrote: »
    That's a good idea to put the fence around the cowplant! hopefully it will prevent any accidents. I feel like Ludo is taking advantage of Blue in their friendship, I wonder how it will turn out when they are teenagers.

    I'm always so fearful that someone will be eaten!
    Ludo and Blue do have an interesting relationship, Ludo literally stayed until midnight working at the lab. And the game had already shown a pop up that he was leaving sim-hours ago! He didn't stop until the thing caught fire! As soon as the fire was out, he approached the front door again, so I locked it :D
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    this looks like a really cool story! Bookmarked :)
  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member
    this looks like a really cool story! Bookmarked :)

    Thank you so much!
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    1.16 Achieving


    "Will it be born soon?" Blue asked, feeling the little nooboo kicking against his tiny hands. "It can be born any moment from now." Blue's eyes got big. "Can it even be born on your birthday?" Avery smiled. "Yes, it can." "Then, will we have double the cake?" A heart warming laughter came out of Avery's mouth. She bend down and kissed her son on the cheek. "Only you, but don't tell anyone." He started whispering. "I won't!"


    Being pregnant had been hard on Avery, both the times. But now she had a handsome nice man to help her. J was watering the plants as Avery weeded them. She didn't quite trust J with that yet, afraid he would pull out the wrong plant. But watering wasn't that hard.
    Last week Avery had send out a letter to Angela Montgomery, to ask about her permit. She was almost done with all the requirements and would like to start building her park soon.


    As Jameson went inside to grab something to drink, Avery got a call. "Hello, Mrs.Grace." The formal tone and greeting immediately confirmed Avery was speaking to Angela Montgomery. "I've had a look at your results from the past year and am more than happy to congratulate you with fitting the requirements. As soon as you're ready I'll send over my architects so that you can start planning the building of the park." Avery glowed from head to toe. "Thank you so much." She whispered, a tear falling from her eye. "I've been working so hard for this every day and I don't think you know how happy this makes me." Angela, however, wasn't such a sentimental woman. "Don't stall the building to long." She said, and then proceeded to give Avery more information about the designing and building process. A quick goodbye later, Avery had officially received approval of building on the very first lot in Newcrest.


    "You will not believe the call I just got." Avery said while stretching her back. It hurt from the gardening. "Angela called me and..." But Jameson pulled her close as soon as he got near her. "You're so beautiful." He said, then swept her over and pressed his lips against hers. Slowly he pulled her back on her feet. "I started a career in sports." Jameson said. "It's something I really think I'll enjoy and they were so happy to have me.


    "That's really great! I'm so proud of you!" Avery said, bringing a hand to her chest. Her news could wait until dinner, she did not want to outshine him. "I really think this is it, Avery." J continued. "The life I was meant to live, the life I will be able to live." She pecked him on the cheek. She knew exactly what he was trying to say.


    "I got news." Avery said as her family sat down for dinner. Blue was half listening whilst playing with his food, but J gave her his undivided attention. "I've got official permission to build the community park." She said. "Avery, that's amazing!" Jameson said, kissing her over the table. "We'll let a house be built on another lot and move there when the building starts." She smiled down at her food. This house has never been huge and she hoped that their new home would feel more inviting. J spoke as he clutched Avery's hand. "I'm so proud of you." Blue didn't really understand what was going on. He was aware his mom would build a park, but why on top of his home? That reminded him of something. "I did something awesome too, today!" He smiled. "I'm a straight A student, my teacher told me today." A huge smile formed on his face. Avery patted his head. "That's great, Blue! We are SO proud of you! Let's celebrate with dessert!"


    Avery woke up on the wrong side of the bed, literally. She never slept there, but somehow she did tonight. It was in the middle of the night and a pain in her stomach had awoken her. She looked down to her legs, the pajama bottoms were wet and sticking to them.


    Still half asleep Avery waddled to the other side of the bed. "J." She whispered, stretching. "Wake up, I believe I'm in labor." Making J wake up in the blink of an eye. "You're what? What now? Avery!"


    "Avery, what do I do? Are you okay? I'm scared!" Avery cradled her stomach as a wave of pain came over her. "Are you in pain?" Jameson then said. It was really hard not to snap at him. "Listen, HONEY." Avery said, trying to smile in between the contractions. "First, call the hospital that we're coming and my parents to babysit Blue. Then get me some dry clothes." Avery wasn't done speaking yet, but Jameson had already raced out of the room. "Hospital, babysit. Parents, coming." She heard him say to himself. "Almost." She whispered as she sat down at the bed.


