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A.I.T.M (Alone In The Mars) – Again

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A.I.T.M (Alone In The Mars) – Again

This story is based on The Martian: A Game Play Challenge Enjoy!

Table of content:

Log note 1
Log note 2
Log note 3
Log note 4
Log note 5
Log note 6
Log note 7
Log note 8
Log note 9
Log note 10
Log note 11
Log note 12

On Earth:
Note 1
Note 2
Note 3
Note 4
Note 5

Log note 1:

My name is Marcus Watney Jr.
Yes, Watney. You may have heard about my father, Mark Watney. He was alone in the Mars because of great sandstorm. I’m now in those same circumstances. Although I have my dad’s Log notes from that time. Now I’m writing my own log and trying to survive until my rescue team comes. Maybe this is my family’s curse? To be alone in the Mars? Who knows…
Anyway. At the beginning of my survival challenge I have been investigating surrounding areas. I have found some plants and planted them in my camp. I have to find those potato seeds my father hid in somewhere in this planet. For now on I have found this place:
I assume it has been a research camp. Just like mine but way bigger. There is even a lake! I prepared sausages and beans on a grill. It was so delicious! I’m already quite bored to cereals, quinoa and yoghurt. I also found a shower! What a blessing! Even though it works only once a week – but it’s more than nothing, right?
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