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Skinny kids turn fat when switching sims

AkiraAnubiseAkiraAnubise Posts: 240 Member
Well i have always had this problem with children. I repaired game, uninstall mods, and clean cache, but i always get heavy kids (fat bar all the way to the top) My female Jogs and works out every hour if her moods good, and eats nothing but salads. Now all the children age up fat, and if they age up skinny when i switch back to another sim or their mother, while walking down the stairs they get huge without editing.

It does not have anything to do with feeding, as i can't handle the babies so their aged up right when they are born.

Edit: I do edit them to get skinny, but it does get tiring having to type CAS.fulleditmode every single time, and both parents are starters made by me, and are super skinny.


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