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The Mansion on Horrid Hill--A Male Prettacy 5/24


  • nessanewbynessanewby Posts: 241 Member
    I love it! Then I can't wait to see the *other* sisters! They must be utterly HIDEOUS! >:) LOL Love this story! Thank you Pammie for keeping us all so entertained! I eagerly await the next chapter! <3
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,232 Member
    edited November 2015
    Chapter 1.6

    After what seemed like only two seconds to Harry, Spirit walked in, obstructing his wonderful view of Bonnie.

    “Would ye lassies like a drink? I’m not a bad bartender if I do say so meself,” Harry offered, trying to peek around Spirit’s body.

    Twisting her head to the side to see Harry, Bonnie said, “I’d love one. How about a Simsmopolatin with a splash of strawberry?”


    “I’ll have one, too, Lord Horrid,” Spirit chimed in, finally sitting down.

    “Coming right up,” Harry said, twirling the bottles high in the air up over his head and catching them behind his back all the while filling the shaker.

    When he finished, he gave Bonnie a drink and she asked, “How did you learn such skill, Lord Horrid? That was quite a show.”


    “Me da taught me.” He shrugged. “It’s an old gnomish trick ye see. Gnomes love to juggle.” Talking about his father gave him a little pang of homesickness, but he immediately put it out of his mind. He was still very angry with him.

    “Impressive,” Spirit purred, eyes flashing. “I know what I’d like to juggle. Lord Horrid. Why are you teasing us so? You need to make your choice. I say you do it tonight! A date! What say you?”


    Harry’s nerves bristled. He’d love to ask Bonnie out on a date but not in front of Spirit. She wouldn’t let him even get one sentence in without some sort of inappropriate innuendo.

    Thinking quickly, he said in his most charming voice, “Och, aiy, lassie. That’s a high simoleon idea, that is. Why dinna ye go on and get the other lassies and let them know I will make a decision in about thirty minutes. But don’t come back until then. Ye kin?”


    She squealed and said, eyes wide, “Oh, I hope it’s me! I will be back, you handsome man you!” Flapping her tiny eyelashes at him, she raced out the double doors.

    Harry sighed at finally being alone with this beautiful woman that made his insides fuzzy.

    Bonnie looked away then back at Harry. “I guess it’s not me if you wanted her to bring everyone here. Listen, Lord Horrid, I know I’m ugly, and that’s very understandable. I’m used to rejection.” She chuckled, hesitantly. “So, who are you going to choose? Spirit is gorgeous and fun. I love her. And then there’s the Eater sisters. Have you met them? Plum and Pumpkin? And then there’s...”


    “Shh...lass,” Harry said, gently, taking her hands in his. “I dinna like any of those ladies. Oh all are very bonny indeed.” He had to swallow at that. It was always hard for Harry to lie. “But...none of them compare to you.” Peering into her eyes, he asked, “Would ye give me the honor of a date? Maybe tomorrow night?”


    A wide smile swished over her face, lighting it up. She let out a breath and said, “Goodness. I’m so shocked, I don’t know what to say!”


    Harry leaned in and whispered, “How about an aiy?”


    “Aiy?” she asked. “Oh, that means yes...well, then...YES!” She fidgeted with her drink. “But first you must meet my eldest brother. We are not allowed to go out even with the most famous man in town without his approval. But don’t worry. He will like you, Lord Horrid. It’s just a formality.” She gave him a worried look. “That won’t make you change your mind, will it?”


    Harry put his hand on his hip. “Och, I dinna know. Such a pain that will be, eh? Meeting the brother and all.”


    Looking at her face, he could tell she didn’t understand his joke.


    “I’m kidding, lass,” Harry smiled. “Of course, I’d love nothing more than to meet anyone ye’ll give me the pleasure to meet. I’ll be over at 7. Is that fine with ye?”

    She nodded, still looking shocked and he kissed her hand.

    When she left, Harry felt like he was floating on a cloud, dazed at how beautiful and perfect she was for him. He could tell there was an instant connection to her in this brief meeting. He couldn’t wait for the next night!


    He told Lionel to dismiss all his guests. He was not about to endure their whining about his choice.

    Retiring to his chambers, Harry melted underneath the covers. This was the first time in a long while that he didn’t think about Shem.


