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Passing on the Winter, Male 100 baby challenge Newcreast

AkiraAnubiseAkiraAnubise Posts: 240 Member
Well i decided on doing a 100 baby challenge. Every rule is still the same only difference is i am using a male, meaning the heir will also be male, and i will not keep the babies babies, because to me their annoying. The only pack i have is Spooky pack (saving for get together) so there will be no aliens. As i don't do youtube, and have no blog (don't want one), so i decided to post results here for other simmers to see :) Also i could be a good way to see genetics from different fathers and see who the child takes after. :) I will also help me keep track of the babies daddy XD

Stuff i am using
Custom Traits
Aren's same sex pregancy mod (works well with base game only, will glitch if you have get to work) So if you have get to work there are two other same sex mods that work for it.
Noel winter

Noel is a twenty four year old pretty boy. At a young age everyone always said he was a beautiful child. He had hair a white as snow, eyes the color of metal, and soft skin pale in color. So now after living the single life, his parents wanted him to pass on his genes, after all the Winter family is known for their beauty, but only problem is he is a power bottom, and love men. So his parents talked to a hidden fairy, and after bribing the fairy, it spelled the boy to have offspring like any female. The deal was for him to fill the town of Newcreast with his genetics, with the townies from the other three world.Sealing the deal the parents kicked him out the house in Oasis Spring and told him to get working on the grandchildren. So settling in his new house, he set out to find his first baby daddy.

natural cook
master crafter

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    AkiraAnubiseAkiraAnubise Posts: 240 Member
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    First Child
    She seems to get a mix of both parents.
    Lilit Winter

    Her dad
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