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The Male Prettacy Challenge

pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,227 Member
The Male Prettacy Challenge

There are no formal rules for a Prettacy that I can find, but I wanted to do a twist on it with a guy as the heir instead of women. Most prettacy challenges seem to only follow women but there are rules that stray away from straight legacies and I feel this one, at least, needs its own guidelines because it’s not a normal legacy. we go!

Main goal: Start with an ugly founder and have a pretty offspring in no less than five generations and no more than ten.

Founder: Must be ugly. Not even remotely cute. Here’s a good example:


Greg Secksie by @megsteroo

Must be male
Founder must start out with the serial romantic aspiration, plus the noncommittal trait. All other traits are up to you.

Start off RICH. Use the money cheat and give your sim enough money to buy a mansion of no less than $500,000, using a 50 x 50 lot (you may upload one from the gallery or create one yourself). Once he has a mansion, give him only $100,000 to live on using the money cheat. (Sounds like a lot but with a mansion, it will go fast unless he’s resourceful.)


Must have a job. Can be anything.

His goal is to find as many baby mommas as possible to produce an heir.

Baby momma rules:

--once baby momma is pregnant, he must move her into his mansion. She will stay there until baby is born. Founder/heir has the option of keeping her there to raise offspring or tell her to leave. Up to you.

--Of course, you will be limited on how many people to have in the mansion at once. It will be up to you on how many you keep. Bear in mind, you want as many offspring as possible, so I would advise moving out baby momma’s once the offspring reaches teen.

--After five baby momma’s are reached, your founder may settle down with one of them and get married if he so desires.

---Founder/Heir may NOT have more than one offspring per woman unless it's with the woman he marries. Then he may have more children with her. (After five baby mommas).

Rules of succession:

For each child, use the legacy random trait generator through teen, but once they reach young adult, must have the serial romantic aspiration and noncommittal trait.

MUST be the prettiest/handsomest of all offspring.

MUST be male.

You may use listening to alternative music and/or eating carrots to make having males easier.

Other rules:

Use normal lifespan.

May not use lengthening lifespan potions.

May use any other potions your sims are awarded at your leisure!

May bring in your own townies. I would advise to delete most townies and overrun your town with pretty people. But if you want to use the regular townies, be my guest! It’s your game, after all. ;)

May not quit if something bad happens. Must go with what the sims game gives you—a death occurs? Well...that’s tough. Your founder dies? You have to start over. (Bummer!)

May not use cheats except for the initial money cheat in the beginning. If your founder/heir cannot afford the mansion, they may move to more affordable housing, but they must be able to house baby mommas and offspring. It will always be the heir goal to get back into the original mansion as this is the legacy house. If the heir makes enough money to buy an upgraded mansion, they may replace or redo the mansion as they see fit but it must be worth more than the original mansion.


What if my offspring becomes pretty before generation five?

You must choose the UGLIEST offspring as the new heir and that heir must find UGLY baby momma’s for two generations, then go back to the original plan. Bring in some UGLIES for townies.

What if I can’t afford my mansion? Can I just sell off items?

Yes. You may sell everything but the kitchen sink, if you wish.

What’s the fastest way to make money in the game other than being upwardly mobile in your career?

The BEST way for a legacy to make money is to buy a rocket and skill up enough to make a wormhole generator. Then go to Sixam and collect plants. Bring them back and make a Sixam garden. Sixam plants bring in MEGA BUCKS!!! Have a baby momma become your gardener. ☺ Or have the whole family participate in reaping the cash crop. It’s fun. With Get Together, you may form a club that can help you with your garden. There is already a garden club in game, but you may want them to clean your house, too!

Can I use CC?

You may only use cc for hair, clothing, and housing (ie, furniture, wall décor, etc). No cc for natural sims features or makeup. CC for tattoos are fine.

Can I use Mods?

There are three mods you can use--The GO TO SCHOOL mod from Zerbu or the expanding your sims (having more than 8 sims on a lot) by TwistedMexican. These mods actually encourage socialization which is key to obtaining baby mommas. For the Go To School mod, you may only play the male children since they are the ones who need to create relationships. The MC Command Center mod may be used because it encourages story continuity in the town. It might make too many townies marry, but it helps with culling and other good things. No other mod may be used.

If you have any questions, please ask! I will update with my Male Prettacy story soon! It is entitled, The Mansion on Horrid Hill. ;)


If you have a prettacy story, let me know and I'll list it here.

Kasanovas: It's Cursed to be Loved by @roseinblack69

Monstrous Mezilkree: from grotesque to gorgeous by @Twiggy

The Cloud Prettacy--a male prettacy challenge by @Meggles

@CathyTea let me know of a great male prettacy here:

BREED OUT THE UGLY by afewgoodsims
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