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Martje89 / MvdP1989's Thank You Thread! ❤

Martje89Martje89 Posts: 938 Member
edited December 2015 in The Sims 3 Store Gifting

Since I've been so generously gifted the last couple of days and my thank you's are beginning to get a bit scattered around here, I decided to start a little thank you thread to thank everybody in a proper way.

I'm fairly new to the forums, but everybody made me feel so welcome here. It's full of friendly, helpful, generous people. So thank you all, I really appreciate it! :heart: It's a lot of fun talking with fellow Simmers and helping each other out! :) And I think what my boyfriend said to me this afternoon really applies here: "oh so you have a new addiction now :#" - Yes I do! B)

Thank you:

@FlootieBeauty for gifting me the High Bun! You were the first person to gift me something and I really appreciate it! :smiley:

@MysteryGhost2013 for sending me the Bangalor Silk String-back Top and @SemaviLady for gifting me three other items from the India Inspirations Clothing and Hairstyle! :heart: Thanks to the both of you I will be able to get a green dowload button when this set appears on the DD. I'm looking forward to using these items.

@StephSteb, @simgeek79 and @bekkasan for gifting me items from the Hacienda Luxury set. Everything looks so nice, I can't wait to use these items and make my own Villa Paraiso inspired houses B)

@Ceea and @StephSteb for sending me the Wedding Cake Replica and Tower of Flower Power. My Sim weddings will even be more festive now :blush:
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