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Amazon challenge tribe Naheli

MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,885 Member
Hello everyone and welcome to my amazon challenge. I was inspired by lots of other storys for example @pammiechick , @Julyvee94 or @roseinblack69. Sorry for some mistakes I am from Austria and my native language is German. So here we go. ;)

Tebethia was standing outside of her new home. She was never alone and without her family until that moment. Of course she wasn‘t really alone. Her Mother sent with her two slaves Nomir (left) and Palla (right). But Tebethia was badly missing her twin sister, who was now the creator of her old tribe. Tebethias mother let her choose either she would have become a prayer or she should make her own tribe. Tebethia didn‘t want to become a prayer sister because than she would never be able to be with a man.


At the compound there was enough space for a big tribe. The left building are the slave quaters. In the main building is the kitchen the work out area and in the first floor are the woman quaters with the breeding chamber. On the right hand side is a temple. You will know about that soon.


When they went in Tebethia started immediately to work out because she wants to be a strong creator and make her mother proud. Soon Palla joined his creator. Palla was happy that he was in this tribe allowed to speak with the women, even though he was now just running at Tebethias side in silence.


Like always Tebethia was really happy after the training. This is because Tebethia is an active sim.


Meanwhile Nomir was working hard to produce sculpture that they can sell. Nomir also thought that he maybe could impress tebethia with a sculptre.


(Note: in the background you can see the slaves quarter)


After a while Tebethia thought it would be good to train aslo her stamina and not only her strengh. So Palla was trying to punch at the punch bag.


Nomir recogniced that Tebethia was very into training so he decided to try it too. It was very hard for Nomir, but he would do all to impress the creator.


Tebethia was getting tired of the hole training and her muscles were hurting. She thought it was time for a relaxing bath.


Nomir coudn‘t belive that as soon as he came to join Tebethia in training, she went away. Nomir thought of asking Palla about it.
„Yes Nomir? is ther something wrong? You look a bit upset.“
„Well it is only that…Never mind.“
„I said forget it! It‘s…all okay.“


A few minutes later Tebethia came back to the man. She set down to Palla.
„Tell me somthing about you, Palla. Where do you came from?“
„I‘m from a very far away desert. I grew up there and served my tribe as good as I could. When I turned into a young adult my mother, who was the gatherer of the tribe, sent me away to serve you, creator.“


„This sounds great. I'm happy that you came here. Tell me more about your former home.“
The two were chatting for a while and enjoyed it very much. So nobody realised that Nomir went out of the room.


Nomir was working on his wooden sculpture. He felt like they don‘t need him and that Tebethia made already her decision to breed with Palla. All what Nomir wanted in his life was to find a soulmate and at the first moment he saw Tebethia he thoutgh he had found his other half.


Tebethias stomach made a loud noise. „I guess it is time for dinner.“ „I will immediately start cooking, creator.“


Palla thought that macaroni with cheese would be ideal after the hard workout to build muscles.


Tebethia couldn‘t resit, she had to take a close look at Palla, when he was not looking. Palla was so handsome, gentle and talented.


On the one hand she already knew that he will be the one she want to produce a heir. On the other hand Tebethia wanted to give Nomir the same chance to speak with her.


Well but first it was time to eat Pallas delicious dinner.

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  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,885 Member
    I hope you enjoy my first sim-story. If you have suggestions to improve my story, just let me know. ;)
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,196 Member
    Great start! Palla is a handsome slave! :love:
  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,070 Member
    edited October 2015
    Thanks for mentioning me and my story @Marialein <3 It's very great start and your slaves are very handsome, I think my favorite will be Namir (Nomir?) and I like his name very much ;) Bookmarking your story and looking forward for the new chapters :)
  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,885 Member
    He is really called Nomir. This were the first syllabes that came to my mind while I made him. Thanks at reading @roseinblack69 and @pammiechick <3
  • Julyvee94Julyvee94 Posts: 6,693 Member
    edited October 2015
    Very promising start! Your Creator really has a unique look to her :) Also I love the compound so far :) I already want to know how it will progress over the generations

    Also thanks for saying my story inspired you *blush* Your English is very good :)
  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,885 Member
    @Julyvee94 thanks for reading. :) I hope with writing this I can improve my English for the A-level this year. Maybe you don't know what A-level is it is in German in Austria the Matura and in Germany you can compare it with the Abi. ;)
  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,885 Member
    edited November 2015
    Palla was really a good and hard working slave. After he had finished cooking, he went outside to plant some seeds and began to make a garden.
    His mother told him a lot about how to take care of plants.


