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Challe's Thank Yous!

Alright, so, it goes like this, right?

Thank you @23kels89 for the hair! I love it and was finally able to download it after updating my game.
Thank you to whoever else gave me "Flutterby", "Dancer Skirt", "Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes", "Swell Sweatshirt", and "Dainty Dress and Jacket". I suspect they were from @Cogitoro from the sims caption contest, but if you sent me any of those I would gladly put you up there!

Well, now I've got to do something with everything now that I updated my game... COME HERE CAS!
tumblr_mpzc14UJGz1sa1o6mo1_500.gif {Song of the month!} "I'll be needing stitches!" {Check out my wall for more info!}
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