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How The Sims 4 Get Together’s Clubs Let Sims Break the Rules

SimGuruDrakeSimGuruDrake Posts: 1,648 SimGuru (retired)

At gamescom, we revealed The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack*, coming this November. It adds the new European-inspired World of Windenburg, fun group activities, new Skills, and a brand new feature called Clubs that allows Sims to totally break the rules of the game.

Sims have autonomy in The Sims 4, which is a fancy way of saying they do their own thing when you let them. First, they’ll try to do whatever they physically need (like eating or sleeping), then, they’ll do what their Traits tell them to do (like being Flirty or Mischievous). Clubs allow you to create new rules for Sims that supersede the logic they typically follow. READ MORE
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