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Sanders Architects - Builds by MDianaSanders

MDianaSimsMDianaSims Posts: 3,492 Member
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Hello! Welcome to my Showcase thread - I hope you enjoy looking at my builds and feel free to leave a comment :).
You can find me on the Gallery via my EA ID MDianaSanders or by clicking this link. My more recent lots can also be found using #sandersarchitects.

All my builds are without CC and I use MOO only sparingly (on decorative items) - my lots and rooms can always be placed without activating the cheat. I do play test when I'm not sure if something's functional.

Several of my builds are remakes of homes from older Sims games (mostly Sims 1 and 2) - you may recognise some of your favourite houses :) - all of them adapted to Sims 4 style.

Some of my lots/rooms were made for the Build My Dream competition over on the Dutch Sims forums - for those I have made presentations which I'll share because even if you can't read the comments, they still contain a lot of pictures.

Let me tell you a bit about this thread, I have set up a few sections in the comments below - every build is only linked to once. I did this because, when I was preparing this thread, I realised I already shared quite a lot and putting in things double will take up a lot of space.

I chose a format to display some essential information, like, lot name, with Gallery link, lot size, amount of bedrooms, bathrooms and lot cost, as well as packs used (I abbreviated those). The format used for rooms is similar.
I'm not sure if it is going to work, so I may change it in the future (especially as it might be too much when I add more creations).

I was having some issues uploading images, so for now I'll use the ones I uploaded on previous occassions and the Gallery images.
All Gallery and presentation links have been added.
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