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Life is for the Living -updated 27/Nov/2015 Ch 1.9 "Why did the neighbour cross the road?"

DerubelleDerubelle Posts: 638 Member
Hello everyone and thank you for checking out my story! I hope you will enjoy it x


A wealthy family, the Thompsons decide to relocate due to the nature of Mr. Thompson's line of business. However the only son of the family, a seemingly spoiled teenager, goes to great lengths to ensure their house searching would not succeed. But what makes the imposing estate of the late Bloom family change his mind? And just how much did the Bloom family leave hidden behind, before their untimely demise?

All chapters are posted in the following post with clickable photos and links! :blush:

POSTPONED until further notice (Story still updated but not according to this schedule:
Updated every Tuesday & Friday by 6 PM GMT (More specifically London time= GMT+1)

Most recent chapter: Chapter 1.10 - Better - Updated 25th Feb 2016
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