  • Maladi777Maladi777 Posts: 4,393 Member
    Oh, I was hoping there would be an update today. I can't wait to see more of this troll community. All the characters are so interesting and funny. I just want to read more and more about them!
    Glad that Harry found a courage to ask Bonnie out. Something tells me the meeting with her brother will not go smoothly. I hope I'm wrong.
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  • Julyvee94Julyvee94 Posts: 6,694 Member
    YAY! I love Bonnie she is so cute :) I hope their date will be wonderful
  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    Bonnie is so cute! She looks like princess Fiona from Shrek :D
  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,070 Member
    Yay! I'm happy for Harry and Bonnie!<3 :) It's hard to say how Bonnie's brother will react to their date, but I think everything will be ok ;) Looking forward to read new chapter <3
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,232 Member
    @ThePlumbob Yes, actually, I downloaded a Fiona sim for this. That's her! ;) Good eye!

    @Maladi777 @roseinblack69 @Julyvee94 I'm writing the next one today, but it won't be up until tomorrow, so you won't have to wait long! Thank you for reading! This has been such a fun story to do. <3
  • CathyTeaCathyTea Posts: 23,059 Member
    It's not easy being green a heart-breaker!
    Cathy Tea's SimLit Anthology

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  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,232 Member
    @CathyTea wrote: »
    It's not easy being green a heart-breaker!

    ROTFL!!! :lol: I know...his dream come true. Right?
  • Maladi777Maladi777 Posts: 4,393 Member
    @ThePlumbob Yes, actually, I downloaded a Fiona sim for this. That's her! ;) Good eye!

    Aha! I thought there was something familiar about her.

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  • sabreenesabreene Posts: 1,152 Member
    I thought that looked like Fiona! How funny and perfect. Can't wait to see what happens meeting the brother!
  • IchigoUsagiIchigoUsagi Posts: 822 Member
    I can't wait to see what the brother looks like! I wonder if he'll look normal or handsome, or if he'll be the troll definition of handsome. :)
  • anaitapevaanaitapeva Posts: 917 Member
    Harry is a smart lad! xD Good luck to him and Bonnie :smiley:
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,232 Member
    edited November 2015
    Chapter 1.7

    Working from Lionel’s instructions and a map, Harry found the Baron’s castle. It towered above him ominously—about twice the size of his estate.


    He worried the brother would not like him. Glancing at his watch, he was about thirty minutes early. He hoped that wouldn’t be a problem. Gazing up to the highest tower of the castle, excitement flooded Harry. He couldn’t wait to see Bonnie.


    Swallowing down the mixture of feelings smashing through him, he ventured up the walk to the entrance.


    When the door opened, he saw Bonnie dressed in nothing but a towel. “Me lady,” Harry said, bowing.

    She covered her mouth, eyes glowing like the moon. “Lord Horrid! You’re early. I thought it was the maid who’d forgotten her key!”


    “Och, I’m very sorry, Lady Belle. Please forgive me plum head fer being so early.”

    She covered her face in embarrassment.

    “If it’s any help, I think the attire goes with yer bonny skin, I do.”


    Then he couldn’t help himself but laugh at the situation. “Do ye have another towel? We could go out as a matching set!”


    She started to giggle which rose into a full belly laugh.


    Once she recovered, she said, “I’ll have to check with the head maid, sir. But all kidding aside, why don’t you go into the parlor where my brother, Ding, is and I’ll join you later with something a little more....appropriate. I’d rather match what you’re wearing, if you don’t mind.” She winked at him, which warmed his heart.

    Harry walked into a large receiving room with huge windows and black furnishings. This castle made his own look like the sun’s house. He’d never been to a place so dark. Violet candles flickered eerily around him.

    Suddenly, a man strode into the room with a stern look on his face. Must be the brother, Harry surmised. He was nearly as pretty as his sister except you could tell they probably had a different mother. That was the troll way after all.


    But instead of being all glum with severe stares as Harry expected, the brother put out his hand, shaking it, greeting him, heartily, “Welcome, welcome, Lord Horrid to our humble abode. I am Lord Belle, the Baron’s son. Sorry that my father cannot come to greet you. He is indisposed at the moment. Has a horrible case of the gas and giggles. Quite annoying actually. Oh, please don’t get up, I will sit with you. So, you favor my sister, Bonnie, do you? You do have the eye. She IS the prettiest of all my sisters, I must confess. Now don’t let Ringie hear about that. She thinks she’s the prettiest, but then the Horrids never cared about such things did they? No. But your mother was by far quite a pretty lady, if you don’t mind me saying so and your father, well, he cut a handsome figure which you benefited from immensely.”


