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My Sims 3 Homeless Challenge!

PvtGuyPvtGuy Posts: 31 Member
edited September 2015 in Stories and Legacies
***I apologize in advanced for any grammar and spelling errors you many see.***

Before You Start (optional):
-Go to 'Edit Town'
-Add or create a community garden (see 'Challenge Rule' #10 for more)
-Once you create your sims CANNOT enter edit town until you complete the challenge

CAS Rules:
-Your sim MUST be young adult
-They can be ANY gender or life state
-You may create a pet if choose to do so
-They MUST wear clothing that looks like rags

Getting Started:
-Your sims can be placed on any EMPTY lot in the town of your choosing
-You many decorate the lot with plants, rocks, terrain paints, etc.
-You may NOT place a park bench
- NO fire pits are allowed
-Aging MUST set to normal ONLY
-Once you are finished your lot set your family funds to $0

-Have 20,000 dollars in your household funds

Challenge Rules:
1. Sleeping bags and tents are okay, but you MUST buy with the money your sims have earned
2. Fire-pits may be bought with your sims own money
3. NO cheats expect 'familyfunds' at the beginning (unless your sim is stuck or 'buydebug' for buying tents)
4. NO eating at restaurants (you're broke and can't afford it).
5. NO going out to movies.
6. Bills MUST be paid
7. You CAN use save your lifetime rewards to buy 'No Bills Ever' (costs 15,000 lifetime rewards)
8. No using phones (I recommend getting the 'No Autonomous Smartphone Mod')
9. Buying food from the grocery store IS allowed
10. You MAY NOT sell produce you harvest from the community gardens. You can ONLY eat or plant them
11. Your sims MAY steal and sell items if they have the kleptomaniac trait, OR you may keep them to add to your lot
12. You CAN use community lots for sleeping, eating, and other needs
13. Taxis ARE allowed but you MUST buy a flamingo to pay for it (or get the 'Taxi Charge Mod' available on modthesims)
14. NO full-time or part-time jobs (see 'Ways to Earn Money' for more details)
15. All seasons and weather types MUST be turned on

Ways to Earn Money:
- Selling items you find (ie; bugs, rock, etc.)
- You may ONLY sell ONE wildflower once a week (some are worth a lot and I feel like it's kind of a cheap way to win)
- Selling paintings, sculptures, scuba diving finds, fish, nectar, plants, and elixirs ARE allowed
- Playing the guitar for tips
- May ONLY join the music career once you master the guitar skill
- You MAY NOT become a resort owner

Rules for the Winter:
- You may ONLY use the firehouse when your sims are in danger of freezing to death
- If you have a sleeping bag you MAY sleep in the park bathrooms (If they're big enough)
- You CAN build an igloo to use for sleeping

*Final Thoughts*
If you have any questions or concerns about the challenge, just ask! I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Remember to share your sims story too! I like to hear about them.


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