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More clothing for male, and teen and young adults have their own fashion

AkiraAnubiseAkiraAnubise Posts: 240 Member
edited September 2015 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
It sims that in every sims game males get very little attention and is stuck with bulky clothing while females are always given more and fitter, sexier outfits. So maybe more clothing for males, both manly and androgynous. Maybe some more Unisex items, and better hair styles that are not flat, and make huge foreheads. Even the male children are tossed aside with very little.

For teens and young adults, if you can't make them shorter or different from an adult at least give them their own styles and outfits. By looking into fashion teens tend to were younger styles, young adults in between, and adult style is more mature and lowdown *unless they are having a midlife crisis*.

few i found :these are only examples i found, not that hard with google
Teens *i am not a teen so these were some examples i found looking teen fashion up*,1297359064,9/stock-photo-casual-teen-boy-isolated-on-white-70895287.jpg

Adult Males

Children males *they can be stylish and adorable*,d.cWw&psig=AFQjCNGXkSLe_Oxrd7I46alAtNIwaDiopw&ust=1442272619231578


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    horrorfanatichorrorfanatic Posts: 35 Member
    I'd like to see the male sims get more androgynous outfits too. They've received more pink clothing with more packs, but there's still hardly anything purple in the game, which I've found very disappointing. It would be nice if they could have more fashionable purple clothes too, as most of the short-sleeved shirts/ tanks (there's only TWO purple tank tops in the game might I add) are ugly sweatshirt/ workout shirts, and definitely not what I want my high-class/ rich sims wearing. The game seems to neglect the guys in general, as the last stuff pack didn't even include any new clothes for the boys! Sexist much? I hope that EA will fix the lack of variety soon, as the current state of men's clothes is extremely disappointing to me.
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    SimsLovinLycanSimsLovinLycan Posts: 1,910 Member
    Yes. I make a lot of male sims, and the selection of male hair styles was just so limited to me that I had to hunt for and make CC to fill the void! I mean, especially when it comes to long hair and short styles with bangs over the forehead. What does Maxis have against hair past the shoulders and over-the-forehead bangs on men? Tell me. I'm confused. And why are all of the medium-length male hair styles and, like, 70% of the "long" hair styles for men in the base game short, and the other 30% of the "long" styles meduim-length? A pre-schooler could tell you that they messed that one up. The clothes situation I can sort of live with...but the hair is just killing me.
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    HAROZHAROZ Posts: 236 Member
    I wish male sims can wear make up as much as female sims. We have to be realistic because there are so many guys who wears make up nowadays.
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    IlliyeaIlliyea Posts: 41 Member
    I find to do anything with the male sims to make them look any different I have to download CC for every male age group. I would love to see more than just T-shirts, shorts, and jeans. There are plenty of different styles try mixing them up!
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