    He leaned in and whispered, “My sister is flabbergasted you chose her and is hoping it’s not just because of the agreement my father made with yours about the betrothal. You do realize that was just made over drinks at our bar, nothing binding, old chap.” He laughed and was about to keep chattering away like a squirrel taunting a dog, but Harry interjected.

    “Och no, Lord Belle. I am very attracted to yer sister. I dinna care about no betrothal. In fact, me house was about to explode with Wests and Eaters and Massacres and Thieves and well, lets just say I had me a barrel full of ladies last night.”

    With that, Lord Belle howled, doubling over with laughter. “Goodness I’m surprised you survived that onslaught, Lord Horrid. What I wouldn’t give to have been a picture on the wall of your parlor. Jolly good fun, that would have been. Well, I like you even more knowing how you must have danced your way around all the claws without even a scratch!”

    Harry lifted his arms, “Och, I dinna know, Lord Belle. Me thinks I may have a few scratches here and there. The trick is to own a cat.”

    Lord Belle widened his eyes in confusion. “Ahhh, quite so.”


    Harry didn’t care that Lord Belle didn’t understand his joke, but he smiled inwardly at it. He was getting a little attached to the imaginary creature already and figured he should put Lionel on the task on getting one, if only for the fact they might come in handy from time to time.

    At that moment, Bonnie walked up to them. “What are you two chatting about? Looks very conspiratorial.” She raised an eyebrow. “I hope you’re not gossiping.”

    Harry's heart raced at the sight. Her beauty ensnared him like thief's pouch.


    “Sister!” Lord Belle moaned, horrified. “You cut me to the quick. I would never do such a despicable thing. Especially when there were so many lovely ladies at the Horrid mansion last night.” He covered his mouth in order to stifle a laugh.

    “I agree,” Harry said, as if he and Lord Belle were already good friends. “Gossip isn’t in me to do, lass. We were just discussing the finer points of owning a good cat.”


    “Quite right,” Lord Belle said, nudging Harry that he was in on whatever he was up to. And then he rose to his feet and said, “It’s getting a little tight in here and so, if you don’t mind, I will leave you two love birds to your nest. I have a book that’s been calling my name ever since last July.”

    Harry jumped from his seat and asked, “Aiy, lass, would ye give me the honor of taking a spin round the gardens outside. It’s a bonny of a night.”


    Quickly, Lord Belle turned to Harry and bowed. “It’s been a pleasure.” Nodding to Bonnie, he said, “Don’t keep the boy up too late. He’s in recovery from the night before, no doubt!” And then he laughed all the way down the hall and out the parlor door.

    For hours, Bonnie chatted with Harry about her home life, how she grew up with her sisters, she being the shyest of them all, but how she loved them. Tolly was her favorite sister as she was the most fun and they had the most in common since they liked to garden and study herbalism. Ringie was the most talented—she played every instrument masterfully. Blue the most athletic. And Cow was the youngest, being babied by her father and behind her hand, she confessed she was quite the brat. Bonnie wanted Harry to meet them all, but Harry was very hesitant on that since he was, after all, betrothed to all of them and he really wished to concentrate on her.


    As they walked by the family graveyard, Bonnie said, “Oh, look, Harry, that’s my grandfather’s grave marker with his likeness staring down at us. I used to be so scared that he’d pop out at any moment and chase us down. Doesn’t he look frightful?”

    Harry looked at the man’s face. It did indeed look scary, but he didn’t want to show that to Bonnie, so instead, he used that moment to do what he’d wanted to do all night. He grasped Bonnie by the arms and said, “Och, lass, are ye askeered? Let me hold ye and make ye feel better.”


    She melted under his touch, her body soft and warm. He held her for a while and then all at once, under the winking stars, he kissed her, not caring about the scowling figure watching above.


    The kiss deepened and Harry forgot all about his troubles, just enjoying himself with Bonnie, wishing for the moment that time would stop and in all the world it would just be the two of them and no one else.


