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  • CathyTeaCathyTea Posts: 23,069 Member
    Ooooh! I love this so much! Put a big smile on my face! :smiley:
    Cathy Tea's SimLit Anthology

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  • Sara74469Sara74469 Posts: 513 Member
    Sooo Cute!
  • FloorRaisinFloorRaisin Posts: 1,340 Member
    Ahh! That was great! Farkas is kinda cute, too - I see why Mrs. Plumbobbet didn't want to let him go. Heehee :wink:
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  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,257 Member
    edited September 2015
    Thank you @cathytea and @sara74469 ! There was going to be more to the chapter but my internet went out while I was writing. More tomorrow! ;)

    @FloorRaisin LOL! I know, right? He was created by one of my friends here who is also a GREAT builder @mommataurus2 . When I saw him, I KNEW who he was going to be in my story! <3 A perfect gnome (even though in her mind he originally was a gnome collector and evil, but I changed that. Ha!)
  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,070 Member
    edited September 2015
    What a lovely story! <3 I can't wait when I'll can read more ;) I also had problems with internet connection before the midnight (it had to be a morning for you @pammiechick :) )
  • sabreenesabreene Posts: 1,152 Member
    I already love this story so much! You had me pretty much at the first sentence. It reminds me of the beginning of one of those fun fantasy novels. I have to agree too - Farkas is adorable! Such a perfect gnome.
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,257 Member
    edited October 2015
    Chapter 2

    When Harry arrived at school, he didn’t spy Lacey Collector lurking anywhere. It was just as well because he was looking forward to seeing another girl. A nice girl by the name of Shembulock Gnome. Her family founded Gnome Creek and she is a part of what is called a legacy. The Gnome family makes up about half of all gnomes in the land. Harry thought she was the most beautiful creature the Maker ever created.


    So, Harry drew a picture of a flower just for her.


    The bell rang and it was time for Harry to go to potions lab where he would indeed see Lacey along with his best friends, Flirch Collector and Carson Gnome (Shem’s brother). When he opened the door, he noticed everyone stopped talking. His ears burned. Most like they were talking about him. But he couldn’t understand why.


    Lacey and Shem were staring at Carson. But Harry ignored them and started his alchemy.

    “I’m telling ye, Lacey, I saw him,” Carson exclaimed, waving his arms. “A hulking giant with green skin, orange hair, and beady little eyes. I was so afraid, I hid in the broom closet. Later, me ma told me it was a troll! No troll has ever visited Gnome Creek. She said he was lost, trying to get back to Midnight Moor which is miles from here.”

    Lacey laughed. “Sounds like Harry’s father. I bet Harry is a troll!”

    Harry’s insides twisted. I am not, he wanted to shout. I’m a fairy. But he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

    And then he heard Shem giggling. “I expect you’re right.”


    Not able to take it any longer, Harry raced out of the room, down the stairs, and out the door. He didn’t care if he got in trouble. He was tired of people calling him names. Even his best friend didn’t defend him to Lacey. And Shem....just thinking about her laughing at him took five inches off his height.


    Harry walked and walked and didn’t stop, just muttering to himself that he wasn’t an ugly mean old troll. He’d heard about trolls from his teacher, Miss Flamingo. They were the cruelest, most selfish creatures and everyone avoided their village for fear they’d snatch you up and serve you for dinner. That Lacey Collector was the worst person on earth. SHE was the troll, not Harry.


    On and on Harry plodded until his feet ached and his heart hurt. No one would notice me gone, Harry thought. No one likes me. Even my friends don’t care about me.


    Finally, when Harry couldn’t take another step, he sat down on a carved out log. Glancing around, Harry’s stomach jolted. He had no idea where he was or how he was ever going to get back home. The trees were taller. The sky was clearer. This was not Gnome Creek.

    Harry was lost!


    Jumping up, he started to leave when he spied a very pretty lady with sparkly wings coming toward him. Was she a fairy? he wondered. It didn’t matter. He needed to find his way back before sunset when the wicked creatures came out of hiding.