    "Say cheese!" Somewhere between letting her parents in and dressing herself, J had gotten a hold of the camera. "Jameson!" Avery said as he snapped a few pictures of her. "I'm in pain! Now is not the time to take pictures!" "Sorry! But this is just so amazing! You're going to give birth, and I'm here and I never want to forget this moment!" Stepping closer to him she pushed the camera down. My parents are here, we must go NOW. Or this baby won't be born in the hospital at all. J put the camera down on the dresser. "Got it, let me get my keys." Not much longer they were sitting in the car, on their way to the same hospital as where Blue was born.
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    Marialein wrote: »
    Ohh such a sweet family chapter. I can't wait to see their family addition :)

    Luckily that won't take long ;)
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    J taking pictures at the worst moment!! Can't wait to meet Blue's sibling :)
  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member
    anaitapeva wrote: »
    J taking pictures at the worst moment!! Can't wait to meet Blue's sibling :)

    He's so excited! Wanted to document the moment :D
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    So glad to see J. Finally settling down!
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  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member
    1.17 Celebration of a newborn


    "Let's do this!" Avery walked down the same doors she had a couple years ago when Blue was born, only this time followed by a very panicky Jameson. "My Avery is in labour!" He said enthusiastically to every bypassing stranger, not caring whether it was hospital staff, a patient or a visitor. Everyone had to know. "Honey, it's in here." Avery said as J was harassing another person. "She's going to give birth!" He said, and then ran after Avery.


    "I'm here!" Avery was already lying on a bed with weird utensils. But all J saw was Avery's face. "You're so strong!" He said. The doctor on the other side of the bed smiled at him. "Mister Grace I presume." Avery wanted to interrupt but J only nodded. "Yes, that's me." The doctor gave him a smile. "I'm Maud, I also brought Blue to the world." J smiled. "Actually Avery did! She's amazing, giving birth and all!" Doctor Maud just laughed.


    Jameson sat down at a stool behind the doctor, then stood up again. And sat down, to stand up again. "Stop being so nervous!" Avery said to him. "Mister Grace, I've done this a thousand times. If you come stand over here, than you can see everything I do." J took place behind Doctor Maud and watched as weird utensils went into the tube Avery was laying in. After a few minutes a bundle came out.


    A beautiful nooboo boy was laying in the crib, big eyes looking into the world. As Avery left the bed, Jameson walked up to her and kissed her cheek.


    "Hello there." Avery bend over the crib to lift the baby up. Jameson walked to the pair and stood behind them. "He's perfect." Jameson whispered. Avery kissed the nooboo on his head. A nurse walked into the room, asking for the name of the little bundle of love. "Phantom Hugo Grace." Jameson said. It was the name they had decided upon for another boy.


    Upon arriving home and putting Phantom in his nursery. J had taken a look at the clock and pulled Avery outside, into the moonlight. They waved at her parents, who left the house now that Blue wasn't alone anymore. As they had disappeared from their view J turned towards Avery. "Happy birthday." He whispered, studying Avery's face. She was no longer a young adult, besides some lines in her face she didn't look a day older. "It's... My birthday?" Avery looked a little upset. Through all the commotion of giving birth she had forgotten. Jameson grabbed her shoulders and pulled her close. "Yes, and you wouldn't say. You look like a young godess!" Avery smiled. "Officially an adult." She muttered. "I promised Blue cake." Avery took Jameson at an arm length. "We can still celebrate, right?" He smiled. "Of course we can."


    "The following morning Avery's parents and sisters arrived at their home. "Happy late birthday, honey. And congratulations on the little one." Her mother said while pulling Avery close. "You look beautiful!" Avery smiled into her mother's shoulder. "Thank you, mom! But it's not my birthday party, we've declared it a house party. There is cake, though!" Avery said, making her mother's smile.


    Nova came in a dress that really complimented her colourful self. While her parents went in to greet the men in the household Avery and Nova sat down at the chess table. "So another one, huh?" Nova said, looking quite serious. "Yes, he's inside. But Jameson said he'd put the crib out later." Avery smiled, baby's were wonderful and brought so much joy to her life. Nova shook her head. "Can't understand, at all." She smiled. "Not wanting any baby's soon?" Avery asked her sister. "No, when I feel the urge I'll just cuddle up with yours!"


    As Nova and Avery stood up to take a picture Hugo sat down, followed by Blue. "Let's play chess, grandpa!" He said. Hugo nodded as he watched his daughters. "Now a silly one!" Nova said crossing her eyes. Avery laughed and then stuck out her tongue. "Perfect, that one is going on the wall!" Avery said, making Nova moan. "Noooo!! Don't you dare!"


    Avery lifted Phantom out of his crib after Jameson had brought it outside. "Meet Phantom, everyone." Phantom squirmed, just like Blue had when he was a baby. Avery tried shushing him, but he was having none of it. She pressed the nooboo against her chest. "And, apparently, if you want to have a closer look you'll have to lift him yourself or watch him in his crib. Because he doesn't feel like being, lifted like that." Avery stated, making her parents and sister laugh.


    With the party still going strong, Nova decided to take a walk for some fresh air. But she didn't go far. As soon as she got past Avery's garden she let out a scream. "Avery, what in the creators name is that?" Avery ran to the yard and looked at her mysterious plant. She still had its berries and could easily plant a new one, but she still became rather quiet."I forgot to feed it." She mumbled. Nova looked at her sister, who seemed rather sad. "Are you okay?" Avery nodded. "Yeah, I am. Don't worry! This is just the result of one of my creative outbursts." She said, grabbing her sister by her hand and pulling her back to the house. At least she didn't have to worry about it eating someone anymore.
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,257 Member there a reason behind the name? That's one thing I hate about complaints. They CONSTANTLY need food or they'll eat your sims. Just a pain so I've given up on them. Their bones look nice in a cemetery.
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