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Halloween Lotto (Closed - Calling xJulle)

wittanthony1wittanthony1 Posts: 1,929 Member
edited November 2015 in The Sims 3 Store Gifting
I've decided to host a new lotto. This time with a halloween theme since halloween is fast approaching. This lotto will end on October 31 at 10:59pm CT. You are welcome to nominate others to receive any prizes you win.

To enter you can either share a picture of a sim in costume, child sims trick or treating, picking pumpkins, carving pumpkins, or your sims house decorated for halloween. There are 24 prizes to win in this lotto. 1 prize every hour until halloween is over. Prize numbers are in hour order meaning prize 1 is for 12am, prize 2 for 1am, and so on. If there are not at least 24 people entered, some prizes might be removed or combined. I'm not sure yet. I decided to make it 1 prize per person.

Entry Form:
Forum/sims 3 name:
Wishlist link:

1) Venue (Sponsor: @Reachsims)
2) 500 point (Sponsor: @Ceea) + 750 points (my gift)
3) 750 point (Sponsor: @Taw3001)
4) 1000 point
5) Premium Content
6) Venue
7) World (Standard or Gold) (Sponsor: @Taw3001)
8) Venue (Sponsor: @Taw3001)
9) 750 point (Sponsor: @Taw3001)
10) 750 point
11) Venue
12) World (Standard or Gold) (Sponsor: @Tnt_Terry)
13) 1000 point
14) 750 point
15) 500 point (Sponsor: @Jaceigh) + Venue (my gift)
16) Premium Content (Sponsor: @KittyKat8103)
17) World (Standard) (Sponsor: @Franny)
18) Venue
19) 500 point (Sponsor: @rionismyname) + Venue (Sponsor: @Taw3001)
20) 750 point (Sponsor: @Tahera)
21) 900 point
22) 1000 point
23) 1250 point
24) World (Standard or Gold) (Sponsor: @Taw3001) + Venue (Sponsor: @Taw3001)


Currently not needing any more sponsors. Thank you to all the people who have sponsored prizes for this lotto. If there are more than 24 entries, I may gift everybody else a 150 point prize.
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