    “Miss, do ye know of the way to Gnome Creek? I seem to have lost me way a bit.”

    She bent down to peer into his face. “I’m so sorry. I’ve never been there. But if you wait, I might be able to help you find your way. Do you live there?”


    “Aiy, Miss,” Harry said. “I went for a wee walk and never looked up until now. I’ve no idea how I stumbled onto this place. Where am I?”


    The fairy raised her hands. “You’re in Granite Falls.”


    “The home of the fairies?” Harry’s eyes grew as large as the moon.

    She giggled. “Yes. My name is Red Rose. I’m a fairy. See my wings?”

    Harry never noticed them until now. And while he was looking at her, he’d never seen such a beautiful creature in all his life. “You’re pretty,” he said, mesmerized. But then his face warmed. What a plum for saying such an embarrassing thing!


    She smiled. “Thank you! Listen, you can stay here until I find someone who might be able to help you. This is my house.”


    Harry looked down. He needed to get home. If he waited any longer, it would be dark soon.

    “What’s wrong?” the fairy asked.

    “It’s just that I think me da will worry.”

    The fairy eyed him suspiciously. “Is that all? I can tell something else is bothering you.”

    And then like an exploding plum pudding, Harry told her all that had happened to him from the names Lacey called him the day before to her accusing him of being a troll. “But I’m not a troll. Am I?”


    The fairy comforted Harry, squeezing his arms in a friendly way and whispering, “What you are doesn’t matter. What you will become does. Harry Horrid, you will become the most liked person in all the land. Ladies will flock to you and men will become your best friend. You will be the richest person in the world in what counts the most.”


    Harry looked up, gazing at the marvelous fairy. “H-How did you know my name?”

    She giggled. “It’s written on your shirt pocket, silly.”

    He gazed at his pocket and grinned. His da always put his name on his clothes since he’d invariably leave them at his friend’s house when he spent the night.


    A warm feeling dripped through him like warm apple cider. Something had changed but he didn’t know what. Blinking, he looked at the fairy, words escaping him.

    “Come,” she said, taking him by the hand. “I want to introduce you to someone.”

    In her backyard, he saw a huge rabbit, smiling.

    “This is Mr. Nibbles.”

    Instantly, Harry gave him a hug. He already liked the fairy’s backyard. It was a wonderment for all children.


    “Are you hungry?” she asked.

    At that moment, Harry’s stomach which had felt full earlier was as empty as Lacey Collector’s head. “Famished!”


    With a wave of her hand, dishes of food appeared on the table—chocolate cookies, roast chicken, French fries, and a few dishes Harry had never seen before.


    “Whoa,” he exclaimed, promptly taking a plate full of cookies. He half expected her to scold him for his unhealthy choices but the fairy only grinned at him.

    “So, you live with the gnomes at Gnome Creek,” the fairy said. “And your dad’s name is?”

    Swallowing the most delicious cookie he’s ever tasted, he explained, “Farkus Gibsplitter. He’s a lawyer.” Harry crunched on yet another cookie, feeling quite full.

    “And your mother?”

    Harry’s face fell. “I don’t have one. Me real parents left me on my da’s doorstep when I was but a wee babe.”

    “That explains it,” Red Rose whispered. She grinned at him. “Well, I’ve a few things to do but I’ll be working on getting you back home. In the meantime, use anything in the backyard you want and you can come inside. The house is yours. Hopefully, I’ll have you back home by morning!”


    Before Harry had time to answer, the fairy vanished.

    Shrugging, because Harry had no idea about fairy manners and how she didn’t say good bye to him properly, the boy decided not to worry and happily munched even more cookies.

    As it grew dark, Harry’s mouth gaped. Glowing magical creatures flitted around the air. At first it scared Harry, but then he got used to them. They were like giant firefly orbs flitting this way and that. He spied a fishing pole and decided to make himself useful. He’d bring home some fish for his da to make up for getting himself lost.


