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two questions

stormycurlsstormycurls Posts: 57 Member
Hi all....sims 4 has gotten boring to me so I want to go back to sims 2, my first question is this, I just got a new computer running windows 8.....has anyone been able to get sims 2 to work on windows 8? second question if you have been able to get it to work on windows 8, where is this sims 2 ultimate collection at? I can't find it in origin or amazon. Was it just a one time deal thing? Thanks in advance!


  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,046 Member
    Hi :)

    Yes, it works in Win8 - What's happening?

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games

  • stormycurlsstormycurls Posts: 57 Member
    thanks I don't actually have it yet because I lost my old discs I just wanted to be sure it works before I buy them again
  • happysimmer2007happysimmer2007 Posts: 10 New Member
    I just downloaded The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection on my new computer, windows 8. It runs great, fast; only thing is you have to turn off shadows in game setting because there is a black square under your sims where they walk. There are little streaks in the graphics when my mouse moves fast, the loading screens are super fast and I've got lots of custom content.

    I got on Orgins "Help" page and chatted with a tech person. I wanted to play my sims 2 games, heard they wouldn't work on 8 good so they verified my Sims 2 product code and email and set The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection up to download in my games on the Orgin website.
  • jaxie086jaxie086 Posts: 1,920 Member
    I also did a chat with EA support and explained that I had left all my sims 2 cds at my old house, in another state and asked if there was a way I could add those onto my account to play. They logged into my origin account and saw all the sims 3 games I had already purchased, along with sims 4. They said because I had already purchased so much, that they would give me the Ultimate Collection for free. This was after the special deal for the UC was already over :) I was soooooooo happy!!!!

    OP, I would try a chat with EA support before you go and buy anything for sims 2.
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