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Short Sim Stories - 'Alluring Academics' and other

I'll be updating here the stories of my rotational save. They will likely have only 1-3 parts each, but maybe you can spot some familiar faces across the other stories :smile: If there's a character you like, you could always ask for a story about that sim. Otherwise I'll continue taking pictures as I play and digging through my archives for inspiration.

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Alluring Academics (1)
Two serial romantic bros starting unversity together.

Guesthouse Tiny Turtle (1) (2)
Having a guesthouse in Sulani sounds like a fantastic idea.

Conservationist (1).
Strangerville heroes against a conservationist, what's the worst that could happen?

Goofballs Unite (1) (2)
Billie Jang is wondering about love and if she will ever find it.

Safe in Newcrest (1) (2).
Two criminals have a clashing relationship which sets one's family in danger.

Missing Sim (1).
A story that's gloomier than the usual...

Winterfest Disaster (1)
Just a happy family celebrating the holidays! What could go wrong?

Name Too Sweet? (1).
Quite a typical love story. Could be too sweet for you.

Hero for the Day (1).
Really brief story summing up the strangerville mystery.

Police Matters (1)
A young man joins the police force seeking justice for an old friend.

Club Baboons (1)
A group of teenagers attend a five day long talent camp to figure out who they are and what they want in life.

It All Began with Blicblock (1) (2) (3).
Carefree Kara and always perfect Ladybird happen to be wearing a same t-shirt. Is that all it takes to become friends with someone these days? Oh apparently they both also play blicblock.

Weird Old Ladies (1)
Actually drinking plasma is not that weird if you're a vampire.

Cosmic Berry (1)
When you're just really into aliens and willing to work... with(?!) them.

Strawberry Bush Monster (1).
Family traditions are great, but can also be limiting. Would you choose to hide your love or live in shame?

The Salmon (1).
It's not as much about the salmon as about a friendship. Featuring a sad fisherman and a perhaps familiar little girl.

One Clueless Husband (1).
Imagine you were happily married and dedicated to your family, then one day you found out everything wasn't how it seemed. Fantasy tells you his story.

There's Something about Bad Boys (1) (2)
A girl named Unelma meets a boy named Jarno. You know they say that the biggest obstacle on your way to happiness is you. Is this a story of true love? What even is true love?
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