    He fished for several hours.


    And then grew tired of that, so he got another bit of supper with meat and potatoes this time instead of cookies. If he had a ma, she’d sure get after him for eating dessert before supper.

    A hoot spooked Harry as the magical orbs spun around him. He didn’t like being in the fairy backyard at night. Who knew what lurked around the dark trees!


    Wiping his face, he decided to climb into the treehouse and inspect what was above him (hopefully, nothing sinister lived in this fairy grove.)

    So, he scampered up the steps to a glowing room.


    When he reached the bed, he felt as if it were pulling him along as a magnet pulls a nail. Before he realized what was happening, he snuggled under the covers and fell fast asleep.


    In the morning, Harry woke up with a start. He was magically back in his bedroom with the tiny bed and the candles.

    But Harry knew the fairy was real. It wasn’t a dream. Something wonderful happened to him, even though he had no idea what it was.

  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,070 Member
    Oh what a great chapter! <3 Everything really looks so magic and beautiful in your story, even I would like to be there :) Poor Harry, I feel so sorry for him. Well, kids can be very cruel, it's a fact :( But I hope that fairy will help Harry and maybe he'll have one real friend ;)
  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    Ack, I can't even... this is too cute! Harry is the most adorable globstroppet indeed! I want to yell at all the kids that are mean to him. He's precious.
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,257 Member
    Thanks, @theplumbob and @roseinblack69 --he's such a fun character to write and play. Thanks for reading! <3 More soon!
  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,070 Member
    Oh, I believe it, @pammiechick :) Harry is very cute boy <3
  • mommataurus2mommataurus2 Posts: 1,845 Member
    WOOHOO! I See my Gnome Collector! Awesome! Great story too! I love it so far!

    Check out my showcase.Come Check Out My New Sims Blog!

    Big shout out to @Cbear13 the amazingly talented and ever wonderful creator of my siggie!

  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,257 Member
    WOOHOO! I See my Gnome Collector! Awesome! Great story too! I love it so far!

    It wouldn't be the same story without him! <3
  • sabreenesabreene Posts: 1,152 Member
    Wow, not only do I love the story -- but the backgrounds are amazing! That fairy lot when he was fishing at night -- gorgeous!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,257 Member
    sabreene wrote: »
    Wow, not only do I love the story -- but the backgrounds are amazing! That fairy lot when he was fishing at night -- gorgeous!

    Thank you! I made that lot for a contest and was happy to be able to use it!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,257 Member
    edited October 2015
    Chapter 3

    After that wonderful night, Harry told his friends, Flirch and Carson about the fairy.

    “Go on, Harry,” Carson said. “Ye expect me to believe in fairies? What should we call ye now? Mother Goose?”

    Flirch laughed, too.

    But this didn’t upset Harry at all. His luck was changing. He could feel it. And with the Ace of Spades that was in his hand, he knew the fairy had cast some sort of powerful lucky spell on him. “Ye don’t have to believe it for it to be true, me friend.” And he threw down his ace, taking all his friends’ cards and their money.


    Several weeks passed and it was time for Harry to turn into a teen. Finally, he could go to high school. His father threw a big party for him at the Smuggler’s Cove.


    All the kids in school showed up at his party. Harry couldn’t believe it! Even snotty Lacey Collector and her dirt bag of a friend, Freddy Plumbobbitt. He hoped they wouldn’t ruin his fun.


    His dad entered the dance room and announced, “The hour for Harry’s changing is upon us. Free cake for all laddies and lasses.”

    The kids squealed at this.


    Baker Button lit the candles and it was time for Harry to blow them out.


    First, Harry made a wish to himself. “I wish Shem would fall in love with me...” and then he added for good measure, “And I hope me nose won’t be too long.”


    With that he blew with all his might.

    Whipping around in a tornado of sparkles, Harry turned into a teen.


