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String Table Locale Codes (Resource type 0x220557da)

Hey all,

I was asked to provide the locale codes used for the string table resources. So here those are, along with a quick overview of this resource type:
  • The file format is included in the official guide
  • The key for these resources has the format
    * 0x220557da is the resource type.
    * GGGGGGGG is the group.  For Maxis authored content this will be 0.  For Mods it is recommended that you set it to 0x80000000 to avoid conflicts with Maxis content.
    * LL is the locale code, which is placed in the top byte of the Instance. 
    * IIIIIIIIIIIIIII is the remainder of the instance, which should be unique to avoid conficts with other user created Mods.
  • The locale codes are as follows:
    0x00 : "ENG_US"
    0x02 : "CHT_CN"
    0x03 : "CZE_CZ"
    0x04 : "DAN_DK"
    0x05 : "DUT_NL"
    0x06 : "FIN_FI"
    0x07 : "FRE_FR"
    0x08 : "GER_DE"
    0x0b : "ITA_IT"
    0x0c : "JPN_JP"
    0x0d : "KOR_KR"
    0x0e : "NOR_NO"
    0x0f : "POL_PL"
    0x11 : "POR_BR"
    0x12 : "RUS_RU"
    0x13 : "SPA_ES"
    0x15 : "SWE_SE"


  • pboxpbox Posts: 630 Member
    I've meanwhile learned that 0x01 is Simplified Chinese (0x02 is Traditional Chinese), and 0x10 is European Portuguese (as opposed to Brazilian Portuguese 0x11). These are languages that the game currently does not support, but I sometimes get translations for my mods in those languages so that is where I put them.

    I was also told by Chinese speakers that when a mod has Simplified Chinese text instead of Traditional it makes it look quite inconsistent with the rest of the game (the difference is apparently quite obvious); same with the different flavours of Portuguese. So when adding localisations to a mod one should pay attention to that =) (ask the translators which exact locale it is if they haven't made it clear).
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