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Echoes of Eternity Update Thread by LateKnightSimmer

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Hello everyone. I'm also known as LateKnightSimmer, and I write stories with the Sims3. I have a ten generation legacy based on Pinstar's original legacy challenge. I don't often follow rules to a T, and I am not keeping points. However, I will be doing this until I hit ten generations. This legacy is called Echoes of Eternity and I have been writing it since 2013, using Blogger. I used to post my updates in one of the update threads on this forum, but I've felt lately like I wanted my updates to have their own home. First a little basic information about my story.

Platform: Blogger
Style: Plot heavy, pictures and text pretty equally balanced, posed pictures
Rating: R, for swearing, nudity, violence, and other adult material, definitely NSFW
Update Schedule: Irregular
Heir Style: Patriarchy

Now some nitty gritty information... I am very inspired by movies and television shows, so each generation has a theme that is inspired by a movie. I've basically found a quote from a movie and based the generation off of that, similar to how the musicasy legacy style works. This story is much better when it's read from the beginning because I write in such a way where I build off of previous chapters. Chapters are denoted by the heir's first name plus a number, and then a chapter title. I do not have a set number of chapters that I need to hit in order to finish a generation, I'm just going off where the story takes me. If I need more chapters, then so be it. If I need less, then so be it. The beginning of a generation will be denoted with "premiere" along with the heir's name and the end of a generation will be denoted with "finale" along with the heir's name, in the spirit of movies and tv.

So far I haven't had my Sims have multiple kids yet, but in the event that it happens and there is more than one boy to choose from, (since I'm doing a patriarchy) and I don't have one I am set on becoming the heir, there will be a potential for heir votes.
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