    Palla also learned to mix, he thought it would be a good idea to learn as much as possible to became the master slave of tribe Naheli.


    Of course he didn‘t forgot about his other duties. He washed the dishes, repaired toilets, brouth the trash away and all the other tasks he had done since he was a child.


    When Nomir had come into the kitchen to eat, Tebethia set next to him on the couch. First she wanted to ask him the same questions as she asked Palla, but there was something in his eyes…
    „Is everything ok, Nomir?“


    ,Oh no, she knows it‘ thought Nomir in panick ,she knows that I like her!‘ but than he realized that she was looking at him at the same way as Palla when Nomir tried to ask him why Tebethia wasn‘t looking at him. ,It is the best to lie‘ Nomir decided.
    „Everything is fine it is just that I miss my old tribe. All is so new here. I should be fine after some time.“
    All in all Nomir really didn‘t tell a lie. He was really badly missing his family and friends.


    „I know how you feel, Nomir. It is also difficult for me to be away from them, but we will grow into one family you will see. Speaking of growing into a family, my request of a Shaman was answered. She will arrive tomorrow.“
    It wasn‘t the conversation Tebethia thought of, but it was a good conversation.


    Everything was so easy with Palla. With Nomir she had the feeling of knowing him for ages even though she didn't really know what is going
    on in his head. She didn‘t know if this was what she wanted. Maybe the Shaman could give her advice.


    It was already late at night when Keria arrived at her new tribe. Keria was welcomed by the young creator nearly just a girl.
    „Welcome to tribe Naheli. It is a pleasure to have you here. What is your name?“
    „My name is Keria.“
    That was all the bit strange looking girl said to Tebethia. She guessed that she was a loner like most of the Shamans she knew.


    The temple was a good place for a loner. It has enough room and nobody would disturb her. In the basement was also a bedroom and a bath. Tebethias mother always said to her that you should treat a Shaman like a princess. They are worth it.


    Keria did what she did the last…it was so long ago she couldn‘t really remember. Keria was donig some meditation and looked deep into her body, listend to her heart, felt the blood in her venes, went deeper and deeper inside of her until she can see her soul and all the other souls…
    Meditation always helped her, it helped her to survive and to handle new situations. She could just go lost.


    „Good mornig, creator. Did you sleep well?“ Palla was full of enery this morning and he was just happy to be at this tribe. In that moment Tebethia was sure that she would breed with him. She just couldn‘t resist his smile and his beautiful chocolate brown eyes which looked like they could see deep into your soul.


    „I slept well. Thank you. The eggs taste delicious, Palla. What do you think if we go to the sport hall today? You are a good training partner.“
    „It would be an honor for me.“


    The two traveled to the training hall on afternoon, after Palla full filled his duties for the day.
    The hall wasn‘t big, but it has everything to improve your skills. There is a swimming pool in front of it and some yoga mats.


    Inside is some trainig equipment, a sauna, a place to get a masage and bathrooms.


    Both enjoyed the day together. Tebethia was thinking of how she should say Palla what she felt or if she should even say something. Maybe it was the best to just say that she wants him to be her breeding slave.


    Meanwhile Nomir met Keria at the living area. „You must be Keria the new Shaman Tebethia talked about. My name is Nomir nice to meet you and let me know if there is something I can do for you.“
    „Nice to meet you too, Nomir.“ Keria said.
    In Nomirs eyes she was a bit shy. ,This could be because she is quite young‘ Nomir thought. ,On the other hand she looks very old. I haven‘t seen a Shaman yet maybe they are all like her…‘
    „Keria do you know where the creator and Palla are? I was searching for Palla because I need help with the garden.“ Nomir knew he shouldn‘t lie. He was actually looking just for Tebethia.
    „They went to the sport hall. I wonder why they didn‘t inform you. Should I help you?“ Keria knew he didn‘t say the truth she saw the plants and they didn‘t really need care of two slaves. But she would never blame him. Nomir was a nice guy and maybe it was better that his love was not returned.


