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Bring the pack back!

KeatsyKatE3KeatsyKatE3 Posts: 1 New Member
If anyone want the pack back on digital and compact please give a like or if you don't then ignore, thanks if you do ! I know this might not bring it back for sure , but might show them that there are still an interest ! :smiley:


  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,822 Member
    They would if they could but since their contract with KP expired, they can't just bring the pack back. It was KP's people that got with EA to make this special pack along with the special ST EP just to be able to promote her movie that came out the same year that the EP/SP came out. I think the only way for people to still buy this pack is through Ebay, and Gamestop. I just looked for it on the web and that is what I came up with.
  • SimplyJenSimplyJen Posts: 13,553 Member
    I'm surprised that you can still find this on Amazon for a reasonable price.
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  • RedFactorRedFactor Posts: 101 Member
    I too don't like you can't buy stuff packs anymore.
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  • Birdmom3Birdmom3 Posts: 135 Member
    edited October 2015
    That's because the stuff packs are TERRIBLE compared to the expansion packs. Even WA is better then any stupid stuff pack! Even the makeup in Into The Future is prettier then high end loft stuff! Things that are pretty function TERRIBELY and things that are ugly function GREAT. Most of the stuff looks like shoddy custom content in Katy Perry Sweet Treats! Well High End Loft stuff DOES have a heart bed with a 100% chance of pregnacy I think.... But besides that everything else is not my cup of tea.
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  • RedShoe7RedShoe7 Posts: 37 Member
    I just received this supposedly new from amazon and the disc was defective. My computer couldn't read it and when I tried to use the code to download from origin, it said it had already been used. I'm returning it. I only bought it because it's the only stuff pack I don't have. Shouldn't have bothered.
  • gmomasuegmomasue Posts: 645 Member
    I am happy I got it when it first came out .
  • DougTroutenDougTrouten Posts: 38 Member
    edited December 2015
    Actually the KP Sweet Treats Stuff pack isnt that bad. I find myself using the content in (though I do recolor most the items when I place them) to decorate my Bakery, I have also taken the Cake Pleasure Dome Venue and remodeled it (ie recolored the walls and the peppermint porthole windows and removed all decorations with the exception of the peppermint preserves that I recolored) into a nautical themed shop using the savvy seller items from Midnight Hollow, it fits perfectly into a couple of the worlds such as Aurora Skies, Hidden Springs, Sunlit Tides, Barnacle bay, etc... I usually place the "Nautical Shop" onto an empty lot as close to the shore as possible. I have used the buy/sell items to decorate a toddlers bedroom (of course when they age up redecorate the bedroom so it doesn't look like a little kids bedroom, removing the last traces of the candy themed items by the time they are a teen).

    As for the clothes I find myself using solid color sparkly dress and the striped dress regularly for my female sims as their formal wear, along with the KP T-Shirts as a top for the sleep wear on my teen female sims.

    I held off until earlier this year to pick up the ST Stuff pack figuring since I am not a fan of KP I wouldn't have any use for it (finally ordering it from Amazon just to complete my Sims 3 collection), surprisingly I am getting more use out of it then I thought I would. While not my most favorite Stuff pack (or Sims 3 Store Set, that would probably be the Savvy Seller set from Midnight Hollow or the Stones Throw Greenhouse) it is one that I, as I said, find my self using more then I thought.

    If you want this set I recommend looking at Amazon theres a couple good retailers there, and even though my copy was a UK/European copy, the activation code was still a good code and I was able to download the SP through Origin.
  • thereesespiecethereesespiece Posts: 614 Member
    @DougTrouten I never thought to ever recolor and use the stuff. I used it only for my little girls room and thought it was useless for anything else but those are awesome ideas
  • fionaloveserranofionaloveserrano Posts: 569 Member
    As a huge Katy Perry fan, I loved it. Sometimes I use the items for my regular gameplay. It's awesome and I absolutely awesome!
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