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☆☆ Sims 4 QC Create A Room Contest ~ Challenge 85 Up due (EST) 10th December ☆☆

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Welcome to the Quality Control Create A Room Contest.
This competition is a spin off to the builder's Quality Control Contest which involves weekly lot contests, sim contest and monthly contests.
I love seeing people's creativity especially in giving rooms their own personalities.

There is 3 parts to the Quality Control Contests
Quality Control Contest (Bi-weekly/fortnightly)
Quality Control Monthly Contest
QC Create A Room Contest (Bi-weekly/fortnightly)

QC Competiton Guide
If you are new to the competitions or thinking about entering I highly suggest checking out the QC Competition Guide, it has tons of helpful information that pretty much explains what we look for in entries. It's kind of like cheating because we tell you what you need to win haha.
You can find it here: QC Competition Guide

Quality Control Practice Challenges are to help people learn about all aspects of building, decorating and landscaping. It is also a place for more experienced players to share their knowledge
Please check out the Quality Control Practice Challenges HERE

Quality Control gets contacted often by people desperately needing all or part of there house renovated due to damage or just plain old age, so I send in my cleaning crew to clear out the room ready to be decorated.
There is no building involved just decorating, each week I will provide a shell for a room and you are to decorate it for the clients in need.
Remember it is all about quality so make sure you sim test and that everything is usable.
I will also write up a short brief on theme, budget and all other information required.

You also have the option to enter just for fun without being judged, there will be no feedback. Just simply enter as an unofficial entry and share your amazing creations with us.

There are 4 levels you can enter in this contest:
Intermediate - For newer players and new people entering the qc competitions
players that tend to have placement issues, that are still learning the tips and tricks to placement and still learning to be really creative.
Experienced - For those players that have been building for a while, can use moo and ALT
have an understanding of placement and play ability and experiement with creativity
Advanced - For those more confident players that can be super creative, great attention to detail, little to no placement and play ability errors.
Unofficial - For those players who just want to have some fun, entries will not be judged.

If you would like to be a guest judge for 1 challenge please contact me through the mail (requires you have all the game packs and item packs).

Each challenge will describe the extra challenge requirements that will be scored on.
Scored out of 60
Style - 0/10
(Style flows and color scheme)
Decorations & Clutter - 0/10
(decorations, clutter and no bare areas)
Challenge Requirements - 0/10
(Followed the brief story and requirements)
Quality Check - 0/10
(Includes placement, sim necessities and unusable items/play ability)
Creativity - 0/10
(What makes your room unique)
Overall - 0/10

The winner will receive a Golden Rose, this rose was created with the magic from a Unicorn and they are very rare.
Maxis Nomination in the Maxis Best Rooms Thread
Banner and Signature featuring your winning entry to post in your showcase.
A featured spot on QC Golden Rose Wall of Fame

These are general rules and specific rules for each challenge will be posted with the write ups.
No Custom Content allowed – we want everyone to be able to play your wonderful creations.
Be polite and respectful when using this thread.
Standard cheats allowed bb.moveobjects, bb.showhiddenobjects and bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement.
1 entry per person per challenge.
Number 1 rule: HAVE FUN!

Current Challenge Post here
Challenge Results Post here
QC Rose Room Wall of Fame here
QC Rose Sim Wall of Fame here

Past Challenges
Challenge 1 ~ Relaxing Master Bedroom
Challenge 2 ~ Moviestar Ensuite
Challenge 3 ~ Romantic Living Room
Challenge 4 ~ Trick Or Treat (no shell)
Challenge 5 ~ A Prized Greenhouse
Challenge 6 ~ Hobby Room
Challenge 7 ~ A Wedding Gazebo
Challenge 8 ~ 5 Star Kitchen and Dining
Challenge 9 ~ Pool Parties
Challenge 10 ~ Double Trouble (Twins Bedroom)
Challenge 11 ~ A Star Athlete (Gym)
Challenge 12 ~ Home-work (career room)
Challenge 13 ~ A Zen Retreat (Zen bathroom)
Challenge 14 ~ Christmas Spirit (living and dining rooms)
Challenge 15 ~ The Loft
Challenge 16 ~ Under the Sea
Challenge 17 ~ The Pretty Princess
Challenge 18 ~ Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde
Challenge 19 ~ Shop til we drop
Challenge 20 ~ Back to School
Challenge 21 ~ The Honeymoon
Challenge 22 ~ A Rose & A Lily
Challenge 23 ~ Alien Apartment
Challenge 24 ~ A Mad Tea Party
Challenge 25 ~ The object of my Affection
Challenge 26 ~ The Loner
Challenge 27 ~ The Easter Garden
Challenge 28 ~ Serious Business
Challenge 29 ~ Triple Trouble
Challenge 30 ~ Man Cave
Challenge 31 ~ Sweetie Pie's Bakery
Challenge 32 ~ The Jokestar
Challenge 33 ~ High Fashion Loft
Challenge 34 ~ Keeping Fit
Challenge 35 ~ Crafty Lisa
Challenge 36 ~ A Rose for A Rose
Challenge 37 ~ 5 Star Cuisine
Challenge 38 ~ Musical Genius
Challenge 39 ~ Where to Dine?
Challenge 40 ~ The Director's Cut
Challenge 41 ~ Aspiring Artist
Challenge 42 ~ Teen Dream
Challenge 43 ~ Secret Garden
Challenge 44 ~ A Halloween theme
Challenge 45 ~ Happy Thanksgiving
Challenge 46 ~ Arts Apartment
Challenge 47 ~ My Christmas
Challenge 48 ~ Muso Apartment
Challenge 49 ~ Time to Relax
Challenge 50 ~ Tot's Adoption
Challenge 51 ~ The Lovebirds
Challenge 52 ~ The Mermaid
Challenge 53 ~ Zen Garden
Challenge 54 ~ The Class
Challenge 55 ~ The Angler
Challenge 56 ~ Snow's Sanctuary
Challenge 57 ~ Happy Mothers Day - no shell supplied
Challenge 58 ~ The Davila's
Challenge 59 ~ Active Family
Challenge 60 ~ Object
Challenge 61 ~ The Bakery
Challenge 62 ~ The Tree of Life
Challenge 63 ~ Asian Bedroom
Challenge 64 ~ Animal Lover
Challenge 65 ~ Three of A Kind
Challenge 66 ~ Movie Star Ensuite
Challenge 67 ~ The Smurfs
Challenge 68 ~ Vampire Social Event
Challenge 69 ~ Delightful Desserts
Challenge 70 ~ Safari Lodging
Challenge 71 ~ Summer Days
Challenge 72 ~ 122 Hakim House
Challenge 73 ~ Maid To Clean
Challenge 74 ~ Midas Touch
Challenge 75 ~ Naturalistic
Challenge 76 ~ Peter Rabbit's Garden
Challenge 77 ~ Kitchen Designer
Challenge 78 ~ The Peacocks
Challenge 79 ~ Twin Blessings
Challenge 80 ~ Lady Lavender's Tea Room
Challenge 81 ~ Hospitalized
Challenge 82 ~ The Clubhouse
Challenge 83 ~ Global Design
Challenge 84 ~ Spooky!
Challenge 85 ~ Dressing the Stars
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