    Nomir started to train after gardening. He let out his anger and focused full in training his body. Maybe it was not too late.
    After Palla and Tebethia returned, Palla started immidiately to work out again. Nomir was tired of training and he was tired to do this without anyone paying attention so he went to have a shower.


    Nomir turned around to Palla.
    „You look great! You should have joined us in the gym. You would be a good training partner for Tebethia too.“
    „Thank you, Palla that is very… nice from you but I think she likes you more as training partner
    „What are you talking…“
    In that moment Tebethia went into the room and interupted the guys.
    „Palla come with me outside I have to talk with you alone.“


    And so Nomir was left alone in the kitchen, again.

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  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,885 Member
    edited October 2015
    Useless knowledge Part 1:
    Have you realized that Palla and Nomir are looking very similar? When I created them it was for an other save. They where father (Palla) and son (Nomir) and their names were Andreas and Nathan. ;) I just changed some details.
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  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,070 Member
    @Marialein, yes I noticed it in the beginning, they can be brothers now :D Thanks for the so quick update, I'm really enjoying your story <3
  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,885 Member
    edited November 2015
    One night

    „You know what comes next, Palla, don‘t you?“ said Tebethia a bit nervous. She went through the whole conversation more than once in her head, but she still didn‘t really know what to say.
    „I‘m sorry I…“ and than Palla realized that Tebethia wanted to breed with him. He thought he would be a master slave and didn‘t even have a chance to breed with that wonderful creator. The way she looked at him, the trip to the gym, their long talks, he should really realized it sooner.


    „Is everthing alright? You didn‘t say something for a few minutes. If you really don‘t want to breed with me, I will search for an other slave, but I thought you liked me also.“
    Palla was speachless. Tebethia the strong woman that always was so confdent and so strong wanted to be with him and not only that, she likes him. It was the greatest honor a slave could get. He had the chance to produce a heir.


    „I didn‘t think you would choose me. But I‘m very glad you did. I know that I must leave this tribe after breeding with you in one or another way, but it is worth it.“


    They huged each other for a while, listening to the heart of the other. Tebethia felt Pallas strong body close to hers and she enjoyed every second and gave them a place deep inside her heart. She would never ever let those memories get lost. This time was hers. Forever.


    After they finally stoped to hug the other, Tebethia kissed Palla with passion.



    They went into the hot tub and looked deep into their eyes. For a while they talked, giggled and kissed.


    The kisses were getting stronger and stroner and then they couldn‘t resist to do more than kissing.


    „Come to me my wonderful Palla“


    They also decided to try out the breeding chamber.



    Meanwhile Keria was meditating in her little temple and she asked advise of the spirits, but tonight they were silent.


    Nomir already knew what was going on between Tebethia and Palla, so he did as much as possible to work on his skills to forget about it. Even tought he couldn‘t really. He wished that Palla was sent away as soon as possible, but he knew it could take a while until Tebethia get pregnant.


    He didn't forget Tebethia before Nomir went to bed. Nomir made Tebethia a delicious dinner, she would be sure hungry after…training so much.


    Nomir was right, at midnight Tebethia stood up and went into the kitchen. With a big smile on her face she saw the food and ate it, thinking of the last hours with her Palla.


    Unable to go asleep Tebethia went on the treadmil. She ran for some hours, but she could‘t stop her restlessness inside of her.
    Was Tebethia already pregnant? What will she do if it was true, with Palla? Should she sacrifice him or sent him away? Her mother always sacrificed them, but is that the right way?
    First Tebethia thought of asking Keria, but she didn‘t knew her well yet and didn‘t know if she really could trust her. There was something in Kerias eyes… something old and frightening like she knew too much and had seen too many crual things…


    Tebethia was not the only one who couldn‘t sleep. Also Keria was restless this night. She had nightmares about Pallas destiny and of the child Tebithia was expecting, even though Tebethia didn‘t know it yet. In her rooms was also a sauna, so she went in it to order her thoughts.


    In the morning while Nomir was cooking breakfast, Tebethia found out tha she was expecting. She was full of joy, but where light is, is also darkness.


    Tebethia rushed out of the bath and searched for Palla.
    „Palla! I‘m pregnent!“


    Palla was full of joy like Tebethia, but than he realized that now Tebethia had to decide over his future and that his first night with his dream wife would be his last night with her, whatever would come next. Even though Palla was not afraid of death, was Pallas heart beating faster than ever and he slowly got a lump in his throat.