    He got the romantic trait along with being a goofball and a good boy.


    After all that hard work of growing, Harry skipped the cake and ate eggs and toast. He needed protein! Luckily, his wish came true. His nose wasn’t quite as long as he feared.


    Since all of his friends were little kids, they decided to play on the playground outside, leaving Harry to feel a bit left out. So he played a quick game of chess with Professor Steamdrop—the master of astrology in his new school.

    Unfortunately, the professor was a big cheat.


    Harry hoped his friends would age up soon.


    Before Harry knew it, he’d attended high school for months happily enjoying all his classes. Harry’s favorite class was cooking.


    Working on his first cake, Lacey Collector sauntered up to him.

    “Harry, are ye going to Flirch’s Spooky party tonight?” she asked.

    Harry had no idea why on earth she was dirtying her presence by talking to him, but he decided to play along. “Aiy, what’s it to ye, Lacey? Do ye got yer broom all dusted up for the occasion?”


    “That’s funny coming from you,” Lacey said, glaring. “Especially since ye won’t be needing a costume. Trolls fit the theme perfectly.”


    “Oh, yer so funny. Hey, Lacey,” Harry said, “what’s that thing over there, coming for ye?” Then he raised his arms and shouted, “BLURGH!”

    “Ahh,” Lacey screamed.


    Pamsy Gnome walked past. “What’s wrong with ye, Lacey?” she asked. “Did ye finally scare yourself?”


    “Ha ha, Pamsy,” Lacey said, sneering. She curled her fingers at Harry and snarled in a low venomous voice, “I’m going to get ye for that, troll."

    Harry bent over in laughter. “Oh...hee...hee...oh, I’m so scared, Lacey. Are ye going to turn me to stone with one look? Hee...”


    “Just ye wait!” she yelled, turning on her heel and storming away.


    You can download Smuggler’s Cove by @lisa17ann here:;searchtype=hashtag&amp;sortby=favourites&amp;time=all&amp;searchquery=#Lisa17Ann&amp;max=25

    If you liked the fairy’s castle from the previous chapter, you can download it here:
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  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 4,070 Member
    It's so good to see Harry again! <3 Finally he is teen and I feel that things are getting even more interesting ;)
  • ElesmeraElesmera Posts: 556 Member
    Great story @pammiechick i'm glad I stumbled upon it :smile:
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,257 Member
    Thank you for your kind words, @Elesmera ! :)
  • hugsfromhannahhugsfromhannah Posts: 152 Member
    I love this story so far! I just read it and I'm really excited for more. I can't wait until Harry is an adult and has kids. I'm really excited to see what they will look like! (:
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,257 Member
    Thank you @hugsfromhannah ! I'm excited too! I have NO IDEA who his love interest will be (although I do have a hope!) and I can't WAIT to see his children! He's a fun character to play and his world is unique. It will get even MORE unique soon! <3
  • sabreenesabreene Posts: 1,152 Member
    I was dying at the expression on Baker's face as Harry aged up in front of him! That picture was priceless. I'm enjoying this story so much. And all the little details, down to what the characters (even the background characters) are wearing give it so much depth!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,257 Member
    sabreene wrote: »
    I was dying at the expression on Baker's face as Harry aged up in front of him! That picture was priceless. I'm enjoying this story so much. And all the little details, down to what the characters (even the background characters) are wearing give it so much depth!

    Lol! I wanted to take a close up of the bakers face but then I thought it'd be more fun to see,if people caught it. Good job! And thanks. It's so much fun setting up. :)
  • CathyTeaCathyTea Posts: 23,069 Member
    I love this story so much--more with each chapter! It's so funny to see him as a teen. The fairy chapter was really delightful--so magical! :)
    Cathy Tea's SimLit Anthology

    Dragon Name: Hywicoes | House: Ravenclaw | Wand: Dogwood, Unicorn hair 11 ¼" , Suprisingly Swishy
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