Hunt or Be Hunted: A Sims 4 Reality Show: THIRTEENTH EPISODE OF THE SITCOM (Season 2 of High Hopes)

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If you missed Season 1, read it here.

Welcome back to the second season of High Hopes, newly renamed 'Hunt or Be Hunted', because this season, my high hopes aren't only for success, but for your own safety. This season, with the twist being the layout of the season, you'll compete in a way you probably never have before. Since this season deals with new rules, new territories, and new possibilities, there will be more for me to discuss.


Each week, you will compete one challenge. This challenge will determine your score for the week. In order to score 'points', you will need to place in the top three, first place earning three points, second place earning two points and third place earning one point. However, for Round 2, it's a different story, but that will come later on.


At the end of each 'week', you will sit a quiz, detailing your 'hunter'. At the beginning of the game, you will be assigned a target, who you will score points against to keep yourself safe. However, this means you too are being targeted. The Hunt Quiz is to earn 'tokens', which could end up saving you in the end. These tokens range from two different options, either removing one point from your own point tally, or placing another point on your target. The Hunt Quiz tokens can be saved, and once you earn one, it can be redeemed whenever you see fit. This will end at Round 2.


This time, the challenges will be based on 'passing' or 'failing'. In Round Two, the game is about collectively working together to snuff out the 'saboteur', one amongst you that is working alone to force the team to fail. If the team passes the challenge, the saboteur is automatically eliminated from the game and 'trapped' for good. If the team fails, however, the saboteur is temporarily safe. When the team fails, and therefore the saboteur has succeeded, the team will vote.


If the team has failed in the challenge, they will be forced to vote for who they believe the saboteur is in fact. Each contestant will vote separately but on the thread here, and this cannot be based on alliances or opinions of the other contestants. All votes MUST be in direct relation to the performance of a contestant in the MOST RECENT challenge. If I find out that the voting is not based on the challenge prior, you will be directly contacted and thus punished for unfairly playing the game. The contestant with the most votes will be eliminated from the game and 'trapped' for good. However, if a tie occurs in the voting, the two contestants with the most votes will be asked to draw straws; the shortest straw means that contestant is officially eliminated from the game.


At the end of each week, after the quiz, the scores will be tallied and I will check to see if anyone has been eliminated. To be eliminated, you must have 7 points to your name, which means your hunter will have to earn those 7 points over the course of time before you yourself earn your safety. If an elimination is to happen, it will happen at the end of the second episode of the week, which brings me to state that each week will consist of two episodes, the competition and the quiz/potential elimination. There is a chance of no elimination, and in fact, for the first week everyone is safe. The player who eliminated the contestant will move onto Round 2.


Once you are saved or eliminated, you will be left at a very serious point of conflict. Let's take this as an example: Take Player A, B, C & D. Player A is targeting B, and so on. If Player B saves themselves by eliminating Player C, then now Player A remains target-less and Player D remains hunter-less. Now, however, Player A targets Player D. The points Player A had collected against Player B will be moved and stored against Player D. Make sense?


Here you will have to spill any knowledge I will need of your character. This will either be done through my email or through the private message, but since I will need to send you the details for the competitions and such, the email will be preferred.
Bio: (Include what they do, who they are as a person, where they live, why they’re here, etc.) BE CREATIVE OR ELSE I'LL SLICE THROATS
Possible Storylines for the Show: (If you want your character to have a showmance, a nomance, fights, drama, trickery, foolery, treason, guilty judgement, death, hate, kindness, sharks, etc.)
Intro to the others:
Any CC? (Please consider that I do not want loads of CC, but I will accept one or two pieces. If your sim has a large amount, please reconsider or remake them.)
Sexual Preference:
Anything else you want to mention: (Anything interesting or quirky?)
I own both expansion packs, Outdoor Retreat, Perfect Patio and Cool Kitchen.

(Please hashtag your sims with #huntedseason2. Please submit 2-3 sims for me to choose.)


So, this is another thing that I want to see happen more often. If you have something to say in character, send me a quick (or long) paragraph of what it is, through my email or private message. I want to know what you thought of an eviction or a win, or even just a little bit of randomness. Anything can happen if you simply send me one message. It’s true, ask the contestants of Season 1. I'm sure they'd be dying to spill.


Obviously, there are rules. Some more important than others.
-Be nice! I don’t want no grumpy cats strolling in the thread to yell at someone for being eliminated. If you are eliminated, take it. Which leads me to the next thing:
-Most eliminations are final. Please take that into consideration and remember that you played for fun and not to yell ‘Booya!’ in everyone’s face. However, there may be a re-entrance, so be happy!
-Never think you can’t use sarcasm.
-Play fair. If you think you’ll be 'killed off' if you lose this challenge (happened to me once), you’re far too scared. Who knows, you might finally be good at the challenge, and you'll be happy you didn't cheat your way to the winnings.
-If you are safe, please be continuous on the forum. Once Round 2 begins, you will be required to continue your progress and continue with the game.
-One last thing: HAVE FUN!

Since I can't post my email here, message me if you need it/don't have it.
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