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  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,885 Member
    Useless knowledge Part 2:
    I named the Shaman Keria after a bachelorette in harvest moon ds. Actually it was a spelling mistake in the German guidebook and she is called Keira in the game, but I liked the name with spelling mistake more. ;)
  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,070 Member
    @Marialein Keria is very nice name and it suits shaman ;) I' worried what will happen to Palla :/
  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,885 Member
    edited November 2015
    "Treat them like a princess they are worth it"

    „Do you already know what will happen to me?“ Palla asked, trying to keep his voice calm.
    „I must think a bit longer about that, but you will know it soon.“ She tried to grin, but it looked false. Tebethia was at a loss with the situation. She only could think of her mothers face when Tebethia had tried to save her best friend Ammerik.


    She decided it would be the best to think about it while training.
    Her mothers face was full of anger and she learnt her lesson about traditions the hard way. Ammerik bred with her aunt and had to die for that. Tebethia was quite young, just a teenager at that moment. She was sent to the house of punishment for around 2 days. Tebethia was hungry, tired and dirty, but they didn‘t let her rest. They took her outside and in that moment Tebethia was forced to watch her friend die. It was the most horrible thing in her life and she feared, she would have to spent more than just a few days in the house of punishment and even have to die in it like the thief that was in the neighbor cell. He died in the first night Tebethia was arrested.
    Of course the most horrible thing was to see Ammerik die, but he said to her in his last moments: „Hey little. Don‘t be sad. I will leave a peace for you. You remember my friend? He told me a lot about dying. It is all okay. It doesn‘t hurt. It is like sleeping and it is a honorable death.“
    Then Ammeriks head was sinking and Tebethia cried and shouted, but she was helpless. As she took a closer look at him Tebethia realised that he looked so peaceful in his wet grave not a bit like the thief. The thief died with lots of pain and full of shame…


    Tebethia didn‘t want to do that, but her mind was stronger than her heart. She found Palla in Kerias rooms in the basement, where he had finished fixing up a toilet. Before Tebethia or Palla could say somrthing, she kissed him and gave her all her love for him to keep him warm in the water.
    „Palla, it is very hard for me to do that, but you will be sent to the pit of death. I‘m so sorry, but…“
    „It is ok, my love. I know the rules and traditions. I only wish that we would have more time together.“ Now that Pallas destiny was decided, he didn‘t feel any fear. The only fear Palla had, was not knowing what would happen to him.
    „I love you my wonderful creator and it was an honor to serve you.“


    Palla was brought to the pit of death for the sacrifice ceremony. Nomir tried to smile. He wanted to make it as easy as possible for Palla. Inside of Nomir, he cried. He hated himself for the thoughts of getting rid of Palla. He really liked him. He couldn‘t belive that Tabethia would really kill him. And again he thought it would be better if he would have been Tebethias lover. Nomir could handle to die, but not to see somebody leaving the mortal world.
    Tebethia was standing at Pallas side for some hours until Palla sent her away because he didn‘t want that she saw him dying.


    As always when Nomir had to deal with difficult feeling inside of him, he worked and worked and worked until his hands were full of his blood. He decided to take care of the garden they soon need somebody that could…,No! Palla could never be replaced!‘ Nomir warned himself. Nomir really had to work more to forget those terrible thoughts.


    Meanwhile was Keria praying for a painless death and she asked her spirits and her ancestors for advice. She saw them in her innereye and talked to them in silence. She listend to their whispers and felt the cold air of the old souls on her naked arms.


    Surrounded by the old souls she finally knew how to help Palla, even though it was just a bit help.


    Swimming in the pit Palla remember an old song. His mother always sang so he could sleep well.

    –The sun reached her highest place and traveled to the horzion.
    Then the moon came and bring with him the orion.
    The moon he protects the sun, so she can sleep and dream from you.
    And you my child are protected from the moon too.
    Good night and don‘t be fright…–

    It was so long ago, he was just a baby. Palla even didn‘t know that he could remember this moment. His heart was full of joy and his cold body got warm again. He was tired and with the good night song in his ear he knew it wouldn‘t have to stay too long on this earth and that his parents were waiting on the other side.


