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~yunanesca showcase~

yunanescayunanesca Posts: 302 Member
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Hello all I'm Yunanesca ("yuna") and 'm still novice /intermeditate builder still learning

the trade of this, but I create things out of whim, inspired, when I have time In rl. I

only have a few things atm for picture of my builds and I usual mark my builds in

order numbers of which they were built #1,2,3 ect. i had hard time starting out in this

buiding so my first build wasn't the best but I was still learning how the Sims 4 vs the

sims 3 works. And was learning about all the cheats and all that yay Hoo ya know,

well here we go .

Common Quarters -MHollows

# 1 Common Quarters -MHollows this did go under re-editing phase where i fixed few missing things from when I first put it up)
It is not orignally my build, but It was a House I choose to build out of practice and
brough it over here to sims 4 it it wasnt great and I didn't know much about the
cheats in game then except testing and the Moo but don't think it work well in it but It

was there.

click here
Front of house
Living Room
Dining Room
1st bath
Upstairs bath
Game area
Child's bed room
Master bedroom

2nd house Cottage Graze
yes I know the name in the video say cottage expense cause a the time I was trying

still decied on a name wither it be Expense or Graze it got choosen to be Graze.
created it cause I was inspider by WA and scientist sims aka Archaeology Kenji Midden also from sims 3.

3rd house is Nursey rhymesMothergoose I just woke up and wnted to build this one.
click here

4th house is RoyalPlaceWiz101 -was inspired by a friend of mine in Rl. we used to play togather.
click here for slide show

5th Grim ghastly Manor Reborn (replia)<-wouldn't fit all the name in unless I mashed the name togather so I called it reborn. My son wanted this rebuilt in this one caue he liked this house. So I built this for him. and try replicate it best i could with what i had.
GGMR click here

My gallery:

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My show case.
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