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So I've finally decided to start my own showcase to share with you guys my most proudest creations for The Sims 4 since I started playing in December 2014. I started building a few lots with The Sims 3, but with The Sims 4 I've really dedicated my time and effort to build, create, design and decorate lots, rooms and sims for my enjoyment, so i think is now time to share my creations with you with more detail beyond the game gallery.

I hope you like them as well,

Note: Generally I dont tent to use CC on my creations but there are a few of them were I felt the need to.

The Brickery. Lodge with high ceilings, open concept and modern design.

Download it here ---> http://goo.gl/kS5mM6

Timber Fox. This 30 x 20 lot with one bedroom one bath timber-framed house, features an open floor plan and vaulted ceilings with eclectic design.

Download it here ---> http://goo.gl/cDqVlk

Red Hood. Small colonial house with traditional design, features 2 Bathrooms and 1 Big Master Bedroom with Balcony.

Download it here ---> http://goo.gl/3uOhuk

Colonial Creek. 2 story Colonial House, with symmetrical facade and traditional interior design, featuring open concept, fireplace, office and walking closet.

Download it here --- > http://goo.gl/V1xyrO

Desert Springs. 2 Story modern house, it has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, open concept 1st floor with bar, a big kitchen and an outdoor pool. #CC

Download it here --->http://goo.gl/CNmpnE

A Christmas Room. A traditional Christmas living and dining room, with big sitting area and large formal table.

Download it here
> http://goo.gl/MuIfYd

Oaken Community Garden. Small, Beautiful and Modern Community Garden to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to all Sims in Town.

Download it here ---> http://goo.gl/fJeznI

Little Black Box. Chic Clothing Store with 10 fully dressed mannequins and modern apartment above.

Download it here ---> http://goo.gl/iCfN2p

Boutique Blanc. Wedding Attire retail store for the bride & groom with 10 fully dressed mannequins and show room,

Download it here ---> http://goo.gl/mgyabW
Original Forum Thread ---> http://goo.gl/AvVniw

Lightbox. Sleek and modern small technology retail store.

Download it here ---> http://goo.gl/Bdv5o3
Original Forum Thread ---> http://goo.gl/TQqN8T

Crescent Modern Library. State of the art public library for Newcrest, featuring modern design, and open concept with a computer lab and a cafeteria.

Download it here ---> http://goo.gl/TpLKqe
Original Forum Thread ---> http://goo.gl/onlFWJ

Sunset Mirage. Modern lot with open space design and great patio feat. a huge pool and HotTub with an outdoor bar and lounge area.

Download it here ---> http://goo.gl/GRaxlC
Original Forum Thread ---> http://goo.gl/6DXpw2

Newcrest Modern Museum. Modern colorful and fully decorated Museum for Newcrest.

Download it here ---> http://goo.gl/yn11Jf
Original Forum Thread ---> http://goo.gl/eav2Tj

Orbital Love Wedding Park. An out of this world wedding experience for Human and Alien Royalty. My entry for Under Renovation Challenge.

Download it here ---> http://goo.gl/SyOo64
Original Forum Thread ---> http://goo.gl/8X6c1F

My Simming Room. This is how I would love my simming room to be.

Download it here ---> http://goo.gl/ADtf3Z
Original Forum Thread ---> http://goo.gl/AQiwjC

Dhyana Wellness Center. Be healthy in body and mind pump your muscle in the gym expand your mind with yoga and meditation relax at the sauna after an energizing massage. #CC

In-Game Gallery only

Hedge Pad. Small house with modern design offers a full kitchen lounge area and upstairs bedroom feat. a full decorated patio and garden in a charming urban retreat.

Download it here ---> http://goo.gl/lZzcVM

This is all for now...
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