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  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,070 Member
    I liked Bonnie's brother very much, he is cute and was very nice with Harry <3 And finally Harry is happy and I am happy together with him :) And this Baron's mansion... I always melt in satisfaction and joy, when I read this story <3 Now I'll be waiting for your new chapter @pammiechik :)
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,232 Member
    @roseinblack69 Yes, Harry is very happy...for now! >:) I'm glad you like Ding, her brother. I forgot to mention his name! LOL! I'll correct that! ;)
  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,070 Member
    @roseinblack69 Yes, Harry is very happy...for now! >:) I'm glad you like Ding, her brother. I forgot to mention his name! LOL! I'll correct that! ;)

    Ding? LOL! :D What a funny name! :D But it suits him ;)
  • Maladi777Maladi777 Posts: 4,393 Member
    The Belles seem to be a very nice family. Their castle is quite impressive. I can't wait to see the rest of the family.
    I'm always looking forward to your updates. Your story is so delightful.
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  • SeaDragonSongSeaDragonSong Posts: 2,324 Member
    Just read through all of it, and I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter :D
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  • Julyvee94Julyvee94 Posts: 6,694 Member
    Bonnie is Very bonny indeed :D nice chapter! I had hoped the brother would be nice
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,232 Member
    @Maladi777 The castle is amazing. So glad I found it. Hoping to show more of it in later posts. There are several castles I'll be using, too, for other characters. So glad you like the story! :smiley:

    @SeaDragonSong WELCOME! And thank you so much for reading. :) So glad you liked it! Always love to see new readers. <3

    @Julyvee94 I liked to hear how some thought he might be mean and that's very understandable given that most trolls are mean at heart, but the Belles are a little different...if you haven't already guessed! ;)
  • sabreenesabreene Posts: 1,152 Member
    Her brother is so cute! And that castle is amazing. I'm so curious as to what all the sisters look like now. But I can be patient. I'm really loving watching his relationship with Bonny unfold.
  • nessanewbynessanewby Posts: 241 Member
    That brother is adorable! I think I would date him.... if he weren't green.... LOL <3
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,232 Member
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    Chapter 1.8

    Every day that week, Harry spent time with Bonnie, taking her to the park, having Lionel serve her dinner, and he showed her how to fish. Meeting all her sisters when he was invited to dinner one night, he decided right then that Bonnie was the most beautiful as the trolls had said. Inside and out.

    So, on the last day before his uncle’s visit, he invited her to Blood and Velvet bar—the one he was supposed to stop by earlier but couldn’t find. Lionel assured him it was a wonderful establishment that would set just the right mood for romance.

    As he entered, he surveyed the place, hoping to see Bonnie’s pretty face.


    Walking up to her, she said, “Isn’t this lovely, Harry? I’ve never been here. Would you like to sit down and have a drink?”


    When he looked into her eyes, he couldn’t wait any longer and blurted, “Me lovely want to ask ye something.”


    She met his eyes, turning somewhat serious and said, “Yes, Harry. What is it?”


    “Er...let me to put this.” He scratched his chin in thought then just muddled on anyway because there was no way to explain delicately. He could only hope she’d say yes to him. “Ye see, me family has a few conditions they put on its heir and, I’m not quite sure I see eye to eye with it all, but I’d love for ye to be with me, Bonnie, for as long as ye like or ye can stand me, which ever comes first.”


    She put her hand on her hip and said, glaring, “Harry Horrid? Are you propositioning me?”


    Heart falling, he backpedaled, “Er...well, it isna a proposition, more like fer the love of the Maker. Bonnie, I’m in love with ye and if ye’ll do me the honor of being me girl, ye’d make me the happiest troll in the land.”


    Smiling, eyes glistening with tears, she squeezed his hand. “I was wondering what was taking you so long to ask. Of course, I’d love to be yours. As long as you’re mine.”


    Harry wished to kiss his love right there in the pub, but really wanted privacy. He stroked her cheek and whispered, “Let’s go home then.”

    But he didn’t see someone else who was spying on them.


    The two lovebirds wasted no time in retreating to Harry’s bedroom. He had her wait on the couch as he freshened up.


    “Looks like your room could use a woman’s touch, Harry. It’s”


    Instantly, Harry pounced on her, tickling her sides. “What was that, woman? Ye dinna like me decorations?”


    “Ahaha...stop it, Harry! STOP! Ohhh...okay, I give up...”

    “What? Ye going back on what ye said then? Ye like it here?” He tickled her some more.




    Harry folded her in his arms and whispered, “Oh me lady love, ye can do anything ye heart’s desire to any part of this home. It is yours.”


    He gazed into her eyes, so full of happiness he thought he’d burst. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have this wonderful treasure of a woman.


    They peered into one another as their souls connected, binding them forever. Harry never wished to be with another woman, contract be plummed. And he knew she felt the same although it wasn’t the troll way. Maybe they would forge a new tradition among the trolls. It would be worth a try.


    Later, they moved to the bed and sealed their love.


  • AlleenmensAlleenmens Posts: 18,640 Member
    Aww... <3
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