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The Sims 2 Windows 7-10 Fixes



  • JULES1111JULES1111 Posts: 4,480 Member
    Jazxi wrote: »
    I really appreciate your help, but alas even cleaning the registry using CCleaner and manually has refused to change the resolution, I dont recall even touching it to begin with so I am as confused as you are haha
    I think this just means I'll have to return to the Sims 3 since I also am at loss on what to do, I have a better laptop now so it should run without it's usual slowness/lag.
    Again thanks alot for your help, you are a good person for trying to fix this seemingly impossible issue and I wish you all the best! :D

    Sorry it didn't work. :/ That is very strange, I can't imagine what you changed to have it do that. I hope Sims 3 runs without giving you any issues.
  • quantumgeek333quantumgeek333 Posts: 4 New Member
    Hi everyone! I've been having issues trying to have TS2 run full-screen on my laptop. Currently, it's running at an awful 320 x 200 (the only option listed in game)--I've only ever been able to run the game in windowed mode (with the -w extension added to the shortcut target). I've tried using the Graphics Rules Maker download (with and without -w added to target), but nothing's changed. I even tried going directly into Graphics Rules.srg and overriding all of the figures with the height and width of my laptop's resolution--no luck. (Although I after I removed the -w from the target and tried out the game with the edited graphics rules file, I did get a different error saying that a security module failed to activate, which at least indicates something changed.) Any tips?

    If it helps, there's no CC and I have all of the expansion packs plus a few stuff packs installed--I tried overriding the files in the folder for Apartment Life since that's my latest expansion pack.
  • quantumgeek333quantumgeek333 Posts: 4 New Member
    Whoops--forgot to say that I'm running Windows 10 and using the game disc.
  • keanisims2keanisims2 Posts: 17 Member
    I'm getting a few graphical glitches here and there, but nothing too major thankfully. Luckily my CC still shows up too.
  • StormkeepStormkeep Posts: 5,086 Member
    edited January 14
    Whoops--forgot to say that I'm running Windows 10 and using the game disc.

    @quantumgeek333, You definitely want to use the graphics rules maker download because there is no way the default files that come with the game are going to work on any modern hardware. You indicated you tried that with no luck, but based on what you are describing, it sounds like you did something wrong. your problem is what happens if the graphicsrules files are NOT updated.

    I recommend you take the following steps:
    1. Try using the graphics rules maker again and follow the instructions carefully. https://www.simsnetwork.com/tools/graphics-rules-maker
    2. Make sure it is pointing to the correct directories. For the Ultimate collection, that would be the Fun With Pets/EP4 ones but if you are running from discs, as you indicate, that may not be the correct path. Confirm the folder path that your game is actually launching from and make sure that is the one you use when running graphics rules maker.
    3. Verify that the graphics rule maker created NEW files for both graphicsrules.sgr AND video Cards.sgr file.
    4. Also make sure you copy the graphic rules and video card files from the Config folder into the CSConfig folder. You need them in both places.

    If you aren't sure how to make sure the directories are right in step 2...just copy the two files to every single Config and CSConfig folder for every EP you have installed. They are guaranteed to be in the right directory if you put it in all of them.

    Good luck!
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  • quantumgeek333quantumgeek333 Posts: 4 New Member
    @Stormkeep Thanks so much! I’ll check the directories and copy to both CSConfig and Config this time (I forgot about that). I’ll let you know how it goes!
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