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The Wheel Of Fortune: Part III. The King Alistair Crawford I. (completed)

Hello everyone, I've just started one more story :) I know I'm crazy, but I can't help :D One evening switching between the stories and challenges in a forum I found few challenges what influenced me to write a story like a trilogy. I started my new Blog for my stories on weebly as I already have one Blog (it's not published yet), but I'm staying my story about Blessing Moon tribe on www.blogger.com.

New Blog address: http://rosesimstories.weebly.com


About what is this story
Part I.NUMBERS. Prelude "Tommorow Never Comes"

The Wheel Of Fortune is for adult readers!
I'll not update this story very often, cause a story about The Blessing Moon tribe is number One for me and I have to continue to work on my book, so I'll be busy enough. But I hope I'll find a time for all. I just need a bit more time than 24 hours! :D
Thanks for the reading!
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