    The thought of Palla swimming in the pit of death full of pain and fear, Tebethia diquet her. She felt sick and couldn‘t eat something, even though she was very hungry because of the pregnancy.


    „Keria?“ Tebethia just cought up her outside.
    „Yes my creator?“
    „Does Palla have any pain?“
    „No, Tebethia. I sent him a long forgotten memory of his childhood and take away all his pain. He will soon sleep and he will not have to suffer any longer. I know that he sent you away, but maybe you only belive me that he is painless, when you speak with him.“
    Tebethia couldn‘t belive what Keria did for her and for Palla. She was just one step away from hugging her for that, but she just thanked Keria and rushed to the pit.


    „Palla!… “she starred at him ,Did I made the right desicion?‘
    „Everything is fine, my dear Tebethia. I don‘t feel any pain and I‘m going with the thoughts of my wonderful mother, my Tebethia and my unborn child. I will die with a smile on my face. But please I don‘t want you to see me die.“
    „I don‘t let you die alone!“
    „I‘m not alone my parents are here and my ancestors, but I knew this is not enough for you. If you really don‘t want me to die alone sent Keria to me.“
    Tebethia turned around and whisperd that she loves him. It was just loud enough to be sure that Palla hears her. Then she rushed inside and sent Keria to him.


    Palla saw Keria coming, but his thoughts where at Tebethias last words. She really loved him and he will love her until the end of time. As Keria reached Palla she was first saying nothing, but in Pallas heart was peace and his mind forgot all the painful moments. Then she started to sing the good night song and his eyelids were getting heavier and heavier…


    Soon Palla felt aslepp and dreamt of his first and last night with his beloved creator.
    Keria was so sad about Pallas death. She helped him as good as possible, but she saw too many die. Everytime she felt better someone died that meant something to her. She cried inside of her and bend respectfully her head for the soul that left this world.


    The reaper came to Keria and greeted her like an old friend.

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  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,070 Member
    Oh, how it's sad :'( But it was very beautiful chapter... <3 I hope that Thebetia will have a little cute girl and she'll be happy remembering her beloved slave.
    (here is a question about Akecheta and Alo - would you like to see Akecheta already young adult in your game? If yes, then I'll have to learn his 3rd trait and learn all Alo's traits using traits generator. I think it shouldn't to be a problem to change Akecheta's age to young adult in CAS, so I'll download both boys tommorow ;) But here are some cc as Akecheta's hair, but I'll try to remember where I got them ;) )
  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,885 Member
    Useless knowlege part 3:
    Have you seen how thin Keria is? Yes I made her slim, but she stayed sometimes around 2 days in her temple doing meditation without eating sleeping or going to the toilet. She only need something when I quit the action. I really tried to put on her more weight and literally fed her with cake everytime she was hungry, but it seems like she is just a Soletti. (German snack maybe it is also in other countries but i don't know)
  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,885 Member
    @roseinblack69 I nevermind of the age and don't worry at the hairstyle I don't use cc or mods. It would be good if you give them a no cc style too so they are really from you. ;)
  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,885 Member
    Useless Knowlege part 4:
    Ok maybe I should name this information useless for the story, but mabe interesting for you, whatever. Did you realized that I have no house of punishment. It was only logic for me that Tebethia don't like them, but in real I totally forget to built one :D
  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,197 Member
    @Marialein - I love your take on the challenge! I'm looking forward to your next update
    Simming since 2001!! Origin ID: KamioMax

  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,070 Member
    Marialein wrote: »
    @roseinblack69 I nevermind of the age and don't worry at the hairstyle I don't use cc or mods. It would be good if you give them a no cc style too so they are really from you. ;)

    @Marialein you'll can choose hairstyle for Akecheta yourself, clothing is also not important, you'll can dress him as you wish ;)
  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,885 Member
    edited October 2015
    Thanks for reading @Kamio <3 and @Julyvee94 yes it made me sad too while I wrote it :'( and I wanted to make it as easy as possible for Tebethia. @roseinblack69 thanks I will try to give them the most similar hair as possible. As soon as I am at home I will upload Palla, Nomir and Tebethia to the gallery so Palla may find a home at an other story :)
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  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,070 Member
    @Marialein I'll take them to my home, my sims will be happy having them around ;)
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