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Funny Sims 3 screenshots



  • VexingQueryVexingQuery Posts: 2,155 Member
    Her "It's ALIIIIIIIVE" face..

  • ThriorThrior Posts: 47 Member
    edited April 15
    I just browsed through my older pics and was amused by my Homeless challenge shenanigans. I like to do this challenge over and over again cuz I'm pretty bored of the whole "fame and fortune" promoting gameplay.
    So here's one instance of Hobos driving their unfortunate neighbor crazy.

    Iris: "Sorry I broke your sink lol!"
    Elliot: "Ugh fine, just go take a shower plz."

    Elliot: "Why u do this????"

    Elliot: "Throw up on my boots, eh? Awesome. Just awesome."

    And then he took out his frustrations on Iris' mother because why not.

    Harper: "WHAT DID I DOOOOO?"
    To be